Amazing AI: Music Editing with Deep Learning

Using Deep Learning to split any songs to vocals, drums, bass and other instruments
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How to use Spleeter library to split any song to different parts
How to use Deep Learning for music editing
How to use Google Colab for Python programming


  • Computer with internet connection
  • Python


Deep Learning is used more and more across a variety of industries, and it threatens to disrupt yet another one - the music industry.

So far, there are a lot of different applications on how people use AI in music to get the best possible results - from generating music, lyrics to creating the whole Eurovision songs using this fantastic technology!

In this course, you will learn about another example of how to leverage the full potential of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in the music industry with a few libraries and Python programming language.

You and I will jump in the Google Collab, and in just under 30 minutes, from zero to playable songs go, we will use AI to split any song to its different parts (vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments)!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Music
  • Anyone interested in Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning specialist looking to learn about one more application
  • Students looking to break into Data Science industry, searching for interesting portfolio projects
  • Data Scientists
  • People for Business looking for ideas on how to leverage Machine Learning for their business

Course content

2 sections8 lectures31m total length
  • Introduction
  • Installing dependencies and packages
  • Environment preparation for our project
  • Downloading from YouTube using Python
  • Splitting song to different parts using AI
  • Evaluating results
  • Result for: Artificial Intelligence generated song: Blue Jeans and Bloody tears


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Luka Anicin is the Founder of Scooby AI, which uses AI technology to help job-seekers in the job-searching process. He is an AI Engineer and Partner at BlueLife AI.

He loves education and helping others get the most out of new Data Science and AI technologies. Luka had the pleasure of working with many companies from all over the world and assist them in their AI transformation process.