Affinity Photo: A Beginner's Guide to Photo Compositing
4.4 (249 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
18,611 students enrolled

Affinity Photo: A Beginner's Guide to Photo Compositing

Create your own amazing photo composites with this complete Affinity Photo course!
4.4 (249 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
18,611 students enrolled
Last updated 9/2019
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What you'll learn
  • You will learn the complete process to compositing images in Affinity Photo
  • You will learn how to select the right images
  • You will learn how to layer images properly
  • You will learn how to professionally mask images
  • You will learn how to make lighting and color adjustments to unify your design
  • You will learn how add shadows to make your composites look natural
  • You will learn how to add effects, light leaks and blend modes
  • You will learn how to fine tune composites to take them to the professional level
  • You should be able to navigate around Affinity Photo
  • This is not a course that teaches the basics of Affinity Photo - it is a course that takes your Affinity Photo skills to the next level

Welcome to the complete Photo Compositing in Affinity Photo course!

With this course, you will learn everything you need to feel confident compositing your own amazing designs in Affinity Photo.

What Will You Learn?

  • An easy and complete process for making photo composites

  • Selecting the right images for your composites

  • Layering and masking your images

  • Making local adjustments like lighting and color

  • Unifying your design with shadows

  • Adding global adjustments and fine tuning

  • Using blend modes, light leaks and effects

  • and so much more!

Learn By Doing

Throughout this course, you'll be working on real-world projects so that you can see your new skills in action! Each project contains all of the downloadable assets you need to follow along. By the end of this course, you'll have a wide range of practical skills you can use to have fun or get paid work as a graphic designer.

What is Photo Compositing?

Basically photo compositing is combining multiple images into a single design. This skill is often used in commercial advertisements - making it a highly profitable skill. The basic premise sounds simple, but there is a lot more detail to photo compositing to make your own designs professional and eye-catching.

You'll learn the professional techniques and process in this course!

About Your Instructor

Jeremy Hazel is a professional graphic artist, who loves sharing his knowledge with students like you. Jeremy is dedicated to making this the best Affinity Photo compositing course on the market, so that you can easily start making your own photo composites!

If you ever have a problem, Jeremy will be there to help you out!

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Who this course is for:
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Photo Editors
  • Anyone who wants to learn a fun skill that could help them get a job in the commercial / advertising world
Course content
Expand all 48 lectures 05:05:26
+ Introduction and basics of Jeremy's preparation
11 lectures 01:01:00

Just a simple introduction to the course, the layout and the expectations, I promise not to take long, and ONLY to give you what you need to get up and running

Preview 01:29

In this lesson we set the tone for the course and cover

  • What a composite is

  • A few composite artists you need to know about

  • How to avoid getting held up in the " how it should be" mentality ....and have fun with it

Preview 02:16

In this lesson  we cover the process  I use to do composites, including:

  • My 6 steps

  • When I step outside the norm

Preview 02:52
Downloadable files for Section 1
  • Identify 5 places to get great free stock photos

  • Know which photos may be easier to work with

Preview 05:55

In this lecture we cover the basic techniques of isolation and

  • Layer the images for the composite using the technique of "Iast-is-first"

  • Isolate the foreground elements using a vector mask

  • Apply a raster based mask to the image to mask out pieces of the image

Preview 08:34
  • Adjust the isolated image to match the background

  • Adjust the white balance if the image using 2 methods

  • Match the color temperature of the piece with the coffee cup

Local adjustment
  • Learn how to tell the story of what touches what through addition of shadows

  • Identify relationships and harmonize through masking to make the scene believable

Unification and Shadows
  • Add in universal adjustment layers to bring the image together

  • Apply a gradient mask to only let some of the light through

  • Split tone an image in a traditional orange and teal theme

Global adjustment and fine tuning
Just the dropbox for your coffee shop image...nothing more
Dropbox for the coffee shop image
1 question
  • Learn how perspective influences the selection of photos

  • Match the background of the composition to the foreground images you choose

The Importance of perspective in selecting images

Welcome to the first challenge this lesson we show you how to make a double exposure using masking in Affinity photo


The first challenge- Masking in Affinity Photo
This is just a place to drop the masking videos here, just place the jpg in the place provided on the next screens
Dropbox for the masking activity
1 question
+ Making an epic fantasy landscape
8 lectures 53:41

In this lesson we cover the aspects of a good composition including

  • The rule of 3rds

  • Always be walking in

  • Story comes first

Where to go to get ideas for composition, and what makes a great composition

In this lecture we cover the 3 aspects of atmospheric perspective

  • Size

  • Brightness

  • Saturation and contrast ( I link these because i adjust them together)

The 3 attributes of Atmospheric Perspective

Download the attached files to follow along

Downloadables for the section
  • Lay out all the images for the landscape

  • Isolate all the pieces of the images using the selection brush tool

Building an epic background- Laying out and isolating the images

Learn how to adjust the individual pieces to create some harmony and establish depth through the use of Size, clarity and brightness

Building an epic background-Individual adjustment
  • Make your own custom fog brush for use in this course

  • Learn the basics of making pixel brushes for photo adjustment

Building a custom fog brush
  • Light your scene using the live filter layer lighting present in Affinity Photo

  • Adjust the hue of the lighting and the intensity to make the lighting believable

  • Mask out areas of the lighting that you do not want

Building an epic background- Lighting your scene
  • Finish the image and adjust the hue of the foreground using the lens adjustment layer

  • Use the fog brush you made earlier to create a good atmosphere

Adding atmosphere and finishing
Just a dropbox for the .jpg you just did
Dropbox for the epic landscape project
1 question
+ Compositing Challenge- The Field Challenge
4 lectures 21:00
Reference and resource for the section

In this lesson we issue a challenge to take some photos in public..on your cell and then do your own composite. I have included my files to follow along ....but we encourage you to use yours .....enjoy

Field Challenge 1 - introduction and my first edits

In this lesson we continue the composite from my on version of the challenge

Field Challenge- part 2

In this video we finish the Field challenge. Don't forget to  drop your completed composite below in the assignment area

Field Challenge part 3- Finishing my edit
Just drop your image a few screens further when requested .....enjoy
Dropbox for the Field Challenge
1 question
+ The Rose that grew from concrete
8 lectures 57:09

Simply a placeholder for the project files

Working files for " The Rose That Grew From Concrete"
  • Develop a sketch for your composite

  • Layer the images provided in the composition using "last is first" thought process

  • Isolate the rose using the selection brush tool

  • Export the rose using the refinement on the selection

Laying out the pieces and sketching your concept
  • Establish the basic readability of the piece through masking

  • Place larger items and establish relationships between items in the composite

Laying out the order and establishing relationships with mask
  • Match the saturation and luminence of the foreground object to the background

  • Use a curves adjustment to add depth to the background

  • use a gradient mask to selectively target the pieces of the background you want to hit

Unifying the background and foreground
  • Apply principles of focus to the composite

  • Apply shadows in the correct direction as the light source

  • Create a rippled pond surface with the reflection of the rose in the pond

Harmonizing Reflections shadows and focus
  • Make a rain layer in Affinity Photo

  • identify the advantages of using live filter layers

Making the custom rain layer
  • Create a pen tool based curve and use it as a clipping mask

  • Apply lens filter global adjustments to create the mood for the piece

Unification and local adjustment
  • Learn to use the vignette filter to draw the eye

  • Apply light and shadow theory to add some visual interest to your art

Adding light and finishing
Just a drop box and somewhere to put your finished image
Dropbox for the rose assignment
1 question
+ Song Lyric challenge
4 lectures 24:11
Downloads for this section
  • Get an introduction to the challenge and follow along, don't forget to drop your composite in the assignment area at the bottom of the section

Preview 07:00
  • In this lesson we continue the Cemetery Bloom.......working individual lighting layers and getting the image right

Song lyric Challenge- Part 2
  • In this lesson we conclude the piece I did for the challenge

Song lyric Challenge part 3 - Final piece
Drop your completed image .jpg in the area on the next screen
Drop your Song lyric challenges here
1 question
+ "Choices" composition
7 lectures 01:00:17

Resources for the section

Resource downloads for this section
  • Lay out the image and sketch the concept

  • Layer the images for future work to "chunk out the major pieces

Laying out the Images and sketching
  • Merge and unify the background image from 2 separate images

  • Clone pieces fo one image to make up forms in another that are not there

  • Balance the images to create continuity

Compositing the background
  • Learn how to isolate an image using the selection brush

  • Nest one image inside another using the selection as a clipping mask

  • Layer images through the use of blend modes and masks

Selecting and masking the foreground
  • Learn how to blend fire assets using screen blend modes

  • Utilize the warp tool to bend the fire to your image

  • use a gradient mask to create a unifying foreground

Making the foreground flames
  • Make your own flare brushes using the provided image

  • Cast the reflected light off the flare and get the ambiance right in the image

Making the foreground flares
  • Unify the image by adding noise to the image

  • Use the healing tool to eliminate distraction

  • Create channels for future selection

  • Finish an image for export

Pulling it all together and finishing
Drop your finished projects here
Choices project drop box
1 question
+ The Conduit- Black and White Composition
5 lectures 27:22
Resources for this project

In the final project we tackle a black and white image, something a bit more artistic, by now you're a pro

The conduit- Laying out the images and isolating
  • In this lesson we continue the Conduit, adding adjustment layers and masking the individual images

The Conduit- Masking and adjusting individual Images
  • In this lesson we frame and add texture to the image, techniques you have seen before, but with a black and white image, you do not have color to rely on

The Conduit-Framing and adding texture to the image
  • In this lesson we finalize the image and light it to draw the eye

The Conduit- Lighting and finishing
Just a place to put your .jpg
Conduit drop box
1 question
+ Wrap up and Gratitude from Phil and I
1 lecture 00:45

Just a simple thank you .......

Outro and thanks