An Introduction to Data Science

Visualize and Play with data, try to handle data efficiently..
Rating: 3.4 out of 5 (29 ratings)
2,177 students
An Introduction to Data Science
Rating: 3.4 out of 5 (29 ratings)
2,177 students
Data Science and its History
Road map or procedure to master data science and become a data scientist.
It’s requirements and application in various fields
Difference Between Noise and Real Data
How to become expert in data science .
what are the skills required to be data scientist.


  • no prior knowledge about Data Science is required
  • willingness to learn new

# This course focuses on the  fundamental aspects Data Science.

Which is developing  field  &  also the future of Artificial Intelligence.

you will also get to know :

# Basic concepts like noise vs data and different types of graphs to represent data.

# All you need to know to master data science and get your dream job.

# The course content is based on Research and its real.

# The upcoming courses will be based on relevant topics for which this will be prerequisite.

# So complete this course and stay connected to me to get info about upcoming courses.

& this will help you to boost up your career.....

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is curious about data science.
  • Students in field of data science.
  • Data experts to master their skills and become data scientist .
  • Anyone who is willing to learn can join.
Course content
6 sections • 6 lectures • 43m total length
  • Introduction
  • Data Science and its History
  • data quiz wiz 1
    2 questions
  • The Road
  • data quiz-wiz 3
    2 questions
  • Noise n data
  • data quiz-wiz 4
    1 question
  • Data wizard
  • data quiz wiz 5
    1 question
  • Working with database
    1 question
  • The Expert
  • data quiz wiz final
    4 questions

Currently pursuing Btech in CS-DS from Medi-Caps University.
Kumar Rajmani Bapat
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Hello World.....

I am Quick learner ,coder,singer,chess player and i am curious about data science .

my field of specialization is currently data science.

wanna learn some concepts of programming and go deep in python and machine learning later on.

I also want to teach what i learn to all.

as i greatly believe sharing is caring.