Animalist - zoology of animal

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Zoology, You will study animal kingdom in natural world


  • Read and listen english is required.


This is the free and first version of the course of Animalist - zoology of animal 2.

This is the course to learn the zoology, will obtain the knowledge of how the animal behaviour act and animal structure, animal taxonomy and others,such as...

Anatomy taxonomy,physiology , ethology, history, mutation,bioluminescent, classification, evolutionary, symbiosis, migration, bioelectricity, and so on all about the animal !!! They are all discuss inside the course.

Invertebrate, vertebrate, reptiles,amphibian,bony fish,bird, mammals and so on?! They are all, also, discuss inside the course too.

To learning this course will be benefit you, to having a idea to startup a business,just like...

You know the behavior of mollusk, you know how to startup a business of Pearl and Clam food;
You know the behaviors of fish, you know how to startup a business of Fisheries!

The course will make you understand as well as enough all about the animal science in nature. The course is suitable to the researcher, teacher, student, like seeking knowledge the great Epistemophilia and those who is interest with the field of this animalist study.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

In this course will be podcasting

Word, images and videos resources will be combine in video with no face revealance.

Note: This is 20th century information.

Who this course is for:

  • Those Interest with fun science.
  • Those student study zoology.


Gove Lee
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This is not how smart you are, this is how you are smart,leader are reader.

While you read, along the way will help you to achieve being a scientist, to help you understand the origin and essense of all things in nature and increase your wisdom, to inspire your creativity.

My bio:
I am giving up the role to hold the secret of all thing, and i'll passed down, If you want to become the receiver from me, you may have chance . Have a chance for being a hero in this world.(Scientist)

While you learning, You may need these quote below.
Power Quote:

People will not sit still and do nothing, they will do something.
(This is how i predict back and forth.)

There is nothing impossible in this world, it is just the matter of time.
(Mankind don't have wings to fly, but nowaday we can stand on the moon, and put the flag there. Why? maybe 10year later, maybe 20year later,maybe 100year,200year, who knows... what will happen.)

Social economy quote:

Everyone is special, everyone is unique, everyone is different.
(This is how I view the astropsychology.)

Medical quote:

Don't try to be special, try to be normal. The more you seek to be special, to more you sink into deep of strange.
(You need to read to be in effect)

Don't to be wild, try to be peace. The more you to be wild, the more you become unstable.
(You need to read to be in effect,if possilble read it after with first medical quote.)

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