Build Complete Free Call Center Asterisk Issabel VoIP.

Complete Inbound Outbound Call Center Deployment with Data Input forms integration.
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (363 ratings)
6,313 students
Build Complete Free Call Center Asterisk Issabel VoIP.
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (363 ratings)
6,313 students
Start exciting career in high demanding call center industry
Learn to configure complete standard commercial call center based on Open Source Technologies.
Take your business to the next level by installing call center by yourself.
Implement Inbound Outbound Campaigns.
integrate your business CRM application with call center.
Use Predictive Dialer load CSV list of customers and broadcast calls.
Trigger Incoming POP screen with customer name and details.
Understand the Issabel Call Center Reports
Explore the Supervisor level Features


  • The Issabel basic knowledge is mandatory before you take this course.
  • You should be familiar with Issabel concepts like SIP extension, trunks, inbound outbound route.

The course focus on to build full features inbound & outbound call center from novice to a paid professional using open source VoIP platform such as Issabel.

You will be able to confidently deploy Issabel free call center module and will learn to build inbound call campaign integrated with web forms or custom pop up CRM page that trigger on answer calls.

In Outbound Call campaign you will be able to take full advantage of using the Issabel free Predictive dialer by loading CSV data.

The course starts with call center concepts and definitions that include call center types, core components and roles for call center operation.

Further course is designed with real and practical approach using screen cast. That help you to

  • ·         Install & configure the Issabel Call Center module.
  • ·         Users & Roles creation for Call Center.
  • ·         Agent’s Creation
  • ·         Agent’s Breaks & Pauses. 
  • ·         Call Services Queues & related configurations for call Queues.
  • ·         Data Input Web Forms.
  • ·         Custom Web Page or CRM pop up page Integration.
  • ·         Inbound Integrated Call Campaign
  • ·         Outbound Automated Predictive dialer loaded with CSV data.
  • ·         Real time dashboard and live wallboard
  • ·         Supervisory features and call recording.
  • ·         Call Center statistical reports for analysis.

 Want to deploy call center in your business or want to start industry demanding call center solutions and services for your customers.

Then off course this course is for you. 

Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for intermediate users of Issabel Unified Communication IP Telephony Software and want to use the free call center module.
  • Any business that needs to implement free open source call center.
  • Unlock the full potential of free open source call center software.
7 sections • 48 lectures • 1h 46m total length
  • Course Introduction
  • Instructor Message
  • Call Center Concepts
  • Types of Call Center
  • Call Center Components
  • Roles in Call Center
  • Call Center Analysis & Planning for the Business.
  • Installing & Configuring Issabel Call Center Add on.
  • Convert Issabel Web GUI Theme to Elastix Classic Theme.
  • Creating Call Center Roles & Users in Issabel.
  • Creating Agents
  • Configuring Agent Callback Login.
  • Creating Agents Break
  • Creating Call Services Queues - Heart of Every Call Center.
  • Agent's Script
  • Creating Forms - Data Input During Live Call
  • Creating Custom Web Page to Pop Up with Call
  • Creating the Customer Phones Contacts List.
  • Building Inbound Call Campaign
  • Agent Console - Overview
  • Agent Console - Call Back Login.
  • Putting all together: Testing Inbound Call Campaign with live agent console.
  • Automated Outbound Predictive Dialer Concept
  • Building Outgoing Call Campaign
  • Creating the CSV File for the Outbound Predictive Dialer
  • Putting all together: Testing Outgoing Call Campaign with live agent console
  • Elastix Call Center Reports Overview
  • Agent Break Report
  • Calls Detail Report
  • Calls Per Hour Report
  • Calls Per Agent Report
  • Hold Time Report
  • Agent's Login Logout Report
  • Inbound Calls Success Report
  • Graphical Report Calls Per Hour
  • Agent Information Report
  • Trunk Used Per Hour Report
  • Issabel CallCenter Real Time Dashboard & Wall Board
  • Agent Monitoring Report
  • Incoming Calls Monitoring Report
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Supervisor Activities
  • Call Recording - Listening & Downloading
  • Call Barging - Intercepting Call Between Agent & Caller.
  • Course Conclusion
  • BONUS Lecture!!!
  • Call Center Resources
  • Elastix to Issabel Migration Manual.

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