After Effects for Beginners Complete Intro to After Effects
4.3 (293 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,343 students enrolled

After Effects for Beginners Complete Intro to After Effects

Complete Intro to After Effects - Learn After Effects CC typography and animation
4.3 (293 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,342 students enrolled
Created by Andrew Pach
Last updated 11/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Get curious about After Effects and hungry to learn more
  • Improve the quality of Your videos by adding animations
  • Establish a healthy understanding of motion graphics
  • Use After Effects fluently and understand advanced tutorials
  • Transition from a graphic designer to a graphic design & motion artist
  • After Effects CS5, CS 5.5, CS6, CC, CC2015, CC2017 installed. (You can use a 30-day free trial)
  • Ready to start thinking animation-like to turn graphics into motion
  • Basic knowledge of the Adobe Suite is not mandatory, but welcome
  • Willing to learn animation software

This course will teach you all neccesary & most used After Effects tools, a proper workflow, show you real-life examples of animating and various tricks in the program. Watch the above promo video for detailed explanation. This is your one-stop guidance & shortcut to professional motion graphic design.

  • Project files included, free to use in your own work
  • The [WORKSHOP] section will make sure you stay current and up-to-date with new design trends as I will be adding my tutorials there

In this course I want to teach you everything you need to know to start working in After Effects and becomming a motion graphic artist. We will start with the program interface, going on with keyframing and later creating our first animations. This will be a basic course making a great intro to the motion design world. It doesn't matter if you use After Effects CS6 or After Effects CC (we work on CC 2015, but informations about both are covered).

You don't have to work for Warner Bros right away, but with help of this After Effects course you will be able to prepare simple animations to spice up Your YouTube channel, videos, land more work with clients by expanding your skillset, get creative with your 2D content, be confident that you can use Photoshop / Illustrator files and create animations out of them, produce seamless animations and more.

Some of the things that will be covered during the course:

  • Motion Graphics basics
  • After Effects program layout and basics
  • Working with different types of layers
  • Creating our first few animations
  • Simple kinetic typography to use
  • Real-life examples of lower thirds, logo animations & more
  • Cross-usage between Photoshop / Illustrator
  • How to add effects to our compositions
  • Precomposing, matting, exporting, rendering
  • Tons of often used tricks and keyboard shortcuts
  • ...the list goes on.

Knowing After Effects is a lucrative skill to have which is in demand especially in 2015 / 2016 and ongoing years where video will grow as the most published type of content across the web.

So why & for what is After Effects used actually:

  • Improve video quality,
  • Spice up videos with smooth animations,
  • Industry standard for animating (TV Shows, News, Video content),
  • Enhancing Youtube channels content,
  • ...the list is endless.

This course will kickstart your After Effects journey and you will realize that After Effects is and will be one of the most important tools on the market regarding animation & video editing. I want help you achieve your creative goals, wether it's enhancing your Youtube channel, promoting your business or starting your mograph (motion graphics design) career.

So what are you waiting for...Enroll Now!

Who this course is for:
  • Course Creators, YouTubers, anyone wanting to incorporate animation into videos
  • Graphic designers & Freelancers looking to learn motion graphics and VFX
  • Everyone wanting to start out with animation software
  • Users interested in motion graphics
  • Adobe suite users wanting to learn & work in After Effects
Course content
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+ Let's Roll - Introduction to the course
5 lectures 20:45

With this lesson I want to invite you to the entire After Effects course. We will cover a variety of topics and you should listen on what pace we will advance and how the sections are structured

Preview 02:25

Here you can download the entire projects-package which will help you work along with me in the course

1 page

Let me explain to you - in my words - what actually is Motion Graphics & After Effects. If you already know it just lean back and treat this lesson as a ncie introduction to get you in the motion design mindset and ready to start working in After Effects CS6, CC or any version you have!

Preview 03:33

Compositions, keyframes, compositing, motion, vfx, videography there are a lot of things which will be covered during this course - why not getting a bit familiar with the things we will hear and learn ? After Effects is a wonderful tool but it's also very advanced and has plenty of native tools which we need to discover. This terminology lesson will help you by showing simple examples of the things I teach.

Preview 07:34

Just like Adobe proposes we will follow simple steps to get Your first movie finished! That's awesome, isnt it? You will not learn after effects by completing this lesson but it will break the ice between first time usage and finishing a straihgt up, real-life project on Your own. Watch the lesson and follow the steps taken to kickstart your motion design career :)

Preview 07:13
+ Core Elements - Getting started with After Effects
8 lectures 55:50

One of the most essential things is to familarize Yourself with the interface of the program. Let me guide you through the windows and features you need to know about, sometimes by drawing similarities to Photoshop. After Effects looks difficult at first glance but there is much sense and visibility in it's interface once you get a bit familiar with it.

Preview 11:50

Let me show you how you can perform important tweaks to make your work more effective and faster. After Effects allows us to change up plenty of things inside of it's prefrences.

Preview 08:29

Most of the times you won't work only within After Effects, you will want to import different types of assets into your project. Let me show you the Project window itself and what you can do in it.

Preview 04:55

There is of course to cross-work and connect with other of Adobes software files. The most used files here are of course Photoshop and Illustrator files. Both of these programs allow us to dynamically enhance our workflow. In this lesson I want to show you how to import those files as footage, compositions, editable content depending on what we need.

Preview 06:27

Illustrator files have a different approach when importing to After Effects

Import .AI files properly

Sometimes assets may of course go missing. If they still exist it's of course easy to re-link them back into our After Effects project. Always keep your files close you never know when you do want to get back to an After Effects project you were working in the past.

Relinking missing assets

You will always work on a project inside of a Composition. Compositions are the artboards and canvases in Motion Graphic design. There are different format and options you may chose depending on the output you want to achieve. In the composition settings you set the number of frames, lenght, size and several other parameters essential to Your video production.

Composition settings

In this lesson I will teach you how to prepare a quick title with help of keyframes, track matting, an effect and few other After Effects tricks. You will be most likely not yet prepared to perfom such animations but I want to show you a real life, full scale project and workflow in After Effects and teach you all neccesary elements later which will make it easier for you.

EXERCISE: Prepare a Quick Title with Burn Film Effect

This quick quiz will help you to cement the knowledge you've gained.

Do you recall?
2 questions
+ Workflow - Essential tools & practices
11 lectures 01:02:45

Most of the work regarding how long a layer stays visible or what animations are going on with keyframes is prepared on the timeline. The timeline is one of the most important parts in video animation & editing and should be explained with detail.

The Timeline - Pt. 1

Everything we are going to do in After Effects will include working around the timeline, so we should get a good overwiev of it.

The Timeline - Pt. 2

Each layer in After Effects has it's own options, possibilities, and tools. Those options are called properties and with them you can achieve neraly anything with your layers. You can add elements, resize, add strokes, all depending on what you are editing. Properties are an integral part of the After Effects workflow


An essential function inside of after effects is the possibility to group objects, nest compositions and precompose several layers into one (new) compositoin. This frees up our working area, separates files from each other and allows us to combine elements and apply effects to them in bulk.


With this essential tutorial I want to teach you what does the Region of Interest in After Effects do and what can we use it for. With help of that I will show you how to adjust the size of your current composition to perfectly fit the objects you have in them. Often you do want to set keyframes on composition in order to be able to place things inside those comps so they do not get changed.

Crop Composition to any size with Region of Interest

Keyframes and interpolation are terms which you will be familiar in your daily workflow in After Effects. Learn how to use keyframes and what actually are keyframes in this lecture

Keyframing & Interpolation

In this lecture we will go for an example project so you can try and complete one of Your first animations.

Keyframes in action - Create a simple transition

Parenting is an option which allows you to work on multiple footage assets or layers at one time. You can decide which layer is the "parent" of another layer and any change made to this layer will also affect the child


Every animation needs to be previewed before you advance to the next section. There are times when you need to review your entire concept every time you change a few frames. The Preview panel gives you the opportunity to watch your work before it goes to the final render. Make use of this great After Effects tool to know exactly how the end result will look like.


Rendering allows us to output the final video and watch the movie we have created on our pc. There are several options and possibilities to render movies and in this lecture I would like to show you the key things you should get away before starting to Render in After Effects.


In this exercise I want to teach you how to prepare a qucik and simple Logo intro in AE ! :)

Preview 05:51

Once again finish this short quiz to remember the things you've learned

Quick questions to refresh your mind
2 questions
+ Shape Layers
8 lectures 46:06

Text layers are essential to any composition or animation we will be doing. Text layers can contain fonts but they also can be changed to shape layers which is very convenient if you want to open the project on a computer which don't have this particular font installed.

Creating Text layers

Each composition probably will need a background to work on, and in most cases we can use a solid for that purpose. In this lecture I will guide you through the creation of solid layers for our backgrounds to have something to work on.

Creating Solid layers

Creating and editing shape layers is very important to the After Effects workflow. In After Effects CC 2015 and in the older versions you are able to edit, delete, and add properties to shape layers.

Creating Shape Layers

You can add, remove, rearrange properties within a Shape Layer. You must remember that properties are separate options for a layer and they can be freely changed and removed within After Effects. Make use of this knowledge to adjust Your layers and comps.

Shape Layers - Rearranging and adding properties

Masks just like in Photoshop allow use to hide or reveal certain things between each other. Let me show you essential mask usage in Adobe After Effects.

Masks & Masking

Blending modes are important to understand because often you want to composit several layers over each other with different kinds of effects between them. Blending modes allow us to achieve some of tose mixing and blending with one click so it's good to know about it.

Blending Modes

The Track Matte allows us similar to masking reveal alpha (if something has an alpha channel) or luma (if something is solid coloured) channels. Let us explore the different kinds of Track Matte options for optimal usage.

Track Mattes

Quick fun project to make with Shape layers in After Effects and the techniques you've already learned

EXERCISE: Prepare a Custom Transition!

Quick quizz to refresh your knowledge

Find out if you remember everything
2 questions
+ Animation
8 lectures 35:52

There is a lot to say about animations as it's the most important thing that is going on with it in After Effects. You achieve animation by keyframing, using properties, effects and everything that you will learn through out in this course.


Uderstanding how to adjust your motion and edit keyframes is very important. The basic movement is very dull and simple, we certainly want to achieve more interesting motions and movements - and that is why we ease our keyframes.

Easing Keyframes

Applying the motion blur is one of After Effects native tools and it's perfect for beginners because it can be used with one click right away.

Motion Blur

Once we learn about the graph editor working, editing and easing our animations will become pure fun!

Graph Editor

The Null Object in After Effects is an invisible tool which is used as a control layer. You can link certain properties and then use the Null Object instead of the actual Layer / effect in order to stay more organized and have a seamless workflow.

Preview 04:07

Expressions are a very advanced topic in After Effects but for the sake of this course we might without any trouble use simple tools like the pick whip to create our first, simple expressions.

Basic Expressions

Audio is essential to most of todays videos on YouTube, TV or anywhere else. After Effects is limited in that regard but I want to show you what can we do while working with audio files and how to reveal their waveform which comes often in handy.

Working with Audio

In this lecture we are going to use the techniques we learned in this section, like null object usage to create a simple animation.

Preview 03:46

A quick quiz on the informations you've learned in the animation section.

Can you recall those informations?
2 questions
+ Effects & Presets
5 lectures 25:30

Like the name already states, Effects are essential in Adobe After Effects no matter which version you use. This motion graphic software is pre-made to use Effects and create VFX so in this lecture I want to show you what actually are effects and how you can save presets out of them.

Using Effects & their order

Have you ever wondered how to be able to use effects in After Effects and not get lost? Let me show you the essential and most used effects like Drop Shadow, Fill, Ramp or Control so you will have it easier to discover other effects aswell.

Different Layers for Different FX

Adjustment Layers allow us to apply global effects to our layers and compositions without beeing noticed. Make use of them to adjust for example the levels or color corrections on our layers.

Adjustment Layers

You have the ability to mask out certain portions of an effects in After Effects. Let me show you how to do this by applying an example mask to our compositoin and then compositing it with our effect we have added.

Masking out effects

Learn the effect that many youtubers use to present their music videos. Audio spectrum allows us to create moving live graphic which react to sound.

EXERCISE: Create an Audio Spectrum

Quck quiz about Effects!

What was it again ?
2 questions
+ Other most used techniques (Bit more advanced)
6 lectures 28:07

Creating transparent videos is one of the key functionalities and usages of After Effects. It allows us to render a video, and then use the video in other software above each other to create interesting effects.

Transparent videos

Very often we come across a clip or animation that is perfect , but it should take 1 or 2 seconds less to play. With time remapping we can remap and adjust the timing of any animation, layer or composition there is.

Time Remapping (Slow Motion)

Every amateur recording (especially phone recordings) get shaky, but they might be actually good and usable footage. Let me show you how you can stabilize that motion and use the video you recorded from Your hand in a real-example.

Stabilizing shaky camera footage

If you are a video professional and work with green screens and want to achieve transparent footage you might want to take a look into this effect. Let me show you how to get rid of a color in a footage file and use it as a transparent one.

Color keying (Aka. Green Screen)

These things are getting a bit more advanced, motion tracking is one of the greatest tools After Effects from the Adobe suite and cloud has to offer. Motion tracking allows us to track any kind of motion in our video to for example attach information or floating boxes around it.

Motion Tracking

You will face the problem that two After Effects projects can't be opened at the same time. Luckily there is the possibility to package up certain elements of a project and then just import it straight into another After Effects project.

Exporting and copying Compositions between Projects
+ WORKSHOP: All you've learned in use!
9 lectures 01:02:55

In this video I would like to teach you the process of creating modern looking lower thirds you can use in Your projects. Lower thirds are graphically appealing ways of introducing a person, speaker, object, or title in video production. They are used in TV news, on youtube videos and every other place imagineable. Creating them will teach you an entire workflow in After Effects.

Create a Lower Third

Typography and Kinetic Typography animations are a topic for themselves. With this video however I would like to teach you how you can make simple animations with type to get used with the workflow and learn something new. This will be a complete project you can use for your own videos & animations. Learn After Effects the right way by following along the work

Create a Typographic Animation

In this After Effects basic lesson we will create a simple logo reveal introducing a text or our logo with a nice quick motion. Use Shape Layers, Text, Effects and combine them to output stunning graphical effects

Create a Logo Transition

Let's make a title animation / title opener / logo intro / video introduction animation with after effects. I will guide you through the creation process of a simple minimal title opener in after effects with usage of shape layers, keyframes, track matting and using alpha matte to reveal appearing text!

Create a Minimal Title Animation

With this lesson I would like you to "jump into the water" with After Effects. I will introduce you to one of your first animations to create which will help you understand the workflow and general movement through After Effects.

Create a Cross Animation

This is a little bonus design experience I would like to share with you. From time to time we have to prepare a design in After Effects that would seem counter-intuitive to make as a graphic designer. Designing in AE is not the same as drawing in Pohotoshop where all the tools are straightforward. I want to show you a technique of making patterns with the repeater in motion graphic software.

Creating a pattern over another object with Repeater

In this lecture I would like to show you a simple approach on a minimal title opener / lower third animation. We will animate a shape layer to showcase a line going form the top of the screen towards its bottom and revealing text along the way. A few cool After Effects tricks will be included and a few track mattes sprinkled along in this design. Let's do this project together and ease some keyframes in it!

Simple One Line Title Animation

With this crispy lecture I wish to inform and teach you about the wonderful  Puppet Pin Tool in Adobe After Effects. With help of this splendid tool  we are able to animate any PNG image we like 

The Power of Puppet Pin Tool!

With this tutorial I would like to show you the simpliest technique in the world to create a speech bubble for a character in After Effects. A hands on activity anyone can do within a few minutes!

Animated Speech Bubble in After Effects
+ BONUS: Design an outstanding Stroke Animation
7 lectures 25:28

In this after effects motion graphics tutorial I will go about selecting a font and creating the outlines for our stroke animation.

Select Font and Create Outlines

In this after effects motion graphics tutorial I will go about preparing and pre-composing the neccesary layers.

Prepare and pre-compose Layers

In this after effects motion graphics tutorial I will go about applying effects to our composition.

Applying Effects

In this after effects motion graphics tutorial I will go about selecting the right colors and filling our letters with them.

Select Color and Fill the Letter

In this after effects motion graphics tutorial I will go about another letter from scratch, so you can watch the entire workflow and memorize important things.

Watch another letter from beginning

In this after effects motion graphics tutorial I will go about additional workflow tips to make it quicker for you.

Workflow Tips

In this after effects motion graphics tutorial I will go about how to finalize the animation!

Finalizing and polishing the project
+ BONUS: Explainer Videos in After Effects
10 lectures 30:31
Selecting a topic
Selecting appropriate graphics
Animating the icons
Rove across time and use Null objects!
Bonus - Creating a Voice Over
Craft your story - Advanced trick!
Creating a Transition
Creating a Text Scene
Final project