Advanced Product Management: Leadership & Communication
4.5 (567 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,774 students enrolled

Advanced Product Management: Leadership & Communication

Accelerate your Product Management career. Master communication, people management, & leadership
4.5 (567 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,774 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • How to Become a Leader
  • How to communicate effectively and persuasively like a leader
  • How to design and deliver effective presentations (including a real time case study)
  • How to tell a story and present like Steve Jobs
  • How to master public speaking
  • How to use body language to your advantage
  • Gain an understanding of personality types and how to use them in the workplace
  • How to influence people in the right direction
  • How to increase your visibility within your company
  • What to do when first taking on a product management job
  • How the product management hierarchy and career path works
  • How to get a promotion
  • How to maximize your personal brand
  • Understand how to manage product managers and other people
  • Tips for managing your own boss and even executives above you
  • Tips from a full length interview with Ron Feldman, VP of Product at Managed by Q, one of New York's hottest startups
  • Familiarity with basic Product Management concepts will be useful but not an absolute requirement

To quickly move up the product management career ladder, you'll need to master two skills: communication and leadership. This advanced course will give you step-by-step advice on how to do just that. In fact, the guidelines covered in each section are applicable to any professional role and may even boost your personal life too.

Split into four parts, the course offers both expert guidance and real world examples. The first section focuses on communication strategies. Excel at Steve Jobs-esque storytelling, get help with public speaking and learn how to deal with colleagues in one-on-one scenarios. The second group of lectures aims to help you become a better leader, whether that's getting to grips with influencing people or figuring out how to elevate your profile within a company.

Next up is career acceleration. This is where you'll hear about all the job opportunities that come from product management and how to climb that ladder as swiftly as possible. Last but not least is people management. You may not be someone's boss right now, but understanding how to manage a team of people is a vital skill for the future.

By the end, you should have a clear idea of what it takes to become a top-rated product manager. And you'll know how to put every tip and trick into action. So whether you want to remain at your current level or move up to a role with more responsibility, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to do so.

Your instructors

Cole Mercer has been a Senior Product Manager at Soundcloud, Bonobos, Mass Relevance, and has taught the Product Management course at General Assembly in Manhattan, NYC. He is now a full-time Product Management and Strategy consultant.

Evan Kimbrell is a top rated Udemy instructor with numerous courses focused on Entrepreneurship. His courses have over 300,000 enrolled students and more than 16,000 five star reviews. For the past few years, he has also been running a digital agency that has produced over 100 web and mobile products.

Who this course is for:
  • Product Managers looking to further their career
  • Professionals wanting to gain communication and leadership skills
  • Prospective Product Managers looking to increase their chances of getting a job
  • Entrepreneurs developing a product or business
Course content
Expand all 36 lectures 04:33:10
+ Introduction
3 lectures 02:44

This course is designed to help you accelerate a career in product management. But the life skills you will learn are applicable to any job role. After all, you won't get far if you can't communicate with and manage other people.

Covered in this lecture:

  • How the course is laid out.

  • An overview of the skills you will learn in each section.

Preview 02:43
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+ Mastering Communication for PMs
9 lectures 59:51

Being good at communicating won't just help you in the workplace. It will also do wonders for your personal life. If Steve Jobs is your role model, this section's for you.

Covered in this lecture:

  • Why communication is so important.

  • What you will learn in this section of the course.

Preview 02:11

Public speaking doesn't come naturally to a lot of people. But it's something you'll have to get used to if you want to work your way up the product management ranks. Here's how to master those presentations.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What makes a successful presentation.

  • Various types of presentations and audiences you may come across.

  • How to design effective presentation slides.

The Art of Presentations: Design and Delivery

Steve Jobs was the ultimate storyteller. By following a carefully calculated framework, you can do the same. Remember: the key is to emotionally connect with your audience.

Covered in this lecture:

  • Why storytelling is vital for product managers and other roles.

  • An analysis of Steve Jobs' technique.

  • A simple strategy that will allow you to effectively communicate an idea or product.

The Art of Presentations: Tell a Story like Steve Jobs

So you know what makes a good presentation and how to tell a compelling story. Now, it's time for the delivery part. Becoming a confident public speaker takes a lot of practice. Here's a few ways to master it.

Covered in this lecture:

  • 5 strategies that work for any public speaking engagement.

  • Various ways of practicing your speech.

  • How to excel at Q&A sessions.

Master Public Speaking

Non-verbal communication is just as important as the verbal stuff. If your body language reads as defensive or domineering, people will judge you for it. The following methods will ensure you're seen in a positive light at all times.

Covered in this lecture:

  • The importance and power of body language.

  • The gestures and facial expressions to avoid when public speaking.

  • Positive gestures and facial expressions to use when addressing an audience.

Interpersonal Communication: Body Language

Everyone's personality can be different. That's obvious. But what's not clear is how to use individual traits to your advantage both in the workplace and in your personal life.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What a personality type is.

  • The various traits that make up each type and how to identify them.

Interpersonal Communication: Personality Types

Realizing that not everyone thinks in the same way as you is vital to being a good leader and communicator. How do you do this? By understanding your own personality type as well as the personality types of others.

Covered in this lecture:

  • Real world examples of using personality types to your advantage.

  • The best places to take your own personality test.

Personality Types (Part 2): Real World Usage & Cole's Example

Documenting everything you do will boost your product management career. It may be boring but it will save you so much time in the long run.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What documentation is and why it's so important.

  • Various tips to help you establish a good documentation strategy.

Documentation Pro Tips
Review & Recap: Section 2
+ Leadership for Product Managers
7 lectures 31:46

How do you define leadership? Well, there's no one correct answer for the term can encompass a whole bunch of things. In this part of the course, you'll find out more about all of them.

Covered in this lecture:

  • The definition of a leader.

  • What the following section will cover.

Preview 03:10

Being a good leader doesn't involve acting like a robot. Use your emotions wisely and don't forget to involve your entire team in your day-to-day work.

Covered in this lecture:

  • Ways to become a better leader.

  • How to involve your team in your leadership.

Becoming a Leader

There are always ways to improve your communication skills. Nothing is more important when you're trying to steer a team in the right direction.

Covered in this lecture:

  • Strategies that will help you become a better communicator.

  • Leadership-focused examples.

Becoming a Leader (Part 2): Communication

Being able to influence people without coming across like a dictator is a vital skill for any product manager. Here's a few ways to get started.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What product managers need to remember when it comes to authority.

  • 6 ways to influence people when you're not their boss.

Influencing and Leading Without Authority

Making yourself known to your co-workers will help you influence them even more. For some, visibility can be uncomfortable. But putting yourself out there really isn't as hard as it seems.

Covered in this lecture:

  • Why visibility is important and what it can do for your career.

  • 6 ways to make yourself stand out.

How to Make Yourself Visible

Speaking to your team one-on-one will only get you so far. If you really want to lead them better, get to know their opinions via a group exercise. Here's one of Cole's favorites.

Covered in this lecture:

  • The point of leadership exercises.

  • An example of one to try out, including how it works and why it's useful.

My Favorite Exercise to Lead Your Team Better
Review & Recap: Section 3
+ Accelerating Your PM Career
7 lectures 36:12

Congratulations! You've secured a job in product management. But how do you get those all-important promotions? This section of the course will explain everything about advancing your career.

Covered in this lecture:

  • The basics of accelerating a career in product management.

  • What the following course section will cover.

Preview 01:59

When you first join a company, you may feel a little lost. It's not unusual, so don't panic. Instead, stick to these guidelines to make your new role, or an existing one, a breeze.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What to do in the first week of a product management role.

  • Things to achieve in your first month.

Things Every Product Manager Needs to Do ASAP

As a product manager, you will be exposed to a wide number of different situations and company areas. Knowing where your career can go is therefore always helpful.

Covered in this lecture:

  • The product management hierarchy.

  • The responsibilities that come with each role.

  • Opportunities outside product management to take advantage of.

Mastering the PM Career Path

Getting a promotion isn't the easiest thing in the world. It depends on the company you work for, your performance, and so much more. But if you keep the following tips in mind, you'll be one step closer.

Covered in this lecture:

  • The factors that affect promotions.

  • 5 tips to maximize your chance of being promoted.

Understanding Promotions and How to Get Them

No matter what your role is or how senior you are, you need to have a personal brand. Put together a website, get involved with social media and stick to these simple rules.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What a personal brand is.

  • 3 ways to maximize your personal brand.

  • Rules to stick to.

Becoming Semi-Famous: Advanced Personal Branding

Some career tips just don't fall into a specific category. From remembering your strengths to ensuring you behave professionally in the workplace, these guidelines will help you go the extra mile.

Covered in this lecture:

  • 4 ways to improve your product manager skills.

4 Tips on Becoming a Better Product Manager
Review & Recap: Section 4
+ Managing People as a PM
6 lectures 26:47

Your career trajectory may involve directly managing other people. If that's the case, you're going to want to prepare. The next section of the course will help you do just that.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What people management can involve.

  • What the next few lectures will cover.

Preview 01:42

Product managers are a special type of person. Understand them and you'll be able to manage them.

Covered in this lecture:

  • 3 ways in which product managers are different to other kinds of people.

  • How to use this knowledge to become a better manager.

Why Managing PMs is Uniquely Challenging

Whether you're already managing product managers or considering a move into management, it's useful to know what you should be doing on a day-to-day basis. Here's a few key pointers.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What makes a great manager.

  • What the job involves.

  • The things a manager should be doing in the workplace.

Managing Product Managers

Everyone knows what a one-on-one meeting is, but most people are still doing them wrong. Here's how to make the most of these discussions.

Covered in this lecture:

  • 5 things that a one-on-one meeting should involve.

  • 3 things such meetings should avoid.

The Right Way to Have 1-on-1 Meetings

Managing your boss sounds like a bizarre concept, but it's one way to progress your career. Remember: if you make their life easier, they can only thank you for it.

Covered in this lecture:

  • What managing upwards means.

  • Management techniques that will help both you and your boss.

Managing Upwards as a PM
Review & Recap: Section 5
+ Case Study on Presentations & a Cool Interview
2 lectures 01:54:06
Case Study: Let's Make a Boring Presentation More Fun!
Interview with Ron Feldman, VP of Product at Managed by Q
+ Bonus Section
1 lecture 00:16
Bonus Lecture: How to get your next course for as low as $12.99