Advanced WordPress Gutenberg Blocks, Post Types & Taxonomies
4.4 (222 ratings)
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Advanced WordPress Gutenberg Blocks, Post Types & Taxonomies

The Most Advanced & Hands on WordPress Course, Create +10 Different Projects w/ Gutenberg, Post Types, Taxonomies & More
4.4 (222 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,785 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Create your own Gutenberg Blocks
  • Add CMB2 into your theme or plugin to develop really advanced WordPress Sites
  • Understand what Taxonomies, Metaboxes and Custom Post Types are
  • Understand the Shortcode API, WP Ajax & more with practical Examples
  • Use the WP REST API and WP Ajax
  • Create WordPress Plugins!
  • Develop more advanced and complex WordPress sites
  • Leverage your CSS3, jQuery, PHP and JavaScript with WordPress Development
Course content
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+ Course Introduction and First Steps
8 lectures 40:34

Let's review the finals projects for this course

Preview 07:00

Let's review the Gutenberg Blocks included in this course!

Preview 07:06

Let's install WordPress locally, i will be using MAMP for this video

Installing WordPress locally

Let's see the Code Snippets for this Course

Code Snippets for this course
How to Load the different versions for this course

In the course materials you will find all the files that are need to complete successfully this course

The Images and Files for this Course

In this video i'm gonna show you how to add some packages that will help you when developing plugins, themes and custom functionality for your site

Atom Packages for WordPress Development (my favorites)

Checkout Flywheel, this amazing tool will help you to develop WordPress sites with ease!

Local by Flywheeel
+ Introduction to Custom Post Types
9 lectures 35:18

Let's see a small introduction about Custom Post Types

What are Custom Post Types?

Let's create a simple plugin for our Custom Post Types

Preview 03:14

In this video let's add our first Custom Post Type to the porject

Preview 03:36

Let's create a more advanced custom post type, with all the functionality 

Creating an Advanced Custom Post Type

Let's create a second post type, in this case one called Events

Adding Another Custom Post Type for Events

Let's create a Custom Post Type with Custom Post Type UI, a more visual tool that will make this easier

Custom Post Type UI Plugin: Creating CPT from the Admin

There's another tool that you can use which is free, Generate WP, let's see how this works :)

GenerateWP to Create Custom Post Types

Let's add some new posts to our newly created Custom Post Type - Recipes 

Adding A Post to our New Custom Post type

It's time to load the second version for this project, this will contain all the Recipes in the Recipes Post Type!

Importing the Second Version for this Site
+ Introduction to Taxonomies
10 lectures 29:07

Let's continue our learning, and now let's see what taxonomies are

Preview 03:37

Let's create a basic Taxonomy for this project!

Preview 04:04

It's time to work with advanced Taxonomies, and let's see how this is done!

Creating an Advanced Taxonomy

Let's add a Taxonomy for Course, that will be helpful for our projects

Creating a Taxonomy for Course

Let's add another Taxonomy for mood, this is one is going to be a non hierarchical

Creating a Taxonomy for Mood

Let's continue adding more taxonomies, in this video let's add a Price Range Taxonomy

Creating a Taxonomy for Price Range with Custom Post Type UI

Let's see how you can create a Taxonomy with GenerateWP

Creating a Taxonomy with GenerateWP

Let's see how you can add some Terms to your Taxonomies

Adding Terms to our Taxonomies

Now that you have created the terms, it's time to assign those into the Posts Recipes

Applying Terms to Recipes

Let's load the third and final version for this project from the Website Versions

Loading the Third Version for this Project
+ Wrapping up Everything in Our Theme
6 lectures 28:25

Let's see how you can create custom templates for the single posts that you add in a Custom Post Type

Preview 02:57

In this video let's see how you can print the Taxonomy Terms that are associated to a post

Preview 06:29

Let's see how you can create an Archive Template for all the Taxonomies

Creating a Taxonomy Archive Template

In this video let's see how you can create an Taxonomy Term Template

Creating an Archive Template for a Specific Term

We added more than 20 recipes, but they're not showing in the homepage, let's write a small function that will print the recipes in the index of our site.

Printing Custom Post Types in the Index Page

Let's use a small condition that will identify when a posts, belongs to a custom post type (or post type)

Identifying Custom Post Types
+ Example with Taxonomies and Custom Post Types
7 lectures 42:07

I found always easier to learn something new when i know the direction, so let's preview the final project for this chapter

Preview 01:19

Let's add a menu of taxonomy terms in this video

Preview 05:03

In this video let's see how you can make a WP_Query for posts that have a Taxonomy

How to Query the Taxonomies?

Let's write a small function that we can use all the times that we need, this way the code is only written once, but you can use all the times that you need to

Creating a Function to Query the Custom Post Type and Taxonomy

Let's finish our function and print the final results

Finishing up our Function and Printing the Results

Let's continue working, and it's time to add some jQuery to our example!

Adding some jQuery to our Example

Time to finish our first example, but first let's add some CSS to make this look great!

Finishing up our example with some CSS
+ Advanced Example with Taxonomies and Custom Post Types
6 lectures 33:49

Let's continue practicing what we have learned, this is the preview of the second project!

Preview 01:36

Let's add a small function that we can use with WP Ajax

Creating a Function to use with WP Ajax

Let's pass the posts information from the function that we wrote to javascript with Ajax

Passing data with WP Ajax

Let's create a JavaScript for our recipes

Building a JavaScript Template

For our example we need the time of the user, but if you use PHP this will retrieve the time of the server, so let's get the user time with JavaScript instead

Getting the user time with JavaScript

Let's finish our example with some CSS

Finishing up our Example
+ Working with Metaboxes
7 lectures 37:45

With metaboxes you can add more content to a post, so let's see a small introduction before we get our hands dirty with the code

What are the Metaboxes?

Let's create a small plugin for our metaboxes

Creating a Plugin for Metaboxes

It's time to add the metabox Zone, or the place that will contain our Metaboxes for this chapter

Adding the Metabox Zone

Let's add some fields to our newly created Metabox Zone

Adding Fields to our Metabox

Let's save the data that we are adding to the Fields into the database

Saving Metabox Fields to the Database

Now that we have some information into our Metaboxes, it's time to print that our in our Theme

Printing Metabox Fields in our Theme

Let's add some Styling to our Fields in our Theme

Styling the Metabox Information in our Theme
+ Practicing Metaboxes: Building a Upcoming and Past Events Plugin
9 lectures 01:02:09

CMB2 is a really cool plugin, they have more than 30 different fields that you can use in your projects!

Downloading CMB2 and Creating a Plugin

Let's see all the field types that're available in CMB2 

Checking all Field Types Available in CMB2

Let's link the CMB2 Files in our plugin

Calling the CMB2 Files in our Plugin

Let's see how you can add some Fields to our Metaboxes

Adding Fields to our Metaboxes

Let's add some Events to our Events Post Type

Adding Events

Let's see how you can Query the Metaboxes and Fields

Quering Metaboxes and Fields

Let's print all the Fields to our Theme

Printing all the Fields

Let's see how you can create a Past Events Function

Printing Past Events

Let's finish our example with CSS

Finishing our Plugin with some CSS
+ Advanced Taxonomy Filter with Filterizr w/ Masonry effect
10 lectures 40:53

Let's see the finished project so you will understand some of the decisions that we're making in this section

Preview 02:02

In this video we're going to add the Filterizr Library into our theme

Adding Filterizr to our Theme

Let's add the page and page template that will contain this search filter

Adding the Page and Page Template

Let's create the main menu for our example

Printing the Taxonomy Terms

Let's add a WP_Query that will print all the entries into our page

Printing the Posts

Let's add all the markup in order to make Filterizr work with WordPress

Adding the proper HTML Markup

Any jQuery plugin comes with a method that you can call to execute the code and functionality, let's see how we can call the filterizr plugin

Calling the jQuery Plugin with JavaScript
Fixing the Problem if you have 1 post under 2 Taxonomies or more

Let's add some CSS into our theme to style the menu

Styling the Menu with CSS

Let's add the final pieces of code to finish our example

Finishing our example
+ Advanced Taxonomy Filter with Filterizr w/ Masonry effect (Packed Layout)
8 lectures 42:47

Let's the review the final project for this video

Preview 01:16

Let's add the JavaScript Library that we need to activate the Packed Layout

Adding the JavaScript and Creating the Template

Let's add the new image sizes for this example

Adding New Image Sizes

Let's write the code to display different image sizes in our page

Displaying Different Image Sizes

There're so many ways that we can manipulate the Images to show more small images than bigger ones, let's see the easiest way!

Adding some PHP Tricks to display a bigger number of small images

Let's add the CSS to create add different widths in our recipes

Adding CSS to display different Widths in our Recipes

Let's add the last piece of CSS (Remember that you can copy this code from the previous video)

Finishing the CSS part

Final words from this chapter

Final Words from this Chapter
  • Have a Local WordPress installation i will be using MAMP, but you can use WAMP, XAMPP, Vagrant or Bitnami, you will be fine :)
  • A Text Editor, i will be using Atom, but sublime text, brackets, or any other also works! Visual Studio Code is also free and available for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Basic WordPress Development experience, if you know how to write a WP_Query and what's the loop you will be fine!

Are you ready to take your WordPress skills to a whole new level?

With Advanced WordPress Topics: Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes you will learn all these technologies with a 100% practical course.


But you will learn more than that, in this course we're developing +10 DIFFERENT PROJECTS!!

  1. A Plugin for Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.

  2. A Plugin for Metaboxes.

  3. A Plugin for Upcoming Events with CMB2

  4. Filter Posts with Masonry Effect & WP Ajax

  5. An Advanced Search Form with WP Ajax

  6. Submit Posts from the Front End of our WordPress Site

  7. Infinite Scrolling with Ajax and WP REST API 

  8. Create your Custom Gutenberg Blocks.

  9. Gutenberg Block Development with wp-scripts ( 4 Custom Blocks included)

This are complete, real world, develop from start to finish projects, each project contains between 8 and 13 videos, so they're in depth examples!

What else i will learn in this course?

We will use a lot of different techniques and integrate different technologies such as: jQuery, CSS3, WP Ajax, the Shortcode API, Custom Metaboxes 2 (CMB2), WP REST API, Gutenberg, Filterizr & a lot more!

If you have some experience working with WordPress and you want to learn more advanced topics, this course is for you!

Check the Preview Videos :) they will show everything that you will learn!


Who this course is for:
  • If you have some experience with WordPress Development then this course is for you
  • This is not a beginners course, you need at least some basic WordPress experience
  • All the code is gonna be written from scratch ( Code Snippets included in the course to help you) and finished projects too
  • You have to know where themes, plugins and all these files are stored in WordPress
  • If you have some basic PHP, CSS, HTML or JS experience with web design and you want to use WordPress this course will help you
  • If you learn more by building real world projects then this course is for you!