Aikido ABC - Introduction

Introducing the upcoming Aikido ABC courses Vol 1-5
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Aikido ABC - Step by step instruction.
Vol 1. Body preparation.
Vol 2. Basic techniques.
Vol 3. Advanced techniques.
Vol 4. Aiki sword.
Vol 5. Aiki jo.


  • No necessary prerequisite skills needed.
  • Even with a physical handicap you will be able to follow the instructions.
  • In the extension of the Aikido ABC courses I’d recomnend you to join a dojo near you to fully immerse yourself into the teachings.
  • Disclaimer: You will NOT learn a fighting art. Aikido is NOT a combative system.


This is an introduction to a new series of lectures, videos and study material to lay the foundation of Aikido ABC Vol 1-5 from a beginners level to an advanced level. I will cover; background, etiquette, basic and advanced techniques, philosophy, and the Aiki sword and Aiki jo basic system.

This free intro and the following charged courses will supply a complete study and exercise system for you to perform at home and support you in your training in the dojo.

Dear friend,

Thank you for signing up for Aikido ABC - step by step instruction.

Please have patience, I am still working on the course material and will present the five volumes as soon as possible 

Yours Sincerely,

Bjorn Säw

Who this course is for:

  • Youth, men and women from the age of 15.
  • Of course I turn to You first, a beginner interested to learn about Aikido, but I also will address the students or teachers of Aikido or any other Martial Art, to inform and supplement their knowledge and skill.
  • Aikido ABC is looking for You who wants to learn everything Aikido has to offer from the ground up. In a clearly outlined progressive way, step by step all the way to mastery in not too long of a time. My personal guidance will ensure you progress swiftly and correctly without picking up any bad habits. If you are dedicated and follow the instructions you will very soon realise the results in your own body and mind.
  • If you are looking for peace of mind, a healthy body and a great life style, then Aikido ABC is for you. Welcome 🙏
  • The next Course that will be the proper first one will be a lot more precise and professional. So be patient and wait for the paid Aikido ABC beginning course starting soon.

Course content

4 sections7 lectures36m total length
  • Introduction to Aikido ABC
  • What is Aikido?
    3 questions
  • What is Aikido?
    1 question


Aikido ABC and Spiritual ABC - step by step instruction.
Bjorn Säw
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Bjorn Säw Sensei, 5 dan Aikikai, began training traditional Iwama Takemusu Aikido in Sweden for Takeji Tomita Shihan in 1974. After receiving his Shodan black belt in 1989 Bjorn taught as an assistant instructor in Aikido Dojo Stockholm.

He traveled to Japan to further his training under Morihiro Saito Shihan in Iwama and lived as uchi-deshi (live-in apprentice) in OSensei’s Aikido Shuren Dojo and as soto-deshi for a period of two and a half years between 1987 and 1993. While in Japan Bjorn Sensei also practiced Kashima Shinryu sword under Minoru Inaba Sensei in the Shiseikandojo at the Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo. He received his Nidan (1993) from Saito Sensei in Iwama.

In September 2002 he founded Aikido Alive London where he now teach his own development of Takemusu Aikido with an emphasis on incorporating the spiritual understanding of the practice based on a correct understanding of basics and with intent and freedom to explore the living and dynamic relationship that Aikido is. Since Saito Senseis passing away in 2002 Ulf Evenås Shihan has awarded 3rd dan (2005), 4th dan (2009) and 5th dan January 2014 to Bjorn Sensei.

Bjorn was a student of American spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen from 1991 to 2003. With much experience of meditation and spiritual contemplation Bjorn highlights the importance of the spiritual aspects of the art. His spiritual interest being a major influence on his Aikido teaching.

His latest course: ‘Spiritual ABC - step by step instruction. Vol 1-6’, will elucidate six aspects of a fully cognisant spiritual life.

More than just being a 5th Dan black belt teacher of Traditional Aikido, Bjorn Saw Sensei incorporates spiritual understanding into the learning process and teach how to be free in engagement; how to become free in this life. His overreaching teaching-aim is to make us fully aware of our inherent spiritual nature, here and now, and how that will affect every part of our lives.

“To become conscious of our own infinite potential as free human beings requires a one-pointed dedication and a lot of love and compassion.“

Born in Sweden in 1963, Bjorn began a life-long quest to discover the Truth. Based on a revelatory insight he had had as a baby, his passion lead him to pursue spiritual freedom and under the guidance of his teachers found unequaled liberation from his mind and today he endeavours to show simply and directly the intent we need to have in order to realise a real and true perspective that will transform our lives. Finally it is in communion where it all will be revealed, in the unity of our shared essence that will be the evidence of our understanding.