All About Delirium

How To Identify , Differentiate And Manage Delirium?
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Understanding Delirium
Differentiating Delirium From Other Conditions
Risk Factors Leading To Delirium
Delirium Management
Prevention Of Delirium


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Delirium is an acute confusional state commonly seen in patients admitted to hospitals and care homes. It is the number one cause of mortality in elderly patients. This course is created to raise awareness about Delirium. Recently, there is an increase in the cases of delirium worldwide due to the COVID pandemic. In this course, you will learn that Delirium can be detected easily and is a treatable condition. But the main problem is, it is often missed and ignored in clinical settings because of a lack of staff training and education about this issue. Moreover, in this course, you will learn that Delirium has a wide range of symptoms that may include disorientation, swings in emotion, etc. This short course will help you to understand, detect and manage delirium in your patients, family members, and clients. It will also help you to differentiate Delirium from other clinical conditions like Dementia. This course is created with colorful slides and short stories to make learning simple and easier. It also includes short lectures by Dr. Kay who has tried her best to make this topic less boring and more interesting for the students. Kindly leave your reviews after taking this course . Your reviews will encourage us to create more interesting courses in the future.

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