Advocacy for Assistive Technology

Advocacy for Assistive Technology at Easterseals Iowa
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Assistive Technology
Universal cuffs & Phone/tablet holder


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Throughout this presentation I will discuss my experience at Easterseals Iowa. Throughout the presentation you will learn how to make adaptive handouts (both a Word document and a PDF document), a universal cuff, and tablet holder. I also discuss my role in different community outreach assignments and specific goals that Easterseals would like to reach while I was there. I hope that you learn a little bit about the assistive technology program what they have available and all the products that you are able to receive on loan. This can be very beneficial to those who are unsure what they are looking for and are wanting to try out device before purchasing them. Throughout this presentation I discuss why it is important for me to spread awareness of what Easterseals is and what services they provide to allow individuals insight into the resources that are available here. Throughout this presentation I discuss projects that I worked on and the groups I got to work with to discuss the grant money they received and what they were doing with that money. We would also discuss how the programs were working and find ways to make the programs sustainable. I reviewed research on the affects of loneliness and why Easterseals chose to implement the IDA grant and the importance to reduce isolation during this time of the COVID-19 virus and the impacts in has on individuals. 

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Occupational Therapy Student
Baylee Stoll
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I am a Drake Occupational Therapy Doctorate student who completed my capstone at Easterseals Iowa. Throughout my course you will learn my role as an intern at Easterseals and the roles and tasks that were delegated to me. I hope you take time to watch my video and I hope you learn a little about the Assistive Technology Program within Easterseals Iowa.