Amazon Kindle ebook Publishing - Using a Virtual Assistant

Learn the Secret to Scaling Your kindle Income and Putting it on Autopilot
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You will gain the fundamentals of knowing how to maintain a Kindle Publishing business with Virtual Assistants doing most of the work
You will finally have more time for your family and other business interests. Gone are the days of review swapping and republishing books
No more relying on hacks, this course is about creating consistent workflow


  • You will have to know the basics of publishing, perhaps take some courses, make your first dollar and come back to it
  • If you have a computer and know how to follow step by step instructions, this course is for you


This course is a quick start guide on how to obtain your general virtual assistant that will assist you in your kindle publishing business that will in turn, scale your profit massively whilst giving you more time to concentrate on other important things.

This course will teach you why you need a virtual assistant in today's kindle publishing world

This course will take about 40 mins watch from start to finish

You should take this course because you need someone to hold your hand through the process. I have been using virtual assistants for years and years, so I know exactly how to deal with them in an efficient manor

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for the Kindle Publisher who has the winning formula to making money, this course will allow them to scale and boost their income dramatically
  • This course isn’t for people who haven’t made any money yet with Kindle.
  • This course is only for the serious people who treat this as a business.

Course content

3 sections13 lectures40m total length
  • Introduction - Who am I and why I made this Course?
  • What to do if you don't think you are ready for a virtual assistant
  • The Ultimate GVA Structure using Mind Mapping


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Work for Yourself, Make Money Online, and Generate Passive Income!

Phil recently left behind the 9-5 grind for a remote lifestyle kind of living he has been working for quite some time

He works primarily in Kindle publishing along side virtual assistants tp help build up his empire

Phil has always been addicted to self help and will not give up his high ambitious goals