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Free sample of my other full and comprehensive Arabic course called "Master Reading, Writing and Speaking Arabic"
Learn the Arabic alphabet
Some basic phrases in Arabic


  • Be ready to repeat after me and learn Arabic correctly


Hello (Marhaba)

This Arabic course is a FREE SAMPLE from my full and comprehensive Arabic course. It is a SMALL INTRODUCTION to help you start learning the Arabic language and check my teaching method.

When giving a review and rating, please keep in mind that this is just a FREE sample. It is not a full course.

For a Full and comprehensive course that teaches you EVERYTHING about READING, WRITING and SPEAKING, please check my comprehensive Arabic course called:

Title: Arabic Language: The most comprehensive Arabic course 2021

Subtitle: Master Reading, Writing and Speaking Arabic| Eliminate your Arabic accent by an Arabic teacher (20+ years experience)

In this free sample course, you will learn:

  •        The Arabic alphabet and how to recognize the Arabic letters

  •        Having small Arabic conversations

You will also learn:

  •        How to choose which type of Arabic you should learn

    This Arabic course contains only 2 hours of video content. It is not a full course.

    If you like my teaching method and would like to learn more Arabic, please check my comprehensive full courses. One contains 7 hours and the other one contains 11 hours of video content in addition to articles.

With the full comprehensive courses, you will be able to:

  • Ask me questions directly through Udemy

  • Receive 4 educational emails per month that will teach you more Arabic and teach you about the Arabic and Islamic cultures

I have been teaching the Arabic language for 20+ years but I am always open to learning from "you", my students, and getting to know you and your needs and goals regarding learning Arabic.

Sign up and join the thousands of students I have helped speak Arabic fluently! If they can do it, why not you.

See you in the first video to help you learn some Arabic.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn Arabic
  • Beginners in Arabic
  • Students who want to check out my teaching method

Course content

4 sections26 lectures2h 3m total length
  • You want to learn Arabic but do you know which type of Arabic you should learn?


Certified and Experienced Arabic and French Teacher
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Hello and marhaba,

My name is Nezha. I am a full-time Arabic and French teacher, translator, interpreter, transcriber, and voice-over talent.

I derive my satisfaction and joy from teaching and learning. With me, you will learn Arabic and French easily and be able to communicate with Arabic and French speakers from around the world.

I am a passionate certified teacher and have been teaching for 20+ years at:

- The high school and college levels.

- The Center for Arabic Culture in Boston, MA, USA.

- Several Foreign Language Schools.

- After school programs.

I also tutor all ages and levels, both in person and via Skype and other platforms . 

I currently teach MSA and several Arabic dialects, in addition to Islamic and Arabic Cultures, to government officials, doctors, and businesspeople. This helps them communicate with Arabs from all different countries. I also help students prepare for written and oral Arabic Proficiency Tests such as the OPI and other tests.

I have taught the following forms of Arabic:

Modern Standard Arabic: The formal Arabic used in books, schools, radio and television news, formal speeches, history movies, etc. in all Arabic countries.

North African Darija or Maghrebi spoken in:

         1- Morocco

         2- Algeria

        3- Tunisia

        4- Libya

         5- Mauritania

During these courses we will also cover the differences between the sub-dialects within this dialect.

- Levantine dialect spoken in:

        1- Lebanon

        2- Syria

        3- Jordan

        4- Palestine

During these courses we will also cover the differences between the sub-dialects within this dialect.

- Egyptian dialect spoken in Egypt.

During these courses we will also cover the differences between the sub-dialects within this dialect.

- Gulf dialect spoken in the gulf countries including United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman,

        1- United Arab Emirates (UAE)

        2- Bahrain

        3- Kuwait

        4- Qatar

        5- Saudi Arabia

        6- Oman

- Iraqi dialect

Sudanese dialect

Yemeni dialect

When I am not teaching Arabic and French, I am:

-  Translating from and into Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, French, and English.

            I have translated:

             - Excerpts from books such as "Physiognomy amongst              Arabs"

            - Ibn al-Khatib's work

            - Medical and legal documents

            - Business and marketing material

As an interpreter, I have interpreted for Arabic speaking individuals from different regions of the Arab world in US courts, law firms, hospitals, schools, and business meetings.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience as an Arabic Linguist. I wish you great luck with your language learning journey!

Best regards,


Nezha Almahi-LeBrasseur

Arabic and French

Teacher, translator and linguist