Advanced Amazon Bundles

Using The Power Of Product Bundles With Amazons Sponsored Ads To Eliminate Competition
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Kick your competition to the curb, because you will have the tools to show you how to sell on Amazon with NO competition
Advance your current knowledge of Amazon selling into a consistent, measurable business structure
Learn how to understand Amazon data, so that there is no guessing at what customers want to buy


  • Students will need to have a basic working knowledge of how to sell on Amazon
  • Students will need to have a "Pro Seller Account" with Amazon


Welcome to Advanced Amazon Bundles. In this course, I will be teaching you my favorite Amazon strategy plus, show you how to virtually eliminate all your competition.

The problem with selling individual products on Amazon, is that it is easy for others to jump on your listing and if you have been selling on Amazon for any length of time, you know how much competition is out there.

The only way to get rid of that competition is to sell your own products or have your own listings, and the most cost-effective way of doing that is creating unique product bundles.

But not just putting products together and hoping for sales, but using a data driven, systematic process of making Amazon tell you exactly what their customers want.

 Instead of trying to rely on sales rank and other mystical forms of data, I use to power of Amazon’s sponsored ads to make them tell me exactly what the customer is searching for.

In this course, we will be covering the following topics…

  1. How to choose your first bundle products
  2. How to create your first product listing
  3. How to find great search terms for your sponsored ad
  4. How to set up your sponsored ad for success
  5. How to read your Amazon data
  6. How to modify your sponsored ad
  7. How to optimize your listing for organic growth
  8. How to buy products the right way
  9. How to completely eliminate your competition

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Amazon sellers who are tired of fighting the competition and the race to the bottom on their listings
  • This course is for Amazon sellers who want to have their business on the offence not defense
  • This course is for students interested in learning how to bundle products together to create their own product listing

Course content

10 sections10 lectures1h 21m total length
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Over 8 years ago I became obsessed with Internet Marketing. I began my career by selling affiliate products and building websites and later progressed to selling physical products on Amazon. I began teaching many of my family members to do the same when it finally hit me that I should move into consulting for other individuals and companies. Within the past couple of years I have worked with several companies to begin bringing some of their products to market and worked with individuals to help guide them into working online as their main source of income. I have joined the Udemy family of instructors in hopes of sharing my years of knowledge and success with as many eager students as possible in hopes that they will benefit from my experiences.