Angel Investor Supercharger: Speed Up Your Investor Funding

If you are ready for angel funding then this will show you some key ways to increase the speed of your investor funding
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Give you tips and techniques for speeding up your Angel funding
Expedite your fund raising


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Ready for angel funding?

This course will give you some tried and tested tips and techniques for speeding up your angel investor funding. 

I would write a lot more justifications but really...that second bolded sentence is exactly what this is all about so enough with the copywriting 'fluff' already....

And for a short time, its free, so what are you waiting for?

Who this course is for:

  • startup founders
  • entrepreneurs
  • business builders

Course content

3 sections5 lectures3h 22m total length
  • Angel Investor Supercharger: Part 1
  • Angel Investor Supercharger: Part 1 Audio


Helping Entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses
Andrew D. Ive
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The first time Andrew went out to raise money for his first product idea, he burnt through months, making every mistake it was possible to make, trying to get investors to say "Yes" while working 18 hour days to pay the bills. It really wasn't very pretty...

After falling on his face over and over, Andrew managed to get six guys to back him and give him his first $250K. Since that fateful day, Andrew has raised over $20M of funds but his real passion has been helping entrepreneurs and companies start cool companies and to lock in funding.

In fact, during a four year project in the United Kingdom, Andrew helped the UK Government, by working alongside other funding leaders as part of the Investment Taskforce focused on creating a better new Business Start-Up environment.

Selected from over 2000 entrepreneurial candidates applying through the Financial Times, Andrew joined the Department of Trade and Industries’ Board of the Small Business Council and the Investment Task Force. While sitting on the board and working with many entrepreneurs, Andrew began to realize that some great businesses and their founders were failing not because there wasn't enough investors, but because they, the entrepreneurs weren't ‘investment ready’. They just didn't know 'how' to make themselves ready to have an investor back them....

Frustrated that good young businesses were hitting funding obstacles that these Start-ups were hitting the wall – Andrew set out to work with start-up founders to solve this issue and began The Funding Guru blog (Creators of Funding Academy) to deliver the resources to help start-up founders get ready for funding and to execute their vision for their life changing start-ups.

Although Andrew is a Harvard MBA – Andrew is far from being an academic, bringing real world start-up and fund raising experience to his coaching, his webinars and tools – all with one mission to helping start-up founders launch visionary, business building, job creating companies.

Reach out if Andrew can help you.