Apache NiFi step by step for absolute beginners

Learn Flow File, Back Pressure, Prioritization, Data Provenance and real work implementation concepts with Hands-On
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Understanding of enterprise data flow problems and how NiFi can address them with step by step instructions.
NiFi key concepts like FlowFile, Parameter Context, Variables, Expression language, Funnels etc.
Building NiFi pipelines for real world use cases.
Logging and resource monitoring of NiFi pipelines.
Building advance NiFi Pipeline handling data prioritization, Back pressure, Controller services etc


  • No prior knowledge of NiFi required however some understanding of data and different storage systems will help.


This course will prepare you for a real world Data Engineer role by using NiFi.

This course covers all the topics in Apache Nifi with real world use cases. You don't need any prior understanding to start this course. It covers step by step topics designed to upskill you from beginner to expert.

You will learn the following : -

  • Real world Enterprise Data flow problem and its challenges.

  • Why we need tool like Apache Nifi and Introduction to Apache Nifi.

  • User Interface and Internals of a Nifi Flow File.

  • Installation of Java, Maven and Apache Nifi.

  • Understanding of Various login identity providers in Nifi.

  • Setting up Nifi on Windows and Updating Username and Password.

  • Introduction to the folders structure covering bin. repository, logs and extension folders etc.

  • Simplistic demo to cover the Nifi User Interface.

  • Basic Concepts like Expression Language, Funnels and Variables.

  • In Depth Concepts like Context Service. Parameter Contexts and Templates.

  • Nifi Hands-On implementation of all the use cases.

  • Building a Pipeline to create a controller service for data base connection and write data to MySQL DB.

  • Logging, Pipeline and Cluster Monitoring in Nifi.

  • Bonus - Git link for all Templates used in Course.

Prerequisites :

  • No NiFi  knowledge required to start this course.

  • Basic programming skills

  • Basic database knowledge

  • Big Data entry level knowledge

Who this course is for:

  • NiFi beginners


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