Advanced Concepts in MS Excel (With Practical Examples)

Picture Lookup to Benford's Law (All in one package)
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They will learn advanced concepts in MS Excel that will help them free up time for data analysis rather than data making.


  • Laptop or Desktop; MS Office (Version 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / M365); Willingness to learn


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the course!

Upon joining this course, you will learn about the following:

  • Benford's Law for anomaly detection using Excel : Benford's law is widely used to detect fraud in forensic science and audit. Learn how to do the same is Excel and detect fraud using number patterns

  • Convert numbers formatted as text to numbers : Save time by quickly converting text to numbers

  • Picture Lookup : Create dynamic leaderboards using picture lookup

  • SUMIF with wildcard : Create dynamic SUMIF statements using wildcard character (*,?)

  • Application of True in Vlookup : Dynamic Vlookup for use with ranges

  • Multi Variate Distinct Count in 1 minute : A glimpse of PowerPivot

  • Dependent Drop Down and Auto Named Range in MS Excel : Create cascading / dependent dropdowns in Excel!

This course will give you techniques to save a lot of time on cleanup of data. It will enable additional time being available to you for analysis and hence do the real value addition to business by providing valuable insights.

The videos are bite sized to enable quick view and with practical examples. You will find the downloadable files which were used to create the video. This way you can practice and strengthen the conceptual understanding.

I suggest implementing the concepts in your work life. This will solidify the concepts as well as ensure you never forget the same.

Wish you all the very best and keep excelling in excel! Make the most of it!

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals in Finance / Accounting / Business Analysis / Financial Analysis

Course content

2 sections7 lectures43m total length
  • Picture Lookup


Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary with 8.5 Years PQE
Saurav Kumar Agrawal
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Saurav Kumar Agrawal is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and Graduate from St. Xavier's College. He is on a mission to make people Excel-in-Excel and presentation skills.

With a practical industry experience of more than 8.5 years across industries (FMCG, Cement and Retail), he uses practical scenarios to explain difficult data analysis problems. This helps the students absorb the concepts easily and apply in their day-to-day work life.

Saurav places great value on sessions being engaging as well as informative.

He has trained over 1000 professionals with more than 15000 hours and the journey continues.

Join him in the journey and excel!