Amazon FBA The Ultimate Private Label Business Opportunity
5.0 (3 ratings)
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Amazon FBA The Ultimate Private Label Business Opportunity

Earn your freedom with Amazon FBA. Learn how to build & scale your own private label products from anywhere in the world
5.0 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
10 students enrolled
Created by Nick Williams
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Learn the exact strategies we use to build and sell private label brands on Amazon.
  • See exactly how we've used the Amazon FBA business model to quit our 9 - 5 jobs, we've been working for ourselves ever since.
  • Learn the power of brand building, we reveal the exact formulae we follow when building private label brands on Amazon.
  • Find profitable, low competition products that are perfect for Amazon FBA beginners.
  • Learn how we find trustworthy suppliers from all over the world.
  • Negotiation Tactics we use to build long term relationships with all the Suppliers we work with.
  • If you decide to sell overseas, we'll teach you how to save money against Amazon's conversion rates.
  • High level Amazon strategies to help you dominate on the Amazon platform.
  • How to build and scale Amazon businesses to sell for a 7 Figure Pay day.
  • Learn how to find and qualify potential markets, you'll also learn how to make your products stand out from your competition.
  • How to launch an Amazon FBA Business from anywhere in the world.
  • How to build keyword rich listings designed to persuade customers to purchase your products over the competition.
  • The importance of selling safe, certificated products that keep your Amazon account in good standing.
  • How to build relationships with your customers and build a business you can continue to grow away from the Amazon platform.
  • Learn the strategies we use to launch products onto page one for our chosen keywords.
  • Learn how we encourage positive reviews without going against Amazon's Terms Of Service.
  • By taking this course you'll have a solid understanding of everything we've learnt as full time Amazon FBA sellers.
  • No experience or existing knowledge is required.
  • You will need work ethic, access to a computer and of course the internet.

5 Years ago i was stuck in a 9 - 5 job, wondering what i was going to do with my life.

I'd finished university and gone straight into full time work, it wasn't all bad but i was obsessed with the thought of having my own business.

I got together with my now business partners (Sam & Ed) and we started brainstorming...

Our first business venture was a giant fail, we'd spent our evenings and weekends working on a business that lost money in the first year.

It didn't work out but we had no regrets... We decided there and then that whatever it took we wouldn't stop until we were working for ourselves.

Soon after this first failure we found the Amazon FBA (Private Label) business model.

It might sound cliche but it literally changed our lives, there is no doubt about that.

We wasted no time and within three months we'd launched our very own product (A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle).

Within weeks of launching we were making $100's a day! All whilst we were working our full time 9 - 5 jobs.

You see that's the beauty of the Amazon FBA business model, they do all the heavy lifting whilst you are off doing whatever you need to do.

It's really simple:

Step 1) Find a profitable product with low levels of competition

Step 2 Build a customer focused brand around that product

Step 3) Find a trustworthy supplier and start building on the relationship

Step 4) The product is sent directly to Amazon's warehouse fulfillment network (FBA stands for fulfilled by Amazon)

Step 5) Launch the product

Step 6) Reinvest the profit & grow your private label brand

You see, we did this whilst all of us were working full time jobs... With the right work ethic you can do it too.

This course will show you exactly how we did it and how we still do it today...

If you want your own freedom, your own private label business, you need to learn from somebody that's actually been through it...

That my friend is where we come in.

We've sold over $2,000,000 worth of products on the Amazon platform.

This course will take you through each step of the process.

But be warned....

This is not some get rich quick scheme.

You are going to have to be willing to put in the work.

We aren't interested in building short-term businesses by breaking the rules.

We are interested in building real businesses by sticking to the rules...

If you are looking for a course to help you break the rules and Amazon's terms of service... you are in the wrong place.

However, if you are willing to be patient & put in the hard work we can certainly help you.

This course will teach you how to build a valuable long term asset without breaking the rules.

If this sounds like something you are interested in get enrolled so we can get to work.

I'll look forward to seeing you on the inside.


eBusiness Boss

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or associated with Amazon in anyway. Note that Amazon have not endorsed this course. This course has been created to pass on the experience we have gained by selling on the platform for over 5 years. All companies and products mentioned are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of the rightful legal owners.

We have no affiliation or endorsements from these companies (unless we have mentioned this in the course). The course content should not be construed as legal or financial advice in any way. Please do your due diligence before you decide to invest any of your hard earned money. As with any business venture any capital invested will be at risk.

Who this course is for:
  • Amazon FBA Beginners
  • Amazon FBA Intermediates
  • Advanced Amazon FBA Sellers
  • Entrepreneurs that are fed up with the 9 - 5 grind
  • People looking to build a business they can operate from anywhere in the world
  • Motivated people that want to take their freedom by working for themselves
  • People interested in building an income generating asset that they could sell later on
  • Hard working people that want to make a living selling on amazon full time
  • Beginner sellers looking to build a real private label brand on and off Amazon
  • Students that want to build a brand of private label products
Course content
Expand all 44 lectures 08:45:10
+ Building Blocks
2 lectures 43:28

This introduction section will set the foundations for this course. Carefully go through the video, make notes and then download the PDF to ensure you fully digest the information. Before you proceed to module 2, make sure you've worked through the key points at the end of the section.

Within the resources section you can find the full course slides, please download these so you can make notes and follow through each lecture. Those that do are far more likely to find success.

Preview 43:14

Throughout the course I've referred to different bits of software or services that we use within our business. I've managed to secure discounts for you so make sure you use these rather than paying full price.

Lets get into the good stuff.

Useful Tools & Discounts
+ Product Research
14 lectures 02:56:16

Within this section i'll take you through the product selection rules we live by. Before you jump into any of our product research methods, it's important for you to understand the mindset behind it.

Product Selection Rules

This article will provide you with more information on the product selection rules we follow. Remember just use these as a guide, what works for us might not work for you!

Full Article On Product Selection Rules

This is a great method for finding product opportunities in any category. You can download the blackbox slides below. Remember to save money on Helium 10 use EBOSS10 for 10% off for life or EBOSS50 for 50% Off your first month!

Preview 15:06

This is the keyword market method. By using this strategy we can quickly find markets that might be worth exploring. Remember to save money on Helium 10 use EBOSS10 for 10% off for life or EBOSS50 for 50% Off your first month!

BlackBox - Method 2

This is the method we use to find underserved product markets on Amazon. These products are doing insane numbers but with terrible reviews! With this information we have a chance to dominate the market. Remember to save money on Helium 10 use EBOSS10 for 10% off for life or EBOSS50 for 50% Off your first month!

BlackBox - Method 3

This is a product research method that not a lot of other sellers think about. I've used this strategy many times to help inspire winning product sourcing decisions. It's amazing how many potential products could be right under your nose!

Products Not Many People Look At

Well, this is one of my favorite methods... It really can help you to take your product offering to the next level. This is a strategy that i was excited to share with you all.

The Bundle Hunter Method

This section will help you understand some of the key points you need to think about when it comes to finalizing your product research. Now before you decide on a product i'd fully recommend you using the product research spreadsheet tutorial in a later section. We even provide you with the exact spreadsheet we use...

Qualifying Product Ideas

This is a game changing mindset, a lot of people don't realize the power of the data we all have access to. This section & the following section will help you take your product choices to another level.

Preview 13:55

This is how you build a long term product offering. Copy cat products can work but they won't work forever, ask yourself this question... What extra value are you bringing to the customer?

How To Improve A Product Offering

This section will show you how to take your product research to the next level.

In the resources section you can and should download the exact spreadsheet we use to work through our product research.

For this method we use Helium 10's suite of tools. In the video Sam explains which tool we use for each part within the last tab on the sheet.

Helium 10 Coupons: EBOSS50 for 50% off your first month
                                  EBOSS10 for 10% off every month for life

Preview 20:58

This is an important section, i don't want you to make the same mistake we made early on... It cost us a lot of money. I'll explain what happened to us in more detail within the bonus section of this course.

Trademarks & Patents

This is an important section and again it is something that a lot of sellers and Amazon Guru's avoid talking about. We don't think that's fair, it's important for you to full understand the risks you might be taking.


Take note of these action points, although before you go ahead and complete your product research i'd like you to finish the branding section! This is simply because i believe this section will change your product selection decisions.

Module 2 - Key Points
+ Module 3: Finding Suppliers
9 lectures 01:16:51

In this lecture i'll explain everything you need to know about finding suppliers in the Far East. I have over 5 years worth of experience in this area and i think you'll find a lot of these strategies useful.

Also please remember to read the MOQ article in the resources section!

Finding Suppliers In The Far East & Beyond

In this section i share best practices when it comes to samples and inspections. This can be a very important part of the product sourcing process. When we started out we didn't know a lot of what you are going to learn in this section.

Samples & Inspections

This is another important section, finding product opportunities is great but that's only half of the battle...

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping, Barcodes & Creating Listings

We want you to fully understand the shipment creation process. This lecture will give you an overview and in the next we will show you exactly how we set up shipments inside our Amazon seller central account.

Shipment Creation Overview

In this tutorial Ed walks you through exactly how we set up a shipment for private label goods. This shipment was set up within one of our European Amazon Seller Central Accounts. Amazon often move things around so use this video as a guide and if you get stuck reach out to Amazon seller support.

How To Create A Shipment Inside Amazon Seller Central

In the past suppliers have arranged the shipping side of things for us but you don't have to rely on them. By using the resource mentioned in this section you can ensure you are getting the most competitive quote.

How To Get Competitive Shipping Quotes

When i found out about the tactic i was shocked, i had no idea that with a few clicks of a button somebody could find out which supplier your were working with. This of course has some strong benefits.

Preview 08:44

You don't have to work with suppliers in the far east.... Some sellers prefer to work with suppliers that are based in their own country. We do both and each option has benefits. The certification side of things is certainly easier when working with suppliers that are based in the country you want to sell within... But on the cost side of things it can be difficult for these suppliers to compete with the pricing levels China has to offer.

How To Find Suppliers In The US & Beyond

Finish module 3 with these key points.

Module 3 - Key Points
+ Module 4: The Power Of Branding
7 lectures 01:44:48

As mentioned earlier i'd like you to finish this module before you finalize your product research. In my opinion the power of private label lies within the power of your branding expertise. Amazon FBA isn't what it used to be, if you want to succeed long term it's very important for you to understand these principles.

The Power Of Branding

In this section i teach you everything i know about Facebook Ad targeting, you can use this method with product launches or simply for the purpose of driving traffic and full priced sales!

Preview 19:24

This article will run you through everything you need to know about the different product packaging types. In the resources section i have left a link to a freelancer you could use to help with Product packaging design.

Amazon Product Packaging Guide

Feedback Whiz Discount Coupon: EBOSS50 - Use the link within the resources to also sign up to the free trial.

To see how we set up Feedback Whiz, read the article within the resources section.

I'd also advise watching the "Why we moved to Feedback Whiz" video.

You can also find the eBook freelancer i mentioned within the external resources below.

Customer Service

When it comes to images on Amazon we follow a very strict checklist. After years of selling on the Amazon platform we understand the importance of your images. Follow these steps and use the resources i provide to compete with the best of the best on Amazon.

Amazon Image Checklist

This isn't spoken about enough... If you want to succeed in the long term you need to embrace this mindset. In this lecture i talk to you about the power of building a community.

Focus on cultivating a community of people that you can serve with valuable products.

Building A Community

Finish module 4 with these key points.

Module 4 - Key Points
+ Module 5: Marketing
6 lectures 01:14:34

Welcome to module 5! It's very important for you to watch the two YouTube videos i direct you to within this section. I'm going to teach you how to do your Keyword Research & How you can build the perfect Amazon listing.

Helium 10 Coupons: EBOSS50 = 50% Off the first month    EBOSS10 = 10% Off every month (For Life)

PS Make sure you download the keyword research spreadsheet in the resources below. This is the exact sheet we use for our Master keyword spreadsheet!

Preview 13:33

This is not a method i see many people talking about. In this video i show you the exact launch strategy we've been using to great effect over the last 18 months.

Discount Codes: 

Sellertools software 20% off for life: EBOSS20
Sellertools Last Launch Service 15% off: EBOSSLL

How To Launch Products On Amazon

This is an area that a lot of sellers continue to abuse... We are not interested in breaking the rules, we are only interested in building real, long term private label brands. Within this section i explain the tactics we use to ensure we can compete on the Amazon marketplace.

How To Get Reviews Whilst Not Breaking Amazons Terms Of Service

Influencers can play an important role within your Amazon FBA business. Within this section i explain the strategies we use and the platforms we have had the best results from so far.

Everything You Need To Know About Influencers

Amazon PPC is one of our biggest monthly marketing expenses. This section will help you understand the strategies we use when running PPC. Make sure you watch the video and read the articles i refer to in this section.

Amazon PPC

Well done, you are now at the end of Module 5. Make sure you take action on the key points I've mentioned.

Module 5 - Key Points
+ Module 6: Strategies To Scale & Exit
5 lectures 44:23

If you are looking to build a serious Amazon business, it's important that you understand the different strategies sellers use to scale their businesses in the right way. Within this section i explain the different options you have and we look at a seller that fully understands these principles.

Preview 15:04

Financial management is a very important part of any business. Amazon make it fairly difficult to see a clear financial overview of your business, the tool i talk about in this video helps us get around that issue.

Financial Management

We've put together this review article to run you through the different tools Sellerboard has to offer. You can also find a link to our review video in the resources section below.

If you decide to use it remember that you can get a 2 month trial instead of the stand 1 month trial, simply use the link at the end of the article.

The Tool We Use To Manage Cashflow

This section will be useful for anyone that's looking to build a business that runs like clockwork.

The two books i recommend in the video are:

1) Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz

2) Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

PS Yes i still struggle to pronounce his last name.

Outsourcing & Automation

A lot of people don't realize the true value of an Amazon business, this video demonstrates just how valuable these businesses can become. I also talk through the different tactics you can employ to increases the value of your Amazon business from day 1.

Preview 12:41