Advertise your Art Online for More Sales!
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Advertise your Art Online for More Sales!

Learn the secrets to successful advertising through Facebook to increase the sales of your art.
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2 students enrolled
Created by James Corwin
Last updated 4/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Students will learn the secrets to successful advertising through Facebook to increase the sales of their art.
  • Students will learn how to create an effective ad using Facebook's platform through guided instruction.
  • Students will learn strategies to increasing their exposure and sales online.
  • The only requirement is to have a website set up with a products and a shopping cart, ready to take orders.

Learn the secrets to successful advertising through Facebook to increase the sales of your art. Any artist can be successful! The most important thing is getting your art seen! This class provides you with knowledge and tools to get your work out in front of specific targeted buyers who will be interested in your work. Lead them to your website and convert them into a collector!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone artist who would like to sell their art online to make money!
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Introduction: Using this Course to Start, Grow and Build your Art Career


Hi, I am James Corwin and I want to first welcome you this empowering course. Thank you for signing up, but you should thanking yourself most for taking a huge step towards starting, growing and building a successful full-time art career.

This course is an investment and it is my hope that you will devote time to learning and applying the principles and steps laid forth in this program. If followed entirely as I have instructed, you will achieve great amounts of success. Let’s take this journey together.

This course is for any artist whether you are a painter, drawer, sculptor, photographer, digital artist or installation artist, etc. This program is designed to help any artist succeed, regardless of the medium you use.

I have set up an incredible team to help you every step of the way. Reach out to them at any time for help and questions. Also engage yourself in the Facebook group. You will be among many other artists and your combined support and encouragement will be powerful in launching your career.


Starting your art career is building the foundation for your success so it is important to watch the first videos and not skip ahead. Your art career is a full-time job and it takes time to grow and build your business. However, the speed of your success is entirely dependent on you. You are responsible for your success and what you put into this business is what you get out. If you want to make an incredible living off your art then you have to put in an incredible amount of effort. It is possible to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, but success doesn’t happen over night. It happens through persistence, hustle and strategic planning.

Do you have what it takes to achieve your dreams? How far are you willing to go to achieve them? I work my ass off every day to achieve my dreams because I know they are possible and once I attain them, I set new goals. I never settle for just-enough. I want to break through and see what is on the other side. I once had a well-known artist tell me, you will never get rich being an artist. I said, watch me! And it has been my motivation ever since to prove all the naysayers that an artist don’t need to starve, that you can actually make an amazing income. And at 26 years old, I am do that just. And you can to! But you have to be willing to grind and put in long hours every day, seven days a week. Its not going to be easy and there will be so many times that you want to give up. I have been so ready to throw in the towel so many times. I would wonder why in the hell should I suffer through all this pain and disappointment? But deep down I knew I had no other choice, because I was obsessed with the idea of waking up every day on my own schedule and doing something creative that I loved. And getting to travel all over the world whenever I desired. And share my vision and work with the world and make a difference in wildlife conservation. These are most important to me, so the struggle and the stress to get there is all worth while because eventually I will reap the benefits.

Now I own a game reserve in South Africa where I breed african game and I travel all over the world collecting ideas for new work. I make an incredible income and I get to choose where I want to live, which is in the beautiful state of Montana. I get to meet and work with amazing people and make their homes more beautiful with my art.

Growing and Building

There are many videos in this course to give you the tools to grow your business. These means taking your art and multiplying it in many ways to bring in more income and customers, while broadening your brand and recognition.

In the beginning you will want to reinvest all your profits back into building the business. I am still largely doing this 7 years into my business, because I know I am the best investment I can make. By reinvesting my profits I am growing my business and ensuring its longevity. It is also a commitment to my success. My business is my baby and I am going to provide it everything it needs. I keep just enough to live, the rest my baby takes and it needs a lot of feeding.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t think outside box. I am responsible for my success therefore I don’t rely on outside influence. I take the bull by the horns and create the success. I am going out and finding the buyers for my art. I am creating new products to match with customers. So many artists stay trapped in their studio waiting for a sale to find them. It won’t happen this way. You must be proactive and go out and find the sale. Be unreasonable! This is thinking outside the box. If a buyer is interested in my painting but can’t commit to buying, then I am driving to their house and marching that painting it to show them how good it looks on their wall. This is completely unreasonable, but hey, it’s not if it produces a sale… and I bet you it will! Try it out! Be willing to take unreasonable actions and approaches to growing your business.

Expect rejection. I hear no more than I ever hear yes. Hearing yes is like hearing the Gods speaking through the heavens. It is just so rare. But I don’t care about rejection anymore. It used to eat me up. But I found that no doesn't really mean no. They just don’t know how to say yes. This is where becoming a top sales person which help you move them from a no answer to a yes decision.

While investing in your business, invest in yourself to become more powerful in the marketplace. If success is you duty, then you need to be a powerhouse seller. You need to know how to convince a buyer to buy your art. I would argue this is more important than being a good artist. A bad artist who is a phenomenal salesperson can sell their terrible art to anyone. Hopefully you are a phenomenal artist, so selling will be easier for you. But you still must devote you time to become a phenomenal seller. There are many training courses available. I suggest Cardone University. There is a video to help you get started.

Not only do you need to invest in sales training, you need to invest in training to be a better artist. I talk about this in several videos. You need to be always improving your craft. It is your most important asset. Inevitably you will improve with time, but jumpstart it by taking workshops and studying artists.

Let’s Begin

I am so excited for you to start! I believe in your success and my team along with myself are hear to help you succeed. I encourage you to get your spouse, family and friends on board with you. They will be a huge resource and support team as well.

The videos in this course are so powerful and they will show you how to start pulling in money right away. So I want you to start now so you can begin to reap the benefits. Let’s dive in… headfirst!

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Advertising your Art Online


Once you have products to sell, it is very important to begin advertising them online. Online advertising is a great resource and presents your art to potential buyers. Any sales that you generate online will most likely be a result of advertising. You need to have a budget for spending on advertising, but most often your sales will far exceed your budget. Your goal with online advertising is to attract more customers and sales and receive an ROI, return on investment. These customers will be your arsenal for any future sales, so hold on to them tight.

Advertise on your sales channels

You can advertise your art through all your sales channels. Etsy and Amazon, even Pinterest for example, allow you to promote your products on a daily budget. Do this for all your products as it will get them seen in search results. These promoted listings will rise to the top in search results and product more traffic. More traffic means more sales. So it is important to do this. You can set your budget for just $1 per day!

Advertising on Social Media

You can also promote your posts on social media like Instagram and Facebook. If you desire increased engagement in your posts to attract more followers, comments and likes, this is a great idea! Facebook is the most powerful tool for advertising your art for sales and I will dive into it here.


Advertising on Facebook


 You will be using Facebook to advertise all your products. Create an advertising account, this is called the Ads Manager, and attach it to your fan page. Any posts you create on your Facebook fan page will be used to create ads.

Creating a Campaign

To create an ad you will want to first create a new campaign/create ad. You will see a variety of options for your marketing objective. Choose conversions as we will be wanting to convert our visitors to buyers.

For your conversion you want to optimize the website for Add to Cart or Purchase. You will need to install the pixel into your Shopify account or code it into your website so that Facebook can create data around your ad and track the visitors.

Under your Ads Manager, visit All tools and Pixels, under Assets. Follow the instruction for installing the pixel into Shopify.

Creating your Audience

Create an audience you will be targeting for your ads. Facebook has many options for finding your audience, so you must be strategic in selecting the right audience and narrowing down your niche.

Start by advertising in United States. In Detailed Targeting, begin listing all the attributes of your audience. These are your interest groups. So you want to create relevant interests around your art. Ask questions like:

What is your targeting buyer into?

What about your art may interest them?

Where would they go to buy your art?

What is relevant in your art that may be relevant to them?

Who is your buyer? Are they a hunter or a gardener or a dentist?

Facebook will show you the size of each interest group and build your audience size around it. Include as many that are relevant. You will want Narrow Further to break down your large audience into an audience size of 50k-750k.

For example if I was selling a bison painting I would target people who are interested in Bison and buffalo. Then I would narrow further to target people interested in Yellowstone National Park. This is where you can see bison. I will then narrow my audience further to target people who like fine art and paintings.

Save this audience as you will want to use it later for creating more ads and testing ads against each other.

Edit your placements to only be on Facebook Newsfeed. This will significantly reduce your audience size so go back and adjust your interest groups to get it between 50k-750k.

Set your daily Budget to start at $5.00 per day. This is a perfect number to being gathering data and sales.


Creating the Ad

You will have many options available to you to create your ad. You can do a single image, or a carousel of images, even video ads. I recommend trying them all and seeing which converts the best for you.

You can create a new ad or select from an existing post on your Facebook page. I would suggest using an existing post as this is designed to bring in the most amount of engagement. It will also increase the following of your Facebook Page.

Writing out the text is crucial. It is where you want to be specific in your product and offer and create a sense of urgency. When scrolling through your Facebook feed, will your ad stop you and make you read, and then make you buy? Write a very compelling statement about your art that convinces people to buy. Use click bait and words to entice them to follow your Call to Action, which is sending them to your product on your website.

Here is an example I created for a top selling ad:

It's unlike anything you've seen...

There's ONLY 50 of them... And I WANT you to have one before they are gone!

If you love bison, the heritage of the West, then you will LOVE this limited edition print in your home.

It is hand signed and numbered by me, James Corwin, on canvas, ready to hang. And I'll ship it to you free.

Get it now, before it is too late, you don't want to miss out because they are already going so fast and after the 50 are sold, that's it!

Get yours here:

Do you see how I have created a sense of urgency in my limited edition print? I also told them why they should by it and what makes it special! I created an offer for free shipping as well. I ended it with a link to the product page.

Add any relevant pictures and create a Call to Auction. Input your product page URL to send your buyers to. The ad will direct them from Facebook to your website. Facebook will track the actions from the visitor and let you know how many people have added it to their cart, how many have initiated checkout and how many have purchased. Submit your ad for review.


Let your ad run for at least a week. You can gage the level of interest in your product by how much engagement it is getting (likes, comments, shares) and how many add to carts or purchases are made. If you aren’t getting many of either of these, then try a different audience and set of interest groups. It is difficult to get it right the first time. It doesn’t mean your art isn’t sellable, it just means you haven’t targeted people who are interested in it yet.

Scaling Ads

Once you have a performing ad, you will want to scale it. You can scale it by increasing the daily budget to a higher amount. Make sure you are getting a return on your ad spend. You can track your ad spend and conversions in your Ads Manager Account Overview. You can also scale by creating lookalike audiences from your data. Facebook will create a lookalike audience based on those who have already purchased. This is the power of the pixel as Facebook will create an even more targeted audience for you of people who are highly likely to buy as they are similar to you previous buyers.

You can create a lookalike audience by follow the steps in the Custom Audience section using your pixel or your products URL. Create a new ad using this audience. You can continue to create lookalike audiences based on your buyers.

Facebook is powerful for generating sales. I encourage you to get familiar with the Ads Manager and begin creating ads for your best products. It is super awarding to wake up every day to sales!


Advertising your Art Online

Selling your Art through Sales Channels


Get your art listed on as many sales channels as you can! In this busy online world today it is so difficult to break through all the noise and images and be seen, let alone get a sale! Offering your artwork on numerous sales channels increases your brand awareness and opportunities for sales.

What are Sales Channels?

Sales channels are websites where you can create a profile account and list your products for sale. The website brings in the traffic to your page through their advertising and credibility. You pay a small fee for this service. Examples of sales channels are Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Fineartamerica, etc. All these sites allow you to upload a product and sell directly to their customers.

Sales channels such as Amazon and Ebay can be very broad and sell every type of product. Your artwork would be categorized. Other websites are niche based such as Etsy for handmade goods or Wayfair for furniture. Become aware of all the sales channels as you will want to upload your products to them. Not only does it increase your potential for sales, it broadens your brand.

Other sites such as Facebook or even Pinterest allow you to sell products with a buy button that directs you to either your checkout page on your website or their integrated system. If you build a website with Shopify you can easily connect all your products to these top sales channels and it will set it up for checkout. Instantly after you upload a product it gets listed on the sales channels. This takes a lot of time out of manually listing them to each site.

When creating your profile use a similar style and voice to your personal website. You want to keep your brand universal and recognizable. Some sales channels offer more customizable features than others, but almost all allow you share your background story. This is a good place to upload your artist statement.

It will take time to create accounts and upload images to these channels. Keep a record of them so you can continually keep them updated. It is easy to forget which ones your on, believe me. Obviously you will find which ones perform better than others and you will want to devote more of your attention to these. Cultivate the sales where it is working. Use as many as you can. These also create back links for your website which builds SEO! You want your art seen. Devoting the time to this will put you well beyond other artists who are only focused on being seen through Facebook and Instagram.

Once a sale comes through you will receive an exciting notification from the site. They have already processed all the payments for you and you receive a deposit in your bank account a few days later. It is your responsibility to fulfill the order. It sure relieves a lot of stress of going out and finding the buyer yourself or paying lots of dollars in advertising!

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