Anti-Aging Food: Look Younger with the right Lifestyle

Looking Younger Is No Coincidence! - How To Make Your Skin Glow
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You will learn which triggers and causes contribute to skin aging
You will get the 5 best strategies for youthful skin
Learn how to prevent the signs of aging with a healthy lifestyle
You will receive skin care recommendations that significantly prevent the triggers of skin aging
You will receive an overview of foods that have a particularly rejuvenating effect
You will learn which vital substances in food make our skin radiant
You will learn the particularly positive effect of selected spices and food supplements on your skin appearance
You will learn about the positive influence of water intake on the appearance of our skin


  • No previous experience is necessary for this course


Looking younger is no coincidence!

Various U.S. studies have looked into the relationship between nutrition and the aging process and were able to confirm that healthy nutrition has a positive effect with regard to an anti-aging effect. There is no miracle cure for eternal youth, but the corresponding healthy lifestyle can already achieve and optimize a lot in this respect.

  • These studies and my expertise as a certified nutritionist have motivated me to create this course.

You can expect the following topics:

  • I explain to you the structure of our skin.

  • Together we will look at the aging process of the different skin layers.

  • You will receive preventive skin care tips that you can integrate into your everyday life.

  • I show you the most important nutrients our skin needs to glow from the inside out.

  • I have listed all the plant-based foods that have a particularly positive effect on your skin.

  • You get an overview of animal foods that have a revitalizing effect on your skin.

  • I show you the best skin rejuvenating spices.

  • You can look forward to supplements that will positively affect your health and skin appearance.

  • I'll explain why you should drink a lot water for an even complexion.

As an add-on, I'll give you the 5 best strategies to significantly improve the appearance of your skin with ease.

Helping people live a healthier lifestyle is a matter of the heart for me.

Let us be grateful for our health and support and maintain it preventively.

With a balanced diet, your well-being and skin appearance can be actively influenced in a positive way.

I am very happy to welcome you to this course!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to write me directly via Udemy. I look forward to the contact exchange.

Sunny greetings

Katrin Kockot

Who this course is for:

  • All who want to counteract the natural aging process of the skin
  • All who want to make their skin radiant with the right and preventive care
  • Everyone who is enthusiastic about how the skin's appearance can change noticeably and positively with a healthy diet
  • All who want to learn which skin-rejuvenating vital substances are contained in foods
  • All who are ready to let their skin shine on the basis of the learned knowledge
  • All who want to look visually younger


Katrin Kockot
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„The groundwork of all happiness is health.“

This proverb reflects me and my attitude towards health to the point.

Quite early I realized that health is often taken for granted in society. It is only when problems arise and we no longer have the performance to which we are accustomed that we begin to take action.

But health can be influenced positively by a balanced lifestyle. 

I am often asked what I would recommend to everyone in principle:

My answer to this is: That above all one should be mindful of oneself and one's body. If I am mindful of myself, my inner well-being will be reflected on the outside. Which form that may be, everyone can try out and decide for himself. But I am available for advice and the stimulation of new ways of thinking.

Sharing my knowledge and supporting people in a healthy lifestyle is a matter of the heart for me.

To pursue my passion professionally, I became a certified nutritionist in 2021.

There is much to discover. Let's be thankful for our health.

I would be very happy to welcome you in my courses.

Sunny greetings

Katrin Kockot

Deutsche Version

„Die Grundlage jedes Glücks ist Gesundheit.“

Dieses Sprichwort spiegelt mich und meine Einstellung zur Gesundheit auf den Punkt genau wieder.

Recht früh erkannte ich, dass Gesundheit in der Gesellschaft oft als selbstverständlich angesehen wird. Erst wenn Probleme auftreten und wir nicht mehr die gewohnte Leistungsfähigkeit besitzen, fangen wir an zu handeln.

Dabei kann die Gesundheit massiv durch einen ausgewogenen Lebensstil und bewusster Ernährung positiv beeinflusst werden. 

Oft werde ich gefragt was ich grundsätzlich jedem empfehlen würde:
Meine Antwort darauf lautet:
Dass man vor allem mit sich und seinem Körper achtsam umgeht. Gehe ich mit mir selbst achtsam um, wird mein inneres Wohlbefinden sich nach außen wieder spiegeln.
Welche Form das sein mag, das kann jeder für sich selbst ausprobieren und entscheiden.
Gerne aber, stehe ich für Ratschläge und den Anreiz neuer Denkansätze zur Verfügung.

Mein Wissen zu teilen, sowie Menschen bei einer balancierten und gesunden Lebensweise zu unterstützen, ist für mich eine Herzensangelegenheit.

Um meiner Leidenschaft beruflich nachzugehen bin ich seit 2021 zertifizierte Ernährungsberaterin.

Es gibt viel zu entdecken.
Lassen Sie uns dankbar für unsere Gesundheit sein.

Ich würde mich sehr freuen Sie in meinen Kursen begrüßen zu dürfen.

Sonnige Grüße
Katrin Kockot

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