Android app development: fixing bugs before creating them

Correction of frequent malfunctions in android development
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Solve well-known bugs in android development
Looking for solutions to non-trivial bugs
Understand why LogCat is confusing when solving bugs
Develop your own algorithm to solve bugs


  • Know the Kotlin language, have basic knowledge in android development


I am pleased to welcome you to my course, which is dedicated to solving common problems on android.

What is this course about?

In the process of application development, very often you may encounter a problem and not find a solution for a long time, despite many articles and the StackOverFlow website. This can happen because you don't have enough experience in development and therefore can't see the big picture. Or because you have never encountered such a problem and have no idea how to handle it. It also happens sometimes that the error description in LogCat is not correct and confuses the programmer instead of helping him/her. Let's deal with these cases further on.

This course can be compared to the troubleshooting section in the manual of some devices. This section describes solutions to common problems.

We will solve such problems by simple examples with a few lines of code. Because complex examples can be confusing on their own.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course will be useful for intermediate-level android developers. Beginner developers who have no experience at all will probably not be able to take it. You're better off taking the beginner's course and then coming back to this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Middle Android Developer


senior android developer
Leonid Ivankin
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I wanted to be a programmer when I first saw a computer 25 years ago. Then it was old computers running MS-DOS and the recently released Windows 95. Unfortunately, fate decreed that after university I did not work as a programmer, as I wanted. However, I always dreamed of becoming a programmer, and as a result, I became one.

I became involved in android development, because I was struck and still is struck by the number of people who use devices with this operating system. I also like the fact that you see the result of your work every day and can show it to your family and friends. You can open the app and say, " Look! I did it!"

I try to constantly expand my horizons of android development and around it. Every day I read documents, articles, books. I was involved in the internal accelerator to understand how everything works on the outside. I follow the principle: either I don't take the job, but if I take it, I will finish it, no matter what it takes. I really appreciate the good relations in the team.

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Skills/Interests: java, kotlin, junit, android sdk, git, sqlite, design patterns, material design, rxJava, retrofit, mvp, mvvm, mvi, moxy, dependency injection, dagger, jni, firebase, room, android jetpack, SOLID, compose

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