The Cyber Security Series: Introduction to Android Security

Introduction to android phones and security
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Individuals who use Android devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and want to learn how to secure their devices and protect their data.
Beginner-level Android users who want to learn about Android security.
Anyone interested in gaining a basic understanding of the Android operating system's security features and threats.
Individuals interested in learning best practices for protecting their online accounts and passwords on Android devices.
Developers of mobile apps who want to learn about secure app development practices and how to protect user data in their apps.
IT professionals in charge of Android device management in their organizations who want to learn about Android Enterprise security features and best practices.


  • learners should have a basic understanding of how to use an Android device, such as navigating menus, installing apps, and changing settings. Familiarity with basic security concepts, such as passwords and encryption, would also be helpful, but not required.


This beginner-friendly Udemy course on Android Security will teach you how to secure your Android device and protect your data from common security threats. The course covers the basics of Android security, including the operating system's security features, the importance of securing Android devices, and the common security threats faced by Android users.

You will learn how to set up a secure lock screen, configure device security settings, install and update security apps, back up and encrypt data, and protect your online accounts and passwords. The course will also cover app-specific security settings, permissions, and best practices for developing secure apps.

The course is designed for learners who use Android devices, such as smartphones or tablets and want to understand Android security. No prior knowledge of Android security or mobile app development is required. The course assumes that learners have a basic understanding of how to use an Android device.

By the end of the course, learners will have a solid foundation in Android security and will be able to take steps to secure their Android devices and protect their data from common security threats. Additionally, learners will have gained knowledge on advanced topics such as Android Enterprise security features, secure app development, and emerging threats in Android security.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who uses android phones for their everyday activities.


Abdurraheem Abdulfattah
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Abdurraheem Abdulfattah is a Cyber Security Practitioner and has 6 years learning experience in Cyber Security. He has worked with some of the top cyber security professionals in his learning years and has amassed a large amount of knowledge in the field of cyber security. His goal is to learn Cyber Security and share his knowledge with the world in easy, simple and comprehensive ways.

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