‘An Intro to the Vedas and 10 Upanishads’ by Tavamithram

Rise above fears, anxiety, and superstition - Study VEDANTA
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Acquire a fundamental Knowledge of the Vedas and 10 main Upanishads.
Learn to rise above fears, anxiety, and superstition through a basic comprehension of VEDANTA.
Learn to be free from superstition or unsubstantiated, blind and irrational beliefs.
Gain a firm foundation in Advaita Vedanta or Advaita Vignyaana - nondualistic knowledge
Comprehend the true 'god concept' in Vedanta, which is of the All-pervading Supreme Brahman.


  • An open mind, a deep desire to learn about life and existence, and a fairly good knowledge of the English language.
  • A mind that is free from bondages of any kind of organised religion that would prevent them from acquiring knowledge.


In order to learn an organised religion, you need to read one or more of its prime scriptures, learn the dos and don’ts by heart, make up your mind to blindly believe in one or more theistic beings, and pledge your allegiance to the religion and your obedience to the clergy.

On the other hand, all that a person who intends to study the Vedas needs is an open heart, mind and soul. The journey through the Vedas is spiritual and intellectual, which takes a seeker through the different stages, right from the early learning stages to that of being a Self-realised person. The ultimate goal is Self-realisation.

However, due to various reasons, in the name of religion, devotion, and spirituality, different kinds of practices have emerged over a large period of time. These have succeeded in leading seekers far away from the Vedas, of which, the Upanishads are the summit and contain the core non-dualistic philosophy.

It is quite natural for people who decide to study the Vedas and Vedanta to consider taking lessons from great teachers. However, in the busy lives that people lead these days, finding the time or even the right teacher becomes a major stumbling block.

This programme is aimed at enabling seekers to acquire an overview of the non-dualistic philosophy, the Vedic and Upanishadic 'god concept,' the greatness and advanced way of thinking of ancient sages of the Vedic and later periods, and to take the first step towards comprehending their own innate Divinity.

I wish you a spiritually enriching and enjoyable journey through this short programme.

Jai Shri Krishna.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone, particularly free-thinking seekers.
  • Those who seek logical and rational answers instead of blindly believing myths that have been dished out to them by society.
  • Those who are ready to be fascinated by the tremendous amount of knowledge and advanced thinking that great people of the ancient Vedic period possessed.
  • People who have a pragmatic and scientific approach towards life and everything else in life.
  • Seekers who are greatly interested in studying the Vedas but dot have sufficient time or the possibility to do it.


Life is a Gift - Live it Responsibly
Tavamithram Sarvada
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An avid seeker and ardent lover of Life, People, Children, Animals, and the whole of Nature.

As a person who has been blessed with a highly eventful and colourful life with multiple visits to the edge of life due to major injuries, and one who has had the opportunity to study multiple languages, the subject of philosophy, religious scriptures of major religions of the world, and numerous people from different walks of life and backgrounds, I celebrate every moment of the greatest wonder called LIFE.

I consider it my Karmic duty to share with others my secrets to acquiring instantaneous peace of mind and happiness and teaching people Vedanta in a way that is easy to comprehend, imbibe and apply in one's own life.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, and let us strive to make the best of it and create a bright, wonderful, enriching and fulfilling future.

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