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Find Highly Profitable Amazon Private Label Products With High Demand And Low Competition Using Helium 10
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Amazon FBA Private Label Product Research
Amazon FBA Product Research
Amazon Product Research
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Helium 10 Product Research
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  • Basic Knowledge Of Urdu


In this 100% FREE Amazon FBA private label product research course, I teach you how to find profitable, high demand, and low competition products on Amazon with the help of Helium 10 set of tools. Insanely helpful for FBA private label products.

This course was translated from English to Urdu (اُردُو) by my friend and partner Shefa Idrees, I hope you'll enjoy our collaboration! If you are looking for the English version, please check out my profile (Vova) and find the course there. Thank you a lot!

You'll discover how to find great products to sell on Amazon with a variety of less know product research methods. You'll also learn how to validate the products you'll find based on real data and winning criteria.

This course is great for people who are looking to start an Amazon PL (private label) business. It is also great for people who are already selling and want to find unheard of ideas for new products. Also, virtual assistants from all around the world can use the techniques from this course to help them hunt for winning products.

Please invest your time to go through the course, I did my sincere best for you. I truly believe that this course will help you with your Amazon FBA game. Once you go through it, I'd appreciate it if you can rate it, based on your true experience.

Thank you!


P.S - Come, join the course now, let me help you find some winning products on Amazon and change your life for the better. See you on the other side, peace!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Amazon Sellers
  • Advanced Amazon Sellers
  • People Who Want To Start Selling On Amazon


Amazon Seller
Vova Even
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Hi, my name is Vova! I am a seller on Amazon US (Private Label). I started in late 2016 and still in the trenches. I also run a YouTube channel dedicated to selling on Amazon FBA.

I started my business while working as a coastal lifeguard and developed it during my work, these were awesome and very challenging moments of my life.

Now I live off Amazon FBA and my YouTube channel, where I also sell products as an affiliate marketer. I am a giver by nature and love helping others, I hope to help you and enhance/enlighten your journey! 

Amazon FBA Instructor | Content Writer | Youtuber
Shefa Idrees
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Hi everyone, like y'all I've pursued a normal lifestyle, went to school, and entered graduation. My life changed on a fortunate day in mid-2016 when I stumbled upon a book by Robert Kiyosaki, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." The key concept of this book was how to utilize money as a tool to develop wealth. It disapproved of the notion that rich people are born rich.

It changed my perspective towards life. I decided that I would not live an ordinary life; I decided to change and do it from that very day. I undertook a variety of training courses, did internships, and started working and freelancing. Many of these experiences gave me and still give me great satisfaction, so today, I am a professional writer, researcher, and Amazon FBA instructor backed by an experience of five years.

I have a dedicated YouTube channel to educate my students on making money online by learning Amazon Listing Optimization in Urdu.

My goal is to inspire you to live a life you desire while doing the work you (would) love. The only thing to do is stick to the cycle: study, commit and apply.

I thank you for taking the time to enhance your learning. Please take a look at my Amazon Listing Optimization course; I created it in Urdu so you can learn better and produce quick results.

Enroll now and start changing your life! See you inside the classroom!

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