Angel Primer Course

Who are the Angels, how do I work with them, what can they do, who am I, what is our potential?
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Who are the Angels and how can I work with them
Are there rules for working with the Angels
Are there bad Angels
What is Angelic potentiality


  • A seeking mind, loving heart, and connected spirit


Have you heard of the amazing power of working with the Angels and you want to know more?  Perhaps you are just starting to seek Angelic help and you don't even know questions to ask.  Everything you need to get started in working with the Angels is right here in this course.

Even if you are already familiar with Angelic energy, there is much discussed and shown in the course such as

     *  Who are the Angels

     *  What are the rules for Angelic connection

     *  How do I ask for Angelic help

     *  Are there bad Angels and can I ask for harm for others

     *  What is the greatest difference between the Earthly and Heavenly realm

     *  What is Angelic potentiality and how do the Angels use quantum physics to create reality for us. 

This course will start you on the way to having a group of personal Angelic assistants that will have your highest good always in mind.  The Angels are sent here to help us to connect with the Divine.  They understand the human condition but they also know our potential and are always going to call us forth to that wisdom. 

At the end of this course you will know the what, how, who, when, hazards, and possibilities of working with the Angels.

Who this course is for:

  • Spiritual seekers looking to connect with Angelic energy


The Angel Encourager, Knowing Who You Are..Calling You Forth
Pete Cossaboon
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Pete Cossaboon is an Angelic Empowerment Living Coach.  Since 2014 after going through a radical shift in his own personal Spirituality, he has been helping individual clients, a few pets, and groups to tap into the wisdom from the Archangels and transitioned soul energy.  His clients have experienced physical, mental, and emotional healing leading to an increase in joy, peace, tranquility, happiness, and all over wellness.

Believing there is so much beyond "The Secret", an avid follower of Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, and so many other teachers, Pete has taken the knowledge and intuition from mentors on this Earthly plain and from the higher realms to bring radical Love to this world.  His Spiritual connection combined with his voracious appetite in studying quantum physics and his degree in Mathematics has given him a view of the world that makes his teachings relevant and timely.

If you are reading this then you are ready to evolve past the time/space three-dimensional living that you have been told if life. You are a multi-dimensional, timeless, essential part of the Divine nature of the Universe.

There are always new levels of wisdom available with the Angelic world and Pete strives to keep his courses fresh and up to date. His new understanding is that the Angels are here to help us with empowerment through our own authenticity.

Pete is currently obtaining a Masters in Religious Studies.  He plans on following this with a degree in Law and Doctorate in Theology.

Believing this world is starving for leaders, he has taken on the role of mentor to teach and heal a world in pain and suffering.  

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