Extra course : Understanding multiple timeframe for trading

Supporting for my paid course : Key-Level , Smart Money Concepts , Price Action effectively in Technical Analyzation
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What is Multiple Timeframe ?
Choosing number of Timeframe based on your trading style
Choosing number of Timeframe based on your personality
What is TOP DOWN and DOWN TOP analyzation
Comparing Top-down and Down-top analyzation method
When we need to use TOP – Down and Bottom up
Market Cycle theory to connect many timeframe together
How to anayze 3 time with TOP –Down and Bottom-Up


  • Patient to absorb these knowledge
  • This is not "Magic Pills" to be profitable
  • You need back-test from 1 - 3 months


Multiple timeframe rules, This is the extra course about multiple timeframe method - the core analyzation theory will be applied in whole my strategy that I shared on my 3 courses. 

It can help you understand when you should analyze on each timeframe from point to point.

This is mostly suitable for student whole learnt and practiced my strategy, for new traders haven't yet experienced about trading with price action and market structure, this course will make you complicated while you're watching.

*  This is [Technical Analysis bonus class] to support for Technical Analysis level 1,2,3 course

(Only suitable for my students after finished 3 levels in Technical analyzation as knowledge consolidation parts)


Learning guidance :

- Quick refer all lesson--> Theory --> Learning carefully

- Write down all the knowledge that you might need in the course, especially in the examples.

- Process to be profitable trader : Patient to set Plan --> Practice--> Correct the fault --> Action --> Do all process again.


Course's support & Special requirement :
1. Always be patient to learn

2. Always be patient to practice. Trading : 50% Control yourself - 50% Strategy.


Recommendation :

*  Back test from 1 - 3 months before real trading. You can choose BTCUSDT- 1H to practice firsts.

** Using headphone will help you learn more focused and better receptive

*** Learning from examples to theory will help you easier to understand.


What you can do after this course :

  1. What is Multiple Timeframe ?

  2. Choosing number of Timeframe based on your trading styles & personality

  3. What is TOP DOWN and DOWN Top analyzation

  4. Which one is better ? Top-down or Down-top?

  5. When we need to use TOP – Down and Bottom up

  6. Market Cycle theory to connect many timeframe together

  7. How to analyze 3 time with TOP –Down and Bottom-Up

Updated history :
1. Apr 4th 2022  - New release.

To optimize your Reward/Risk | Win Rate | Draw-Down , Price action- Key level or Smart Money Concepts are the best method to choose. But, before you wanna to use those strategies, you should fully understand about cornerstone to apply it effectively.

Multiple Timeframe is method to do it, it can help you find out best place to entry with the smallest and safety Stop-Loss by break down structure on low timeframe. Analyze on High Timeframe to select the most strong place to Take Profit.

Additionally, It also helps you trailing stop effectively - let the market run & take profit as far as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Technical analyzation traders
  • New Traders in Forex, Crypto, Stock market
  • Non-profitable traders after trading for a long time
  • Hard working traders to find best way to be profitable


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