Angels of Meditation
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Angels of Meditation

Using the Power of the Angels to Empower your Meditation Practice
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11 students enrolled
Created by Pete Cossaboon
Last updated 6/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Quicker alignment and more profound meditation experience
  • A mind open to the energy of Angelic connection.

Have you heard all of the great benefits of meditation and your ready to either begin or take it to the next level?  The level of consciousness that we seek in meditation is the normal vibrational level for the Angels.

By using their guidance and energy we can boost our ability to reach higher states of being where can attain clarity, joy, peace, wisdom, and the answers to life's questions.

If you're ready to make meditation part of your daily routine for health, well being, abundance, and tranquility, let the Angels show you the way.

Who this course is for:
  • Meditation students seeking Angelic assistance in seeking clarity and peace.
Course content
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+ Introduction
2 lectures 02:46

Welcome to the Angels of Meditation.  If you are looking to increase the power and intensity of your meditation practice, the energy of the Angelic realm will boost your connection and clarity.

Be ready to find new peace, more impact, and a heightened sense of your importance.  The Angels "messengers of God", are your ready guides to higher levels of concentration.

Preview 01:00

Man has been using the practice of meditation to connect with Higher Energy ever since the awareness of different levels of consciousness.  Whether called prayer, contemplation, deep breathing, communing with nature, etc. all modalities that help us feel the integration (instead of separation) of ourselves with a greater energy can be defined as meditation.

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+ The Angels and Meditation
3 lectures 06:33

The desired outcome of meditation is to enter a state other than when you began.  Whether you realize it or not, in meditation, you are seeking to reconnect with the "God force" or Universe.  The state of flow while in this energy brings us into alignment with forces that can open us to possibilities we could never imagine with our human brains.

The Angels reside in this "state of flow" at all times.  They are our willing mentors and guides to help us to find that alignment.  Like a coach at the gym helps us to achieve our physical goals quicker, the Angels can bring us to meditative states we didn't even know existed to bring our mindset to a higher level.

Preview 02:20

All of the Angels (and they are infinite in number) will help us in meditation.  With that being said, some Angels work more closely in the realms of clarity, connection, purity of mind, and in the crown chakra.  

Therefore, these particular Angels can be more effective in helping us to achieve a flow state faster and to help us maintain a Universal mindset even while we go about our daily lives.

Preview 01:35

Though there are many types of meditation and levels or goals that can be achieved, if you wish to reach a higher level of consciousness in your meditation practice, it is important to let go of the body and allow it to take care of it's work.  

Our bodies are wonderfully designed to take care of themselves and go on auto pilot when we put our attention and focus somewhere else.  When we detach ourselves from the wants, needs, and desires of this Earthly plain, we can take ourselves to states of awareness that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible to attain. 

While in a state of meditation, you can often loose track of time and physical space.  This gives your mind, body, and spirit time to reset and find a natural state not influenced by the worries and strain of normal life.  As you continue your meditation practice you will find it will be easier for your entire being to enter that natural flow and you will be less affected by outside influences. 

This new state will put you in control of your every moment experience rather than being buffeted by the outside world.

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+ Shushinae
4 lectures 19:07

Shushienae (pronounced, Shush-ee-u-nay) is known as the Angel of Purity.and Cleansing.  When you feel bloated, cloudy, or unclean in any way, the energy of this amazing Angel is there to instantly clarify you from head to toe.  Think of it as light-bathing as a ray of Angelic light from Shushienae scans you and releases anything other than pure light.

Preview 01:30

Shushienae in the Angelic realm is an Archangel energy.  Known as one of the lesser archangels, Shushienae leads a support role to the higher Archangels.  Lesser archangels tend to be much softer and gentler in their approach with us.  They are more playful and not as intense as some of the Angelic energy.

Shushienae's main roles are:

     *  To cleanse and clarify our energetic field

     *.  To prepare us for more intense, brighter Angelic energy

Just as when you are about to run a marathon, it's better to have conditioned yourself mentally and physically, when you are ready to do some intense "work" with Angelic energy, it is much easier and smoother if you are prepared.

Shushienae comes in the form of soft rays of light like beams coming through storm clouds.  You may feel a slight heat and pressure as this light energy is moving through you and clarifying your energy.  This Angelic energy may appear as a small bright light as in a flashlight in a dark room.

Characteristics of Shushienae

Shushienae is an Angel ready to do work on us.  As such, it's helpful if you can find yourself in the most relaxed, comfortable position and trust that what is transformed and perhaps removed from your awareness is ready to move on.

What keeps us back from becoming new is to hold onto old ideas and judgements of ourselves.  This is not at all how the Angels view us and it can be difficult for us to fully connect unless we are on the same "page" as them.  

Get comfortable, breathe deeply, and focus on the warmth of the cleansing light as it moves through you.

Shushienae and Meditation Techniques

Note how much lighter and "cleaner" you feel after this meditation.   Don't focus on what you think has changed or you may reactivate it.  Just pay attention to your new feeling of ease and clarity.

Meditation with Shushienae
+ Ananchel
4 lectures 10:41

Ananchel is part of the cherubim.  Second only to the seraphim in closeness to God source.  Because of this proximity to the highest energy, Ananchel is perfect with helping to create a channel or a God space for us to enter.

Meet Ananchel

Ananchel is a brilliant, clear (beyond white) presence that will encapsulate us in this stream of utmost consciousness.  Opening the way for us to enter the GAP (God's Acknowledged Presence), we are ushered into the most holy and sublime where we are given grace and connection with source.

Characteristics of Ananchel

Ananchel is so brilliant that we must be ready for such purity as we are given passage into the highest realms of existence.  It is best to prepare ourselves before we enter so that we can be fully present and aware.

Ananchel and Meditation techniques

After this meditation, because of the brilliance and clarity of Ananchel, others will probably notice that there is a certain light around you that hasn't been there before.

You may experience some pain and discomfort as energy that you didn't fully release before coming into attendance with Ananchel tries to move quickly.

Meditation with Ananchel
+ Ooniemme
4 lectures 15:14

Ooniemme, pronounced (Oo-nee-um-a), is a heart angel.  Heart angels are so filled with love and have SO much of it to give.  Their main objective is to connect your heart center (chakra) with God source.  It is through our heart and not our mind that our first communication from Higher Energy is given and received.

With an open and giving heart, everything is possible because the communication line is clear.  Ooniemme softens our heart by filling us with gratitude and helping us with acceptance of what has been, is, and will be.

When we realize that everything is love at it's root we stop beating against the world and ourselves and we ride the flow of joy.

Meet Ooniemme

Ooniemme is a very easy to access and easy to connect with Angelic energy.  Concentrating in our heart chakra you will notice a warmth and radiance of pure joy as Ooniemme fills your cup with gratitude about everything in your life.

Ooniemme surrounds us with a rich tapestry of memories and thoughts in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors and textures showing us the variety and richness of our life.

Characteristics of Ooniemme

As you connect with Ooniemme you will notice your shoulders rise and move back.  You will begin to breathe deeper and easier.  Tension will simply fall away and you will feel lighter and perhaps even a little giddy.

Simply relax and let Ooniemme show you how to accept and be grateful for EVERYTHING in your life.  It is all there to serve you if you will let it.

Ooniemme and Meditation Techniques

Notice a smile playing on your lips as you go through this meditation with Ooniemme.  Such a soft amazing energy that will help you release judgement of yourself and others so that you have the energy to really begin to live.

Sometimes extra work is needed to release things and see how they can be helpful to us.  The technique of Ho'oponopono is a wonderful way to release and let go so that you can become new.

Meditation with Ooniemme
+ Paschar
4 lectures 14:34

Paschar, pronounced (Push-ar), is heart angel just like Ooniemme.  This is especially helpful since Paschar will help us to elevate our level of focus and attention in our mind space.

Meet Paschar

Though Paschar enters through our heart chakra, we can feel his presence in our third eye chakra. 

Paschar helps us to:

     *.  Elevate our consciousness to a higher plane

     *.  Envision all of the possibilities that surround us

     *.  Project our consciousness out so that we are more easily found by our desires that are seeking us

You won't so much see Paschar as you will feel lifted by him.  Suddenly you will be up on a cliff looking over the meadow of your normal existence.  Instead of concentrating on him, he wants you to see all of the opportunities that await our attention.

Characteristics of Paschar

Because Paschar works in our third eye chakra, you may feel a pressure in your forehead.  It may feel similar to a headache but it is only the concentration of energy to that region.  

Since our brain is a huge consumer of energy, make sure you are hydrated and have some healthy food choices ready after your meditation.  Because you will feel yourself lifted, it may make you feel unstable on your first encounter.  Simply relax and take in as much of the view as you can.

Notice all of the unseen possibilities that are right there waiting for you to notice.  The world is really your oyster.

Paschar and Meditation Techniques

After a meditation with Paschar you may feel the inclination to eat and then take a nap.  These are both excellent activities afterwards because it will reenergize your body and give your mind time to assimilate all you have taken in.

These activities aren't a requirement and you can connect with Paschar at anytime.  Try both longer and shorter meditations with this energy and see which serves you better.

Meditation with Paschar
+ Conclusion
2 lectures 09:59

I hope you can see how if we "train" and prepare for our meditation we can get even more out of our practice.  My intention for using these four Angelic energies is to:

     *.  Clear our energetic field so that we are ready to fully engage

     *.  Connect and enter a safe space with our God source

     *.  Align ourselves with the energy of the Higher realms through gratitude

     *.  Tap into the infinite wisdom and possibilities that surround us

As you continue this practice you fill find nuances of your own that will make it more effective.  Make a commitment to connect with these four energies everyday before you go out into the world and you will notice that you will present yourself to the world differently and because of this the world will treat you differently.

When to use each Angel

This meditation process can be adjusted to fit your schedule whether you have two minutes or thirty.  As you continue in your meditation practice using the Angels of meditation, you will notice that it will be quicker and easier (if you want it to be) to go through each stage.  Spend as much time as feels right at each step in the process and I wish for you much joy.

Pulling it All Together