Astral Projection, Out Of Body Experience & Lucid Dreaming
3.9 (11 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,038 students enrolled

Astral Projection, Out Of Body Experience & Lucid Dreaming

The Ultimate & Comprehensive Guide From India's Notable Astral Projection Practitioner & Author
3.9 (11 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,038 students enrolled
Created by Dr. Himani Sharma
Last updated 4/2019
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What you'll learn
  • You will learn to leave your physical body and explore the astral realm, lucidly.
  • You will be able to access your Akashic Records, meet with loved ones in Spirit and explore other worlds.
  • You will learn to relax your body and mind deeply. Reach the body asleep, mind awake state. You will be able to access your Akashic Records, meet with loved ones in Spirit and explore other worlds.
  • You will experience a massive increase in your very own Inner Spirituality!
  • You will also learn the Many techniques for Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming.
  • In this course I am teaching both Astral Projection, and many techniques to induce a lucid dream!
  • Learn way to have many OBE Out of Body Experience
  • Trick your body into falling asleep while your mind remain awake
  • You need to have a good desire to Astral Project.
  • You will not need additional materials to complete this course, just yourself!
  • Anyone that is interest in exploring lucid dreaming, OBE, Astral Projection

This is a COMPLETE & Very Comprehensive Astral Projection, OBE and lucid dreaming course from Beginner to Expert.

Do you want to Astral Project?

Do you want to visit your own Akashic Records?

Do you want to visit other worlds and meet with amazing beings?

Do you want to leave your physical body and reach absolute bliss?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this course is for you.

I am Author Dr. Himani Vashishta, and I have authored book on Astral Projection, OBE and Lucid Dreaming and done many seminars and workshops to teach the aspirants. I am a natural Astral Projectionist and Lucid Dreamer. I have been Lucid Dreaming and Astral Traveling consciously my entire life. Thanks to Astral Projection, I am who am I today! You will find out that I created this course from my personal experience. I am going to explain everything in a way you can relate, as I will be basing this entire course on my own experiences and learning, as well as a lot of literature through books, discussion forums and blogs way and giving it my personal touch.

Most people waste 1/3 of their entire life ignoring their sleep completely when this is one of the deepest and most potent opportunities to explore your mind while having direct benefits on your real life with practical applications such as:

  1. Doubling Your Confidence for stressful situations or even dates with "Lucid Dream Mock Rehearsals"

  2. Improving Language Skills by practicing - I used this while learning Russian in my dream with "babushkas and black bears in deep Siberia"

  3. Preparing for Job Interviews by running through questions and feeling the realness of the stress during your lucid dream

  4. Envisioning Conducting Difficult Presentations so you can feel more confident during the real thing

During this course, you will learn all about Astral Projection:

  • Guided Astral Projection Session Hypnosis Videos using various Astral Techniques.

  • The works of the Astral Body and the Astral Realm.

  • To debunk all unnecessary and mistaken myths about astral projection.

  • How to reach a profound state of mental and physical relaxation, required for Astral Projection.

  • How to exit your physical body will simple visualization techniques and without any additional aids.

  • I will share the wonders about astral projection, just in case you are still not convinced about traveling astrally.

This course is complete and direct. You will love this course, I can assure you. If you follow all tips and bits of advice from this course, I can assure you; you will be astral traveling in no time.

The Astral Plane awaits! Get out from your body NOW!!

Who this course is for:
  • This course is excellent for newbies since it starts from the beginning. However, there are tips and tools for those that are more experienced already. If you are interested in Astral Projection, you should take this course!
  • If you have failed in other courses or book than you have to take this course
  • People looking to expand their reality during their dreams
  • People just interested desiring to experiment with dreams
  • If you want to meet your Spirit Guide or Higher Self
  • If you want to visit secret locations
  • If you lost someone close
  • If you are afraid of death
Course content
Expand all 63 lectures 04:01:16
+ Introduction
4 lectures 22:02

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is the act of consciously separating spirit from physical body and letting the spirit travel anywhere without body and then and returning with full memory. This is an occult skill through which our soul can leave our body with full awareness and can travel anywhere, any city, any country or say through time and space.

Astral Projection or Out-of-body experience is a process through which our consciousness leaves our physical body and is free to travel anywhere, unrestricted by our normal physical boundaries. When you astral project- what you are actually doing is shifting your consciousness from your physical body to your astral body.

We all unconsciously travel outside our bodies every night when we are asleep. But with the right guidance and practice, we can train ourselves to achieve this with 100% consciousness and awareness.

When we are born on this physical plane, we all come with a specific purpose. That purpose may be different for different people. But as we grow older, we forget why we are here. So we wander aimlessly and often end up wasting our lives.

Preview 08:16
Difference Between Astral Projection and OBE
Benefits of Astral Projection
+ Background
3 lectures 06:01
Historical, Cultural and Religious Background of Astral Projection
Religious Background
Notable practitioners
+ Preparing For Astral Projection
14 lectures 19:03
Starting Out
Two major requirements to trigger Astral Projection
Relaxing Mentally
Astral Projection Techniques
Rope Technique
Anchor Technique
Muldoon’s Thirst Technique
The Lift / Roll Out Technique
The Object Technique
Affirmations Technique
Red Spot Technique
Stretch-out Technique
Trampoline Technique
Astral Projection from Lucid Dreams
+ Astral Planes & Astral World
2 lectures 07:12
Astral Planes & Astral World
Astral World & Astral Entities
+ Post Projection Basics
9 lectures 06:41
Silver Cord
Control your thoughts
Communication During Astral Projection
Movement on the Astral Plane
Astral Vision
Astral Blindness
Nourishment and Clothing during Astral Projection
Returning back to physical body
+ Astral Travel Hypnosis & Affirmations
5 lectures 01:37:26
Astral Travel Affirmations 2 Female Voice Version
Astral Travel Affirmations 1 Male Voice Version
Astral Travel Affirmations 2 Male Voice Version
+ Related Concepts
16 lectures 11:22
Near Death Experience (NDE)
Lucid dreaming
Akashic Records
REM (Rapid Eye Movement)
Calling For Help
+ Lucid Dreaming
5 lectures 14:40
The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming
Prerequisites for Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming Tips
+ Common Mistakes and Problems & Astral Projection Tips
2 lectures 19:31
Common Mistakes and Problems
Astral Projection Tips