Agile and digital transformation; agile culture and mindset

Intro to Agile and Digital Transformation. Learn how you can use agile principles to reach your goals and full potential
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What is agile?
What is an agile mindset and agile methodology?
What is an agile culture and how do we lead as leaders?
Why do we strive towards agility?
What is intrinsic motivation and why is it important?
Decision making in agile
Psychological safety - what is it and how can we cultivate it?
Agile leadership


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Hi there, welcome to our course in Agile Transformation.

Our names are Tobias Falkberger and Ida Kjaer, together we have over 20 years of experience working with teams and organizations. For this course, Ida will be your instructor.

Ida is a certified agile coach with ICAgile and works as a Business Agility Coach at one of Norway's largest financial institutions.

As you know agile is quickly becoming the highest priority for businesses across all different industries.

But, what is really agile? What does it mean when someone says that we need to have an agile mindset, agile leadership, and grow an agile culture? How do we work with continuous improvement, decision making, structures, and people in Agile organizations?

  • Anders: "Easily worth an hour of your time. Well structured, easy to follow and insightful on the "invisible" core of agile."

  • Anna: "Excellent course for understanding what Agile Organisations are all about!"

This is what we will learn about in this course. This course is an introduction to agile and it’s a great start not only to your own agile journey but also your organization’s agile journey!

This course is built around the 5 trademarks of an agile organization developed by McKinsey. We dig into each one of these to understand what they mean for your organization.

When you are done with this course you will have a fundamental strong understanding of agile, you’ll be ready to take on new challenges in your organization, and start working with agile principles.

Join us to learn about how agile can help you and your organization to reach your goals. See you on the inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants an introduction to agile
  • Anyone who wants to learn about agile culture and mindsets

Course content

8 sections9 lectures49m total length
  • Introduction to agile, agile culture and agile mindset


Director of People and Culture ⎮ Business Agility Coach
Tobias Falkberger ⎮ Ida Kjaer
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Tobias Falkberger is Director of People and Culture at RiksTV, Norway's most agile company. Tobias has over 12 years of experience with building, leading, coaching, and working with and in agile teams.

As a member of RiksTV's Executive Management team, he is pushing the flywheel, preaching about transparency, collaboration, and growth. Coaching teams and leaders to high performance. Tobias is both a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Ida Kjaer is a Business Agility Coach in Norway's largest financial institution. She has almost 10 years of experience working with teams and organizations.

She is coaching and working with teams and individuals to empower and enable them to meet tomorrow's challenges. Ida is both a certified Agile Coach, Lean Yellow Belt, and Scrum Master.

Together, we have Norway's largest agile podcast, Smidigpodden (Agilepodcast) where we explore and discuss all things agile. We both have extensive experience as course instructors, and as public speakers at conferences.