Artisans + Makers Sample Bundle

This fun 4-lesson bundle is easy for parents and teachers to facilitate at home or in the classroom!
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Paint: a classically-inspired pastel painting based on the art of Matisse
Illustrate: an Ice cream cone character, inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud
Make: a pinch-pot from air-dry clay: a great intro for those wanting to work on sculptural pieces
Build: a 3D birdhouse and drone from a paper template


  • Materials list included
  • No experience required


Welcome to the "Artisans + Makers" – where creativity meets craftsmanship! We are thrilled to unveil our  4-lesson video sample bundle. Embark on a journey through several unique lessons with different styles and mediums, great for elementary or jr. high ages children in your home or classroom. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of oil pastels, exploring a spectrum of colors and techniques that bring your visions to life along with an art piece inspired by Matisse. Next, we feature a fun illustrated project of an ice cream cone with color pencils, inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's classic style. As you progress, our sculpting lesson will guide you through the tactile pleasure of molding and shaping with air-dry clay. Finally, we have a fun paper-based lesson where you cut out, and glue together a birdhouse, along with a reflection activity around insight. Our lessons are meant to encourage hands-on artistry and classical thinking that goes beyond a standard YouTube art lesson, while using supplies that are simple, accessible, and less-mess.  Join us at "Artisans + Makers" and unleash your inner artist today! Included in the resources you'll find a welcome letter, and our less-mess art supply list. Note, while most of these lessons are accessible to kids, parents may have to supervise portions of the lessons that include cutting, gluing, or working with air-dry clay.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents or teachers who want to facilitate lessons for Elementary and Jr. High aged children who like hands-on artistry.
  • Homeschool families
  • Art teachers


Unlocking the timeless value of hands-on artistry
Artisans and Makers
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At Artisans + Makers, we create fun, wholesome art lessons for the whole family. 

Our company is founded by husband-wife creative duo Ben and Rebecca Faubion:

Hi I’m Rebecca. As a second generation artist and veteran teacher, I'm passionate about the role artists can play in shaping society toward what is Good, True and Beautiful. This passion has led me to study Renaissance Literature, live in Italy and West Africa, and earn a Masters (Arts-in-Education) from Harvard.  I've worked with schools, districts, private academies and community centers, and I've seen how great arts education begins at home. That's why Ben and I founded Artisans & Makers: to equip you, our fellow parents, to raise up a new generation of extraordinary artists! With on-demand lessons, printable books, templates and videos we make it easy, wholesome, and uplifting for your kids to learn art from home.

Hi I’m Ben. I want to encourage you: your kids don’t need to flounder for years wondering how to turn their raw artistic talent into a viable career! As an Art/Design Professional, I’ve learned the importance of stewarding my creative abilities so I can flourish financially and otherwise. There are mindsets, habits and skills that can set your kids on a course to prosper. These same tools can even help you thrive as a parent despite our dizzying modern world. Staying hands-on, pursing artisan-quality in the crafting of your unique life, and being a great parent raising vibrant kids is all possible. You don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to do this alone. We welcome you to join us—from our family to yours—on the journey of Artisans & Makers.

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