Mastering With Google+Facebook Ads From Beginner To Pro 2022

How to set up google and facebook ad campaigns
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Facebook + Google Ads Mastery (Avoiding Common Mistakes)
Ad beginners will be ad experts after this course
How to set up ads
How to Advertise expertly with facebook ads
How to Advertise expertly with google ads


  • 1-You should have a laptop
  • 2-You should have a stable internet connection


In this course, you will learn:

- Step by step training with paid ads.

- Google ads Vs Facebook Ads (which is better & why?).

- Pros & Cons of Google and Facebook ads.

- Types of Google Ads (search, display, video).

- Google ads terms to know (campaign, ad group, ad, CTR, CR, Pixel).

- Google ads setup (campaign->objective (search, performance max, display, shopping, video, app, smart, local, discovery), campaign results (website visits, phone calls, app downloads), budget and bidding (budget, bidding), campaign setting (network, locations, languages, audiences, dynamic ads), keywords and ads (keywords, ads) extensions (sitelink extensions, callout extensions, call extensions), campaign review

- Tips for increasing Google ads quality score(specific long tail keywords, negative keywords, keyword ad groups, ad test optimization, landing page optimization).

- How Facebook ads work (campaigns->objective, ad sets->traffic->dynamic creative->offer->audience->placements->budget & schedule, ads->identity->format->media->links).

- Facebook ads setup (campaign objective->awareness (brand, reach), consideration (traffic, engagement, app installs,        video views, lead generation, messages), conversion (conversions, catalog sales, store traffic)).

- Facebook ads vocabularies (campaigns, ad sets, ads, custom audience, lookalike audience, pixel).

- How to advertise expertly with Google ads.

- How to Advertise expertly with Facebook ads.

- How to promote the product with all specifications.

- How to do affiliate marketing with Google & Facebook ads.

- What should be included and what not in ad campaigns.

- Common mistakes to avoid while setting up Google or Facebook ads.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner advertisers who are curious to know about google + facebook ads
  • Absolute beginners for online marketing


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WE are Work From Home group about Online Marketing & Advertising.

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1.Google Ads(Avoiding common mistakes)

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WE also provide the side hustle ideas to average people that have no prior experience or special skills.

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