Algorithms. Development of Programming Logic

Develop your Programming Logic by creating Algorithms
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Creating Algorithms
Developing Programming Logic
How to optimize resources, operations and execution time


  • Basic programming skills


In this Algorithms course you will learn the basics to develop your programming logic. This course will give you a complete tour of all the most basic concepts to learn how to create your own algorithms, thanks to the global vision you will acquire. In fact throughout the course you will learn how to apply each idea to any programming language.

You will learn fundamental programming skills:

  • Elementary Algorithms

  • Development of programming logic

  • Best practices when writing code

  • Optimization of resources, time and operations in an algorithm.

You will also have downloadable didactic material, tips from my +15 years of programming experience and solved exercises so you will understand what logic each algorithm follows and know how to implement it in the language of your choice.

You will learn how to develop from scratch algorithms to solve problems no matter what programming language or technology you use. We will mainly focus on the development logic so that you will be able to transfer the idea to your own development environment. Therefore, no matter what language you use, the contents of these classes will be totally useful for you.

Among the different algorithms that we will see are included the sorting algorithms with a detailed explanation of how they work and each line and element of the code that they have. Did you know that in this course we will create a sorting algorithm faster than the famous Bubble Sort, Selection or Insertion????? If you want to know how to create algorithms with optimization and efficiency in mind...this is the ideal course for you.

All concepts are explained in detail, step by step and understanding the why of each thing. This way you will be able to grasp the basics of these programming pillars from the very beginning of your professional development. This course will allow you to expand into any area of software development.

Isn't it great? Well, the best of all is that it is at your fingertips.

Buy the course and enjoy all that is waiting for you.

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Jose Javier Villena

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Jose Javier Villena
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                         Soy un apasionado de la programación en varios lenguajes. Actualmente soy Tutor Premium para CodigoFacilito (canal de programación en castellano con más suscriptores del mundo - 630k), tambien he participado en la Comunidad de Platzi y tengo experiencia como Redactor para Cristalab (portal de artículos escritos sobre tecnología más grande del mundo en español) y además he impartido cursos como tutor en otros canales y plataformas online a nivel mundial, así como también he sido tutor de cursos presenciales en formación supervisada por el Gobierno de España. 

              Tengo más de 15 años de experiencia como analista-programador en diferentes lenguajes (xml, c++, javascript, vbasic, pl/sql, html, css, etc) y sistemas de bases de datos, gestionando la aplicación usada en más de 20 hospitales y centros de Madrid, así como dando soporte en las Terminales del Aeropuerto Internacional de Barajas Adolfo Suarez (MAD). 

          Aparte de la experiencia profesional, siempre me ha gustado estar actualizado y conocer otras tecnologías diferentes a las que use laboralmente, de modo que conozco más lenguajes de programación como java, haskell o swift entre otros. 

                      Me gusta enseñar de forma sencilla, como hubiera querido que me enseñaran a mí. Tengo mi propio canal de youtube con unos 65K suscriptores y me gusta atender sus dudas y peticiones, así que puedes estar seguro de que haré lo mismo en esta plataforma. 

      Espero que disfrutes de mis cursos :) 

José Javier Villena, Analyst-Programmer

I am a passionate person about programming in several languages. Currently I am a Premium Tutor for “CodigoFacilito” (Spanish programming channel with the most subscribers in the world - 630k), I have also participated in the Platzi Community and I have been a writer for “Cristalab” (the world's largest Spanish-language website for tech-related articles) and I have also taught courses as a tutor in other channels and online platforms worldwide, as well as being a tutor for in-person training courses overseen by the Government of Spain.

I have more than 15 years of experience as an analyst-programmer in different languages (xml, c++, javascript, vbasic, pl/sql, html, css, etc) and database systems, handling an application used in more than 20 hospitals and facilities in Madrid, as well as giving support in the Barajas Adolfo Suarez International Airport Terminals (MAD).

In addition to the professional experience, I always like to be updated and get to know other technologies different from the ones I use at work, so I know other programming languages such as java, haskell or swift among others.

I like to teach in a simple manner, as I would have liked others would have taught me. I have my own youtube channel with about 65K subscribers and I like to address their questions and concerns, so you can be assured that I will do the same on this platform.

I hope you enjoy my courses :)