Ansible -Automate Administration of Windows and Linux system

Automate your repetitive administration tasks using Ansible automation tool.
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Learn Ansible Step by Step


  • Linux basic knowledge


Ansible is a simple, powerful, and agentless tool that simplifies the process of IT automation and expedites DevOps efforts. Ansible works to help you automate and configure your infrastructure to save time and increase productivity. It’s straightforward, secure, and powerful, making it an easy tool to learn and implement within your organization.

Ansible runs on Windows and Unix-like operating systems, providing infrastructure as code. It has its own declarative programming language for management and system configuration. It can connect with cloud environments like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to help you manage and automate your infrastructure and code deployment.

Ansible is simple to install, connects easily to clients, and contains many features. It’s push-based and connects to clients via SSH, so it doesn’t require an agent on the client.

This course will walk you through how to automate administration of Linux and Windows servers in efficient way. This is the best starting course those who want to explore Ansible to elevate their automation skill set. After learning this course you will get familiar with

1. Ansible workflow

2. Ansible terminology

3. Installation of Ansible

4. Linux servers setup for administration using Ansible

5. Windows servers setup for administration using Ansible

6. Adhoc method to manage servers

7. YAML method

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in system administration


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