Banish Anxiety and Panic Attacks
4.4 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Banish Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) specifically to release anxiety and panic attacks
4.4 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
24 students enrolled
Created by Suzanne Zacharia
Last updated 2/2020
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What you'll learn
  • How to tap away anxiety and panic attacks using Emotional Freedom Techniques. Learn the real reason why you had anxiety in the first place (it may surprise you) and discover how to manage or, dare I say, even overcome it. Get empowered with techniques that really help.
  • The only requirement is that psychosis or other very serious mental illness is not present.

Can you banish anxiety and panic attacks? By learning EFT Tapping specifically for this issue, the pounding heart, hyperventilation, stomach pain, racing thoughts, and all other symptoms can be tamed. Let us work together to be the Anxiety Tamers!

Master and Release Anxiety and Panic Attacks Using EFT Tapping

  • Discover the real reason behind anxiety and panic attacks (you may be pleasantly surprised).

  • Learn how to use this to release these feelings.

  • Create your pathway to calm.

  • Recognise and recreate that point of calm with confidence.

Learn How To get Rid of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

In the late 1990's, Gary Craig, an engineer by training, restructured a new but complex way to let go of unwanted emotions called TFT, which uses the ancient Chinese meridian system plus releasing specialist wording. He called his very user-friendly adaptation EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, and now it is often known as Tapping. Gary has his own training for EFT, and you can attend many courses by different organisations. I kept having people who have learned EFT contact me, asking how they can use it for their own condition, such as anxiety and panic attacks.

And so I started re-writing this training in a way that is very specific to the condition, so that if you want to know how to release anxiety and panic attacks, you can do so with ease and confidence, knowing exactly what to do at each stage, till it is gone.

Your course offers you a simple and yet precious benefit; peace. Getting to a point of peace may seem hard, but with the right tools, you can do it. I teach you exactly how.

Your course is made up of

  • 5 Video lectures easing you into the discovery the real reason behind anxiety and panic attacks, and a deeper understanding of the solution.

  • 12 Interactive video lectures teaching you step-by-step how to let go of anxiety and panic attacks.

  • 15 Easily-laid-out simple PDF downloads, only 1-2 pages each, summarising your lectures and how to tap (do Emotional Freedom Techniques) to feel better.

  • 5 Multiple-choice quizzes to make sure you are on the right track. Having any kind of anxiety or fear is bad enough. You do not need to worry about whether you have understood the lecture or not. Your quizzes are designed so that you will know you have understood the material.

I designed this course to be understood by absolute beginners, whilst at the same time, a practitioner can learn a methodical way of helping their clients, too. You'll be able to work alongside me and receive a certificate to keep and cherish, upon completion of your course.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who suffers from anxiety, nervousness, or panic attacks. Any medical, allied, complementary, or other health practitioner who wants a deeper understanding of anxiety. Any practitioner for whom an online course contributes to CPD points.
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 02:36

Welcome to your course. There was a time when my whole life fell apart, through no fault of my own. Everything went wrong, and I lost all that I had worked my whole life for. I ended up with full-on PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), including anxiety and panic attacks. The longest episode I had lasted hours, until a voice told me “tap”. So I tapped and tapped and tapped, and I was able to unfreeze from that episode, call an EFT Tapping Practitioner I trusted, and within a few months, the anxiety was gone. I am very lucky to have already known about EFT Tapping then. And now you can move forward too. Learn the real reason why you had anxiety in the first place (it may surprise you) and discover how to manage or, dare I say, even overcome it. Feel empowered with techniques that really help. Understand that you are not alone. You can now stop having to rely on crutches and coping mechanisms but have a real solution that where you feel that it is working.

Preview 02:36
+ What is anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks?
16 lectures 01:27:35

Easy lecture explaining the real reason behind anxiety, nervousness, and panic attacks. By the end of this section, you will know the Discovery Statement, which is the basis upon which EFT Tapping is based.

Preview 04:20

A Quick test

The Discovery Statement
2 questions

Discover how anxiety makes itself known and what triggers a panic attack. More importantly, get an understanding of how you can find calm.

Preview 04:24

Check your understanding of how energy disruptions can collect, and how they can be released.

Your Energy Cup
3 questions

A very gentle introduction to Tapping for even the most nervous learner. If you already do EFT Tapping, you may also wish to try this simple gentle tapping, to use with what you are already familiar with. Tap-and-breathe along with this video. Repeat until it becomes fairly easy for you to do without having to watch the video, then move on to the next lecture. Very quick and easy!

An Introduction to the Solution for Even the Most Nervous Beginner

Learn via easy metaphor how life events lead to energy disruptions, and get a visual understanding of how removing this disruption helps us feel calm.

Events and Energy Imprint Disruptions

The only reason why I am so keen on EFT Tapping is the results. This quiz is to make sure you can move forward with the knowledge of what is happening when you tap, and what result to expect when.

It's All About Results
2 questions

This lecture is a gentle introduction via a calming acupressure routine. Remember when we tapped on the CollarBone and did some calming breathing? Now you have two ways of achieving a calmer state when needed. You have the CollarBone Tap-and-breathe, and you have the Quick Anxiety Stopper in this video.

When you learn more specific ways of tapping in the forthcoming lecture of “Let’s Start Tapping”, you will be able to release anxiousness in a neat, measured way. But for now, use this simpler way until you learn more.

It is best that you learn the forthcoming lectures quickly and get to “Let’s Start Tapping” soon. Up till that lecture, you are learning the important background to tapping. And you are nearly done with learning the background. Well done!

Introduction To Calming Acupressure

Addressing a common issue that stops learners in their tracks, so you can learn and develop with ease.


Learn how to find an event, so that in the nest video, you can let go of its energy. The event in this lecture is one which when you think about it, you feel some discomfort but not too much. You get step-by-step guidance, with some common examples to help.

Let's Start Tapping - Important Preparation

Experience actual results along the way as you learn. This is where you learn and apply how to get results on your way to calm. Make sure you download the PDF associated with this lecture and use it to help you apply the easy instruction.

Let's Start Tapping

Gain an in-depth understanding and enjoy a relieving application of distancing, using EFT with NLP. The NLP starts to distance you from what used to trigger you, and the EFT Tapping releases the remaining discomfort, so that you can ease yourself into a calm release.

You have 2 downloads. One in a summary of this lecture. The longer download is your guide to tapping for 2 further events.

NLP-EFT Distancing

After watching this video, you will have an understanding of root causes and how important or not they can be can be. We are not doing psychology here but are our own energy-calmers. In terms of energy healing, by removing the energy blocks that cause the anxiety, nervousness, or panic attacks, our energy then flows more smoothly, and we feel better. We become calmer, and our emotions become something under our control.

Root Causes

This quiz aims to ensure that you have understood the lecture correctly, as this is a very important subject.

Root Causes
3 questions

Learn and experience a root cause release, as we gently tiptoe up to the root cause for a solid, safe way to letting it go.

Let's Tap For Root Causes

This quiz aims to cement your understanding of the task given in your lecture.

Root Cause Tapping
1 question

Learn about this common and perfectly normal part of anxiousness and how to gently release it with a simple quick daily routine.

Anxiety About Anxiety and Panic About Panic

Discover and enjoy a new technique for weeding out pesky root causes. You may find this more gentle and more specific. Try it and see what technique you gel with. After this lecture, you will have a working knowledge of another gentle way of being safe and specific. It is good to have options and choices. And it is great to release the energy disruptions causing anxiousness. Calm is always good.

A Neat Technique For Root Cause Weeding

Learn the secret discreet way of finding calm whenever needed in public.

Finger Points

This lecture is a relaxing treat for you. You deserve a reward for coming this far. Well done, and enjoy!

Tapping Meditation, and Stress Release

We conclude this course with positivity. Learn how to incorporate positive affirmations into your life, with the added power of EFT Tapping. Enjoy!

Positive Affirmations, Positive Conclusion