Amplify your shading skills

Excellent techniques to become better at shading
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After completing this course, students will gain confidence with their shading abilities.


  • This is an excellent course for beginning and intermediate artists.
  • You will need the following materials: color pencils, pencils, pen, paper, eraser, and ruler.


This course is designed to instantly improve your shading abilities. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to apply these techniques to your original works of art! These projects have helped thousands of my students build confidence with their shading and drawing abilities. Thank you for signing up for this course! I look forward to hearing about your success! 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for students who love art and are motivated to improve their artistic skills.

Course content

1 section12 lectures56m total length
  • Hello and welcome!
  • Color Pencil Value Scale
  • Pencil Shading Value Scale
  • Crosshatch Value Scale: Ink
  • Shading Swirl Project: Using shading to create depth
  • Shading Swirl: Shading from dark to light
  • Shading Swirl Project with Spheres
  • 3-D Hand Shading Project
  • Spiderweb Shading Project
  • Spiderweb Shading Project: Details
  • KB Scribble Project
  • Thank you!


Working artist and art instructor
Kent Byers
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As an artist, I am passionate about helping other artists find their creative voice. As a working artist and instructor, I have a bachelor’s degree in studio art and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Sam Houston State University. 

Teaching art and helping students elevate their artistic skills, has given me great joy for the past fifteen years.  Working in public education has helped me encourage thousands of students to pursue their passion for art.  

My goal is to encourage students of all ages around the world to create and fall in love with making art! 

Get to know me on Instagram @KentByersArt 

I am excited for you to join our art community!