Angels of Abundance
3.6 (6 ratings)
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Angels of Abundance

Bringing in True Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth with Angelic Energy
3.6 (6 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
29 students enrolled
Created by Pete Cossaboon
Last updated 7/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Realize the great abundance that is flowing to us and to let go of the resistance to our natural brilliance
  • Be able to concentrate, focus, and breathe.

Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to have it all?  Does it seem like you find such joy in certain areas of your life but find other parts lacking?

Do you know in the seat of your soul that you are meant to be abundant in all things?  There is Angelic Energy here to help you realize your true worth and connect with the energy of abundance right now!!

You are truly abundant in this moment.  Let the Angels show you how to tap into the reality where you are already wealthy beyond measure and watch abundance flow to you naturally instead of having to chase it endlessly.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has tried to achieve abundance through suffering who is ready to receive Angelic help in achieving true prosperity.
Course content
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+ Introduction
3 lectures 07:45

The four angels of meditation.  Not necessarily for the weak of heart, these angels are not interested in your story of lack.  They really have no time and are rather blind to any pain that we use to hold ourselves back and remain small.  These Angelic energies are ready to help catapult us into true abundance in our lives. This is about SOOOO much more than money or material wealth.  To the Angels financial resources are simply a byproduct and a given as we are expressions of the Divine and the Divine is infinite, with no limits, and not only has all resources at hand but can instantly create anything imaginable into existence by simply calling it out.

This is a practice and these are Angels that you really should ramp up to in your meditation/Spiritual practice.  To them what we say we want is sacred and they hold it as the truth and a calling from the Divine. Once they start us on the journey towards what we call forth, there is no turning back.

For some it is easy to say I want this while they are too uncomfortable to leave the confines of living small and entering the unknown.  One must be ready for an adventure and for it to not necessarily look like anything you imagine. Life isn’t about simply redoing everything that has already been done.  Life is about expansion and expansion isn’t found in the status quo or regurgitation of what has already been.

If you are truly ready for abundance, open yourself up to the life changing energy and transformation these Angelic energies are excited and prepared to bring you to.

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Let’s define as precisely as we can what our mission is in this course so that we can monitor the progression and see the change more clearly.  The central theme for this course is for us to be able to easily tap into the wellspring of goodness that is available to us.

We are an expression of the Divine in this Earthly plain and when we have more resources at our disposal, we have more options, and are therefore more effective.  It is my goal in this course to explore what abundance truly is, what your relationship with it is and to introduce four Angelic energies that will help us along a path towards experiencing true Angelic abundance in our lives.

There are four Angels we will use in this course to connect us to the stream of the infinite that will take us from where we are to an understanding and ability of who we are and how to become fully active and present in our manifestation of the abundance we desire.

Are you ready?  I know I am, let’s get started.

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So, for the purpose of this course, let’s define what we mean by abundance.  Abundance is one of those words that is used quite often and for most people has a general meaning to them.  Abundance is thought of as an over sufficient quantity or supply, an overflowing fullness, affluence or wealth, or the opposite of scarcity.  

There is even a term known as natural or isotopic abundance that has to do with the number of a certain isotope of an element in comparison with the total number of isotopes present.  The interesting aspect of this type of abundance is that it is thought that at the beginning of the solar system the isotopic abundance was homogenous in composition. The decay or change in isotopic structure perhaps has made life possible by creating a differentiation in the primordial soup that everything once flowed in.

This gives rise to the idea that perhaps when things change or go away, perhaps even “lose” something, it creates something new which adds to the richness of life and gives another ingredient that we can use in our recipe for living.  Can you learn to be thankful for your “losses” as well as your “gains”? Maybe that is the beginning of understanding the true notion of abundance because then everything can be seen as a gain in the long run view, which by the way is where the Angels reside.

For this course, the idea of abundance is that there is always plenty.  The idea of lack is simply a dimming of the infinite light and source of the Divine.  That isn’t to say that we should just be wasteful and abusive with all resources. Resources are meant for our use and pleasure but in excess everything is harmful to both us and the resource.  

That also isn’t to say that if we feel or perceive lack in something that we simply aren’t loved enough by the Universe.  Where we see a desire for more, we see a reason for becoming more ourselves. The very idea that more is wanted and also possible is what makes us grow and expand.

The idea of abundance therefore for this course is to enter the mindset of becoming more and more of the full expression of ourselves in every moment.  There is always more abundance in clarity, love, health, relationships, Spiritual connection, and even money possible for us. We will focus on how to allow the abundance of all things to flow into our lives with the help of four Angelic energies, Jeremiel, Fortunata, Barachiel, and Nathaniel.  

Each one of these Angels will take us along a path where we can understand what abundance is, realize that it is already ours, begin to feel it, and call it quickly into our lives.

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+ Jeremiel
2 lectures 10:56

As some background, Jeremiel is also said to be Angel Ramiel and closely associated with the energy of Archangel Uriel.  Angel Jeremiel is said to be the god of thunder. Not an energy you have heard much about or perhaps at all, Jeremiel is very much a “behind the scenes” Angel but one that we can call upon nonetheless.  

The main purpose to call forth Angel Jeremiel is for us to become aware and for us to learn to focus.  What we give attention to grows and becomes more evident. We give a stronghold to the ideas and thoughts that we give the most “airtime” to in our minds.  Jeremiel lets us see how we are bringing in to our lives what we are focusing on by becoming aware of what we have focused on in the past and how that has affected our lives and also to be aware of what we are currently focusing on since we know that will be the structure for our future.

So why jeremiel?  So that we can be aware of what we are calling into our lives, so that we can take personal responsibility for our vibration, our lives, and what is happening.  We can now step into the control mode of our lives rather than seeing things as happening to us. We are powerless if we believe ourselves to be so. For true abundance we must enter the driver’s seat, we must exercise our true power, we must step out of the shadows and turn on our own brilliant light that shines through us from God source

Jeremiel helps us with realizing how our past has put us where we are and to help us to attain a divine vision so that we can use that past as an opportunity for change rather than a challenge that must constantly be healed from.  For this reason Jeremiel is known as the life review angel. When we begin to see how we have truly called forth everything in our life by our focus on it, we can see how truly powerful we are.

As we learn to use the experiences we have had to our advantage, we also see that nothing is wasted and in fact will make us more relatable, interesting, and dynamic.  Jeremiel connects us with the clairvoyant talent that is innate in all of us. We now can understand that everything isn’t up to our own understanding and wisdom, but that we are able to “tap” into a Universal stream of knowing.  Information and even conversations about what has been, what is, and what can be are accessible to us.

Because he is an “energy” Angel, being the god of thunder, he also helps us to move our emotions through us so that they don’t get stuck and cause us dis ease.  Emotions are never meant to stay or to define us. They are simply an expression and a way for us to learn more about ourselves and grow. As we learn to respect but stay in the driver’s seat of our emotions, we remain human and present in our NOW.  

So many use the pain of a past trauma to define them and hold them in a crouched subservient position.  Any challenges that we have survived are there to ask us to step up and be different, be more, think in a new way.  When we allow difficulties and the resulting appropriate emotions that go with them to control us and tell us our worth, we basically tell our source of God that our problem is bigger than him.  When you think of how ludicrous the idea of anything, no matter what it is, to be bigger than the Infinite, you understand that the only logical, realistic viewpoint is one where we have no limits and that all is possible and even easy.

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Meditation with Jeremiel
+ Fortunata
2 lectures 09:31

I think of Fortunata as a cornucopia; a horn of plenty.  A resource for everything that we seek and need. To go along with having fortune and abundance is the idea of balance and flow as well.  If we have ten times as much food as we need to be healthy and satisfied, we will either lose our health or be wasteful of something someone else needs.  

The true nature of abundance is for us to have everything we want and need without it being so much that it holds us back.  Too much prosperity in one area, just like too much spending, too much eating, or anything else is gluttony and will rob us of abundance in another part of life.  True abundance is a beautiful harmony of balance between receiving and desire.

When we realize that prosperity and abundance in Spirit is what we really seek, we lose the need to overcompensate with other resources.  When we take our focus off of our bank statement or other worldly measures of our personal worth, we can start to define for ourselves who we are.  We then begin to show up as we mean to be and as if by magic everything that matches that intention begins to show up in life. Otherwise if we give outside references the ability to determine our worth, our lives are up to situations out of our control.

When our desire for more is based upon wanting to be able to more effectively express God’s love for each other instead of a need to fulfill an empty spot within ourselves we learn the true nature of resources.  When we don’t share out of our abundance or when we give out of our scarcity, we disrupt the natural flow and cycle of talents and goods that is the rhythm of the Universe.

The main principle that Fortunata is here to teach us is that Prosperity, abundance, and wealth are our natural state of being.  That is why when you feel you are in lack it feels so off and bad to you. It is important to remember that when we judge the abundance of others we are holding it back from ourselves.  We will Ask Angel Fortunata to bring us the vibration of true prosperity so that we may have all of the resources to live a life of peace, love, and happiness.

Who is Fortunata
Meditation with Fortunata
+ Barachiel
2 lectures 07:15

Barachiel is the angel of laughter, making known the blessings of god, and teaching us to enjoy the moment and what surrounds us.  He is often seen or associated with rose petals and you may smell the sweet delicate scent of the rose when his energy is near. Barachiel works very closely with Archangel Raphael and is therefore associated with the heart chakra and healing through joy and laughter.

Often confused with Angel Barkiel, the Angel of lightning, Barachiel is not to be taken as a foolish or inconsequential energy.  Barachiel simply understands the immense power, both in healing and manifestation, in laughter and joy.

When I think of him I think of the ghost of Christmas present in Charles Dickens novel “A Christmas Carol”.  Concerned only with the amazing abundance and wealth found in the here and now, Barachiel teaches us that everything we need for fulfillment is already here with us.

When we learn to take great joy where we are, and when we learn to laugh and move our energy in this way, we put situations in their proper perspective.  Rather than any current condition defining or minimizing us, it simply is where we are and we have the choice that we can make to be joyful in it.

It is our definition and the meaning that we give everything that creates our relationship with it.  When we strip away the power from ANYTHING or anyone to change how we see ourselves we truly move into the active role of our lives and out of a mentality of victimhood where we are weak and helpless.

Everything has two sides or viewpoints.  We can either see a condition through God’s vision of infinity or we can see a condition through the lens of saying God just isn’t powerful enough.  With laughter and humor we can enter a realm of joy where we can start to see how God views each situation.

This ability is so incredibly enabling and powerful that if you can learn to do this one thing, you can change your life by changing the perspective from which you view it.  You can’t see an opportunity or a way to transform something unless you are looking for it. Everything you want and desire is right here. It’s found by finding the feeling of it.  Utilize the energy of Barachiel to find the silver lining by learning to not take things so seriously and lessening it’s effect in your reality.

Who is Barachiel
Meditation with Barachiel
+ Nathaniel
2 lectures 12:22

Nathaniel is closely associated with fire and is an Angel of movement and manifestation.  He wastes no time once you tell him that you are ready for his energy. He will take away what is hindering us from bringing in what we proclaim that we are ready for.  Oftentimes this will be disturbing if you are not in a place of Faith and trust that as what no longer serves you goes away so that what you truly desire can show itself to be  here and ready for you. We must give up the security blankets that keep us from fully living in order to enter a new space of living. With our hands full of the old, we aren’t able to pick up the new.  

Archangel Nathaniel is known as the ‘Angel of Fire’, the ‘Angel of Energy’, the ‘Angel of Purification’, the ‘Angel of Divinity’ and the ‘Angel of Life Purpose.  He takes this fire energy which is used not only to purify us but also to energize and embolden us to move along a journey of purpose and passion.

He ignites a spark within you with an eternal flame that doesn’t consume you.  Instead the flame “washes” away any energy that holds you back. I often see fear as a doorway of fire.  As we pass through this doorway, the fire burns away our old concepts of ourselves and reveals a lighter, fresher version on the other side.  

Nathaniel teaches us to change the questions we ask ourselves.  Instead of saying why is this happening to me, we learn to ask, what if I am able to do what I want to do or be what I want to be.  He teaches us to start saying, what if everything is possible?

With the intense energy of Nathaniel we are no longer able to hide behind a wall of fear and false protection.  We are given the passion, the Divine spark, that calls us forth so that we can’t do anything but venture forward, afraid or not.  

Nathaniel has a very similar energy to Archangel Michael in that they both are motivators and want to see you advance towards the dreams and desires you say are important to you.  The Angels don’t have a concept of impossibility or lack. All they see and sense for us is the multitude of paths towards our goals. They are never upset when we don’t take a path ready for us.  They just immediately see another path open up for us to take.

When we say that we are waiting for our ship to come in, or we think we “missed the boat”, the Angels know that there are a thousand docks with a thousand ships moored there ready for us to sail away on.  

Nathaniel’s job is to help us get very clear on what our intentions are and to fill us with the passion and the ability to believe the sure existence of these intentions.  He is living in the realm where what we wish to experience is and he is reaching his hand out to us to bring us into alignment with it. This journey may appear turbulent and at first like loss as we leave the safe port of what we have already known, but he is there to give us the Faith, the Drive, and the ability to cross the oceans of manifestation.  

Who is Nathaniel
Meditation with Nathaniel
+ Conclusion
2 lectures 09:39

Congratulations for having come to the end of this course where we utilize the energy of Jeremiel, Fortunata, Barachiel, and Nathaniel.  We now understand the true nature of abundance. We have a clearer idea of what abundance is and what it means in relation to us. Far greater than material wealth, we have a broader sense of the term and understand that money is simply one of an infinite ways for abundance to come to us.  For after all, money is simply an instrument. We can’t eat it, or clothe ourselves with it, live in it, laugh or love with it. It is simply a tool for us to easily exchange one energy for another.

Sometimes abundance will come to us in the form of exactly what we are seeking be it a home, a car, a career, improved health, more happiness, etc.  Sometimes abundance may come to us in a form that we didn’t expect it to take but it fulfills us in a way that we couldn’t imagine possible.

Knowing who you truly are and your place in the Universe takes you out of the “rat race” of the haves and the have nots.  Now you are in a reality where everything is available to you. You simply must know what it is that you want and find the feeling place of it.

I wish for you a continued journey of happiness, peace, health, and abundance.  Namaste

Wrapping it up
Meditation with Jeremiel, Fortunata, Barachiel, and Nathaniel