Affiliate Marketing 101: Super Affiliate Marketing Challenge

Just Give Me 5 Short Days & I'll Show You The "Step-By-Step Method" For Becoming A Super Affiliate
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Day 1 - Super eCommerce Affiliate Framework & Blueprint For Massive Success
Day 2 - Setting Up Your Online Assets For Long Term Wealth Generation
Day 3 - Designing Your Irresistible Affiliate Offer That Cannot Be Refused
Day 4 - Traffic Strategies & Content Creation Multiplier
Day 5 - Generating Your First Affiliate Commissions


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When I first learned about Affiliate Marketing back in 2016, I found it interesting and loved the idea of being able to build an income stream that is long term PASSIVE alongside a very ACTIVE eCommerce business like Amazon FBA (especially at the start when you are doing everything ?)

What dawned on me quite quickly is I was using tools and services that had affiliate programs which meant if I was able to generate enough referrals for the services & tools I already used, those would go from becoming a FIXED MONTHLY EXPENSE, to a FIXED MONTHLY INCOME STREAM which would make those tools not only FREE, but also make additional income to invest in our core eCommerce business ?

At the same time, I was able to support others building their businesses which is an underlining life long mission and passion I have…. So that was a huge BREAKTHROUGH for me…. Diversity of income (security) + lowering fixed costs (smart business) + serving and helping others (passion) = JACKPOT ?

This is one of the reasons why I have been sharing that I believe Affiliate Marketing is the BEST complimentary income stream to your core and main business ?

So out of curiosity, what is your Affiliate Marketing goal?

? To generate additional income (security?)

? To lower your fixed costs? (Smart business?)

? Help others? (Help others overcome the challenges you have?)

? All three? ??

This 100% free course is to give you an introduction to affiliate marketing.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Interested In Affiliate Marketing
  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn About Building An Online Business
  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Make Money Promoting Other Products & Services


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Kev Blackburn
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Hey. I’m Kev Blackburn, #1 best selling author, business systemisation strategist and founder of Systemise Fulfilment.

Systemise Fulfilment is a leading fulfilment Franchise with warehouses in the UK USA & EU ??Successful serving Business Owners around the world in business models Online Arbitrage, Wholesale & Private Label having surpassed shipping 1 million units since our foundation in December 2016. We specialise is eCommerce growth strategies helping our partners grow and expand their operations to achieve their goals. Our locations are Scunthorpe & Brigg in the UK and New Jersey & Wisconsin in the USA.

Having now worked with 100's of people one on one and 1000's of people in groups the success has been incredible. The wave of energy that has built in the communities is like no other. The experiences that others are having is stunning and it is fulfilling my ultimate vision to leave a legacy for others to see that if you take life head on through massive action then there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

If you are ready to take massive action and start your journey, we have the tools, resources and results for you!

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