AngularJS Masterclass - Deep Dive & Understand AngularJS

Understand Core Concepts, Create Custom Directives, Custom Services, Routing and Hands On Using Modularized Approach.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (1,403 ratings)
36,366 students
AngularJS Masterclass - Deep Dive & Understand AngularJS
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (1,403 ratings)
36,366 students
Create Medium to Complex Web Applications Using AngularJS
No Faffing, All Lectures are Packed with Information
You will have understanding of All the Core Concepts of AngularJS
You will know why angularjs is so popular and why you should start using it
Dont just learn Angularjs But understand it with JavaScript, HTML, Design Pattern and Clean Code concept
You will know mostly used directives and filters of AngularJS
You will know how Dependency Injection, two way data binding, scope to scope communication works
You will know when to use $apply and $watch methods of scope
You will know how to handle business logic in controller and how controller inheritance works
You will know how to use AngularJS built in services and how to create your own services to encapsulate single responsibilities or business logic
Server side interaction using Mongo Lab API and how to use promises
You will know how to Create Single Page Applications
You will know how to Create Custom Directives & Filters
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Get Hands on By Creating An Application Using Modularized Approach
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  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • How to use a text editor
  • Basic knowledge of programming

[COURSE UPDATED on 30 April 2015]

Why AngularJS?

AngularJS is the most popular JavaScript framework out there in the market backed by Google. AngularJS helps you in creating complex web applications in less time. It's gonna add value to your resume and even help in getting good salary job.

Why You Should Take This Course?

This course is gonna help you make complex web application in AngularJS. This course will not only help you learn AngularJS, but to understand it, as it covers lot of JavaScript, HTML, Clean Coding, Design Pattern concepts, which you should understand to know better about AngularJS. This course uses AngularJS Version 1.3.

What's Inside This Course?

  • Why You Should Know AngularJS?
  • AngularJS Core Concepts along with JavaScript, HTML, Design Patterns & Clean Code Concepts.
  • Using Directives & Filters to Make Views
  • How to Keep Data in Scope & Business Logic in Controllers
  • AngularJS Built in Services Which Includes Server Side Interaction Using Mongo Lab API & Creating Your Own Custom Services
  • Create Single Page Application Using Routing
  • Create Custom Directives & Custom Filters
  • Hands on With Practical Application
  • And More Contents to Come…

Exercise Files:

This course contains all the exercise files, divided into two folders, one as starting folder and other one as completed folder.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is in Web Development profile
  • Web Site Designers can also add value to there resume
  • Developer knowing jQuery, Backbone or Ember can also get benefits
10 sections • 85 lectures • 6h 4m total length
  • Whats Inside This Course
  • What You Should Know, Before Taking This Course
  • How to Take This Course
  • Softwares To Be Installed
  • Course Material - All Source Code
  • "THE PROBLEM"... and How AngularJS Solves "THE PROBLEM"
  • JavaScript Specials: Modules Can Help You Remain Organized
  • Angular Modules: One Stop Shop for All the Components
  • JavaScript Specials: IIFE
  • Moving our First Module to IIFE
  • HTML Specials: Now you can decorate me with Custom Attributes
  • Connecting Module and HTML: I am Peter Parker, I wanna be a Spiderman
  • JavaScript Specials: Problems with addition of two numbers in JavaScript
  • Design Pattern Specials: MVC can make your weekend more enjoyable
  • Directives: I am HTML, I am good at Presentations
  • Controllers: I am JavaScript, I can Handle the Business Logic
  • Models: Not so Old, We are POJO
  • Pattern Specials: Dependency Injection can help reduce your emotional attachment
  • My Name is $scope and I have been Gifted to Controller by the Secret Santa
  • JavaScript Specials: Data Binding in Classical Template Systems
  • Angular Data Binding: Continous Updates, Model is a Single Source of Truth
  • Pattern Specials: SRP to handle one task at one place
  • Services: What can I do for you Sir!
  • Filters: Please give me data and not the WATER
  • AngularJS Core Concepts
  • Programming Specials: Imperative vs. Declarative
  • Binding Directives: One Way Binding Directives
  • AngularJS Specials: Multiple ways of applying Directives
  • Binding Directives: Two Way Binding Directives
  • Template Directives: Give me Collection, I will give you Table
  • Template Directives: Views Abstraction using ng-include Directive
  • Template Directives: Switching Elements using ng-switch Directive
  • Template Directives: Hiding Unprocessed Inline Template Binding Expressions
  • Element Directives: Showing, Hiding and Conditionally Removing Elements
  • Element Directives: Manage State & Enhance Elements
  • Style Directives: Manage Classes & CSS
  • Events Directives: Manage User Interaction
  • Formatting Filters
  • Array Transforming Filters
  • AngularJS Specials: Bootstrapping of AngularJS Applications
  • Organizing Controllers: One for Small and Many for Big Applications
  • Scope Communication: Pub-Sub Model Using $rootScope
  • Controller Inheritance - How Properties Work
  • Controller Inheritance - How Methods Work
  • Explicitly Updating Scope: Using $apply & $watch
  • AJAX Specials: Server Side Interaction Using Pure JavaScript
  • Meet $http Service
  • MongoLab Specials: Creating a Database and Tables
  • CRUD Using $http and MongoLab - Part 1
  • CRUD Using $http and MongoLab - Part 2
  • Design Pattern Specials: The Singleton Design Pattern
  • Custom Services to Encapsulate Responsibilities
  • $q Service: Promises Are Made to be Kept
  • Single Page Applications, What are They and Why We Need Them
  • SPA Specials: Story of HASH & Your Own Mini-SPA
  • $location Service: Knows Everything About Browser URL
  • Planning The Shell and Partials of The Application
  • $routeProvider Service: Configuring The Routes and Controllers
  • $routeParams Service: Getting Passed Information From URL
  • Domain Specific Language: Your Own Custom Elements
  • Component Directive
  • Component Directive: Dynamic Binding Using Parent Scope
  • Component Directive: Directives Can Have Other Directives As Well
  • Component Directive: Taking Template Out of Directive Definition
  • Component Directive: Handling User Interaction in Directives Controller
  • The Misunderstood Concept of Directives Scope Made Understood
  • OOB Directive: Use "=" Symbol to Pass Objects
  • OOB Directive: Use "@" Symbol to Pass String Values
  • OOB Directive: Use "&" Symbol to Call the Function on Parent Scope
  • Custom Filter - Because We Need Our Own Data Transformation
  • Link Function - Handle DOM Access, Manipulation & Events
  • Bootstrapping Services: $parse, $interpolate & $compile
  • Compile Function - Auto Compile Using Compile Function
  • Transclusion - Injecting HTML Parts as a Reference
  • The Requirement
  • Analysis & Design
  • Folder Structure
  • Application Layout - 101
  • Application Layout - 102
  • First Directive of Application
  • First Service of Application
  • Render Data Using First Service
  • Render Data Using Second Service
  • Render Data Using Third Service
  • The Chart Directive
  • Code Refactoring

Technical Architect & Web Developer
Sandip Gautam
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Sandip Gautam is voracious learner and he loves to do programming. He likes to upgrade himself with new technologies as they arrive. He is a Technical Architect and Web Developer having 12+ years of IT experience & 20+ Years of teaching experience. He has executed many projects in E-Learning, E-Commerce, Networking and Banking & Financial domains. He works on lot of technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone, Bootstrap, ExtJS, Sencha Mobile and jQuery mobile. He has also worked on server side technologies like Java, J2EE, PHP & MySQL and SharePoint. Sandip has taught many people throughout his career and he has given training in almost each & every organization. Its time for you to learn something from him.