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Yoga is not only physical exercise but a complete set of tools for the all-round development of ones personality.
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understand what yoga is and how it works
make conscious choices about what to do and what not to do
explore the mind and make use of its potentialities
lead a life with harmony and fulfillment
involve in social projects and service
acknokledge several social change actors and best practices in the community


  • There are no prerequisites in this course.
  • The more you dwell in this course and the more you may feel inspired to know more about yoga and its effects on society


Yoga is very popular today. You will find answers in this course beyond the physical exercises or the relaxation which yoga is normally associated with.

The course is structured in 7 sections which make the journey as short as 2 days and as long as you want. We advise you to take it slowly and meditate at each step. There are plenty resources that may give you room for expanding your horizons and fulfill your expectations. In Yoga there is no competition, no pain and no stress.

In the First Section you will find an historical introduction to Yoga and its modern interpretation given by Ananda Marga school of Yoga and Way of Life.

In the Second Section we enter into the main characteristics of spirituality associated with Tantra Yoga.

In the Third Section we pass through the system of cardinal principles which constitute the moral foundation of Yoga.

In the Fourth Section we examine the 8 steps of Astaunga Yoga.

In the Fifth Section we open to the social outlook through the philosophy of neo-humanism and neohumanist education.

In the Sixth Section we expand the social Philosophy of PROUT - Progressive Utilization Theory

And in the Seventh and last section we consider the social service that is done by Ananda Marga globally through its different departments and related welfare projects.

The course is structured for giving you a very broad perspective. You are free to get deeper in any of the Sections according to your personal interest. Eventually we hope you will get in direct contact with Ananda Marga in its multifarious endeavor to bring welfare and upliftment to all.

May you enjoy the universal peace and advance on the spiritual path towards the supreme desideratum.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody can take the course including those who don't know what yoga is
  • For social activists it will be important to consier the internal aspects of yoga which allow better mental stability, Physical equilibrium and vision in society
  • For the practicioners of yoga thet will expand their horizons to cover those social aspects that normally are considered separate from yoga ... and they are not!


Public Relations Secretary at Ananda Marga
Ac. Avt.
  • 3.2 Instructor Rating
  • 118 Reviews
  • 13,457 Students
  • 1 Course

Dada Vimaleshananda learned meditation with Ananda Marga in 1986 and since then he has practiced the way of Tantra and Tantra Yoga in different continents.

Originally from Europe he graduated in the Intuitional School of Ydrefors, Sweden in 1993 after two years of intensive theoretical and practical training.

In India he met hi Master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti who have inspired him to become an Acarya or spiritual teacher of Ananda Marga.

In South America he traveled extensively in remote areas where he brought spirituality to all people that were waiting for the inner call.

In Haiti he opened a school for poor children.

In North America he has taught meditation and yoga inspiring people to become active in society against all odds and obstacles.

At present in Los Altos Hills he took the initiative for this course of Rajadhiraja Yoga which is a short break in his traveler journey on this planet.

Dada Diiptimanananda
  • 3.2 Instructor Rating
  • 118 Reviews
  • 13,457 Students
  • 1 Course

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