Advanced Google Ads / AdWords Training - Updated for 2020
4.3 (598 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,338 students enrolled

Advanced Google Ads / AdWords Training - Updated for 2020

A hands on course exploring Google Ads techniques developed over 10 years. Module based & concise + Free eBook included!
4.3 (598 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,336 students enrolled
Created by Mark Meyerson
Last updated 3/2020
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This course includes
  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Google Ads Campaign Experiments: Best Use Cases, Step-by-Step Setup, Analysis, Implementation
  • Access Google Ads tools for forecasting performance
  • Budget Optimisation techniques using regression formula
  • Advanced Concept Testing: moving beyond A/B ad testing to testing concepts
  • Improving Geotargeting for Local Businesses With A Double Campaign Structure
  • How To Setup, Run, Pivot & Interpret the Paid & Organic Report
  • Make A Strong Argument For Running Branded Ads Using the Paid & Organic Report
  • Identify Opportunities Between Organic & Paid Listings
  • Learn to use a free Google Sheets template for automating and tracking budgets in multiple ad accounts
  • How to find the key pitfalls in any Google Ads account
  • How to Audit a new or existing Google Ads account and find issues to improve upon quickly
  • Utilise Dynamic Ad Customisers for more personalised ads
  • Understand the power of using Google Analytics with Google Ads and be familiar with Audience setup and relevant Google Ads reports in GA
  • Understand attribution models and why the default last click is not always ideal
  • Implement Machine Learning features within Google Ads to benefit your account in ways that human optimisation could never reach
  • Develop a multi-funnel remarketing strategy for GDN and search campaign
  • Able to setup your own Google Ads account
  • Be confident navigating Google Ads accounts
  • Basic exposure to excel filtering & pivot tables

** Last Update - March 2020 **

A top rated Google Ads course dedicated to teaching advanced strategies & practice!   

17 Sections, 68 videos and over 6 hours worth of advanced Google Ads training.   From the theory all the way through to hands on practice, take your Google Ads skills to the next level.

Course Overview:

The course is designed for Google Ads (Google AdWords) practitioners that already have basic knowledge in setting up and running AdWords accounts.  The course explores advanced techniques and ideas that I have picked up and developed over 11 years running Google Ads campaigns for small to large scale clients.  

I explain the idea behind each technique and I give you ideas and example cases on how I have used it.  I then show you how to set it up step by step inside Google Ads.  We also look at how to interpret results and how to apply it to your own campaigns, we look at real data and actual results.  

I've also now included access to a propriety Google Ads analysis tool that I've built which using ML and regression modelling to help you analyze, predict & forecast performance in your Google Ads account

What Students Are saying:

Malvika Jain (29th March, 2020) wrote:

"Excellent course. I was using Adwords in-depth 2013-15 and now wanted to get back to it. Seemed a herculean task but the pace and depth of this course was perfect at 2x speed. Looking fwd to trying many of the things mentioned here, and trying other courses by this instructor. The GA part was great."

Erdjan Remziev (29th Jan, 2020) wrote:

"He absolutely amazed me by the knowledge he has. I expected that course to be " The usual HOW TO " But its actually exceed my expectations by showing us really superior statistics A/B testings, labeling & etc... You will explore a lot of advanced secrets even if you've been handling ads for a long time, like me. Thank that's really advanced course."

Oliver (10th October, 2019) wrote:

"This is the best ads course that I have seen. very good to understand..."

Peter L. (1st July, 2019) wrote:

"Perfect match. I wanted to take my Google Ads and Analytics knowledge to another level, and this course is perfect for it. I've gone through it twice and will go through it at least one more time to really absorb it. I'm looking forward to working through Mark's Conversion Tracking course next."

Chua Yi Cheng (1st June 2019) wrote:

"I highly recommend this course for anyone who is managing a Google Ads account and wants to take his/her skills to the next level. I have been managing an adwords account for about half a year now and there are so many changes that I want to implement from the knowledge I learned from this course. This is a great course for advanced users no doubt about that."

Jarrett Webster (May 2019) wrote:

"I have been working in google ads for a few years now and was looking for more intermediate/advanced training and ideas. This course gave me new ideas and insights into how I can improve my clients (both old and new) campaign performance. The course uses up-to-date adwords format (as of May 14 2019)."

Emmanouil Christoforidis (April 2019) wrote:

"Advanced as it says! Really Nice Course!"

Christopher Johnson  (11th December 2018) wrote:

"This guy is a real master. I have spent waaay too much money consulting with big name companies, using big name software associated with adwords thinking I was doing myself / my clients a favor. Google does it better than anyone else, its their platform, after all. However, they dont do a very good job of making the information accessible and digestable to actually use the tools- this course does. A++"

Wojciech Idzikowski  (9th December 2018) wrote:

"Everything is well done. The narration - lector. Speed of the lessen. The way author choose topics. Congratulations."

Tucan Mihai  (1st, December 2018) wrote:

"I didn't expected to find so many useful information here. This is a course full of new ideas of strategies, different types of campaigns or things that you don't even know that are in Google Ads and great templates ready to use. Thank you for the info and tips and tricks about how to use in a more productive way Google Ads."

Marco Durazo  (November 2018) wrote:

"It's introductory to advanced concepts, but in the world of advertising 90% of the issue is piecing together what you should focus on, not how to do it. You can learn 1000 skills and be worthless at what you do; mastery is how you piece together the right skills. This course teaches you the right skills."

Christian Krohn  (September 2018) wrote:

"Some excellent "nuggets" of information here provided by an instructor who is clearly experienced. I have been doing PPC for many years, so I wasn't really expecting to learn anything new. I was wrong. Mark provided some advanced tactics in key areas of account management that I immediately incorporated into my client workflow. Glad I bought the course. Looking forward to more content from Mark." 

More About the Course:

The course covers specialised Ad reports like the organic & paid interaction report, remarketing strategy, machine learning functionality, competitor research, Google Analytics and so much more.

Another module contains a free Google Sheets template which automates budget tracking for multiple accounts.  Simply connect to Google Analytics and track multiple budgets, never log in again to multiple Ad accounts.  It is also gives results as to spend per day to meet monthly planned budgets.

I've also included a 30 minute Google Ads Audit, which takes you through step-by-step inside Google Ads from an account level to an AdGroup level all kinds of key issues that often I have found occurring inside accounts.  I have completed 100's of Audits, I use this experience to show you common pitfalls and things you should be looking for.  

The course is module based and not run to a particular order, so you can choose a module or technique that seems useful to you, learn about it and apply it to your own practice.  All the techniques taught can be applied to almost any AdWords account, they have been chosen for their practicality and usefulness.  I will also be adding more modules into the course with time as I record them.  I hope you enjoy the courses!

Who this course is for:
  • Google Ads users looking to advance their knowledge
Course content
Expand all 69 lectures 05:50:07
+ Introduction
1 lecture 02:15

A quick outline of the course, a discussion on prerequisites and who the course is ideal for.

Also attached is a free ebook for all course students.  Feel free to download and enjoy! 

Preview 02:15
+ Testing Ad Concepts
4 lectures 18:02

We discuss what an ad concept is and how it is different to a/b testing for ads.  We see it as a more comprehensive way of testing ideas and concepts across the whole account

Preview 01:52

We discuss a number of different ad concept ideas that you can try.  I'll show you some of the concepts I have used with my clients

Example Ad Concepts

This lecture shows you inside AdWords where labels are found and best practice for label categories so that reporting with flow smoothly

Label Setup

We look at the reports section inside AdWords and how to create a quick template for reporting on the Ad Concepts.  We look at what metrics are key to analysis

Reporting on Ad Concepts
+ Budget Optimize Tool: Regression modelling to Optimize CPA & ROI
5 lectures 13:39

An introduction to the Budget Optimize Tool and overview of how it can help you with Google Ads account analysis and optimisation.   I've been working on developing Budget Optimize for over 1 year.  It is free to use here:

Preview 01:23

We show you how to connect Budget Optimize to your Google Ads account via the API. 

Budget Optimize can be found at:

Preview 00:29

We look at how the tool can be used to analyze your Google Ads campaigns.  We show how you can make predictions on CPA & ROI at different levels of Ad spend, and how you can forecast different levels of spend.  We also touch on using different regression models to fit your data.

Budget Optimize can be found at:

Campaign Analysis

A 4 minute whirlwind tour of 4 ways to use the budget optimize tool to forecast and improve campaign performance

Preview 04:31

Some final words on using the Budget Optimize Tool, including a not on seasonality and incorporating other factors into your analysis

Preview 01:50
+ Google Ads Paid & Organic Interaction Report
5 lectures 18:23

We explain how the report can be used to identify opportunities for both SEO & Google Ads and how the report can be used to answer important strategic questions around bidding on branded keywords

Preview 02:30

We show inside Google Ads the report location and we discuss the requirements of getting Google Ads and the search console to communicate and how to do it.  

Linking Google Ads with Search Console

This video shows the process of manipulating the report data in excel and pivoting the data to get the required output

Excel Report Setup & Pivot

This video shows you how to pivot and filter the data in order to get output which shows cases where there are opportunities for both AdWords and SEO keywords

Identifying Google Ads & SEO Search Term Opportunities

From the output show in this video we can identify the effects of showing Ads with organic listings.  We identify different outcomes for branded and non-branded keywords.  We also show you how to present the data for a client

CTR Interaction between SEO & SEM
+ GeoLocal Campaigns - Double Campaign Structure
2 lectures 06:47

This presentation discusses the idea behind the double campaign structure and why it is effective in targeting users that are looking for products or services in a specific location

The theory behind the double campaign

We run through a practical example inside Google Ads how this should be setting up including adgroup setup.  The example is for a dentist but could be applied to any local business

A practical example inside Google Ads
+ Google Ads Campaign Experiments (drafts & experiments)
4 lectures 26:02

We discuss the importance of drafts and experiments (ACE).  Why they are an important part of AdWords optimisation and the benefits of using them for yourself and your clients

Preview 04:48

We look at practical ways the tool can be used.  I provide examples where I have used experiments for my own clients and other suggested usages 

Example experiment Ideas for use

Hands on step by step guide to setting up a draft and experiment

Draft & Experiment Setup

We look at actual results from a current experiment.  We discuss how to analyse the results and what the symbols mean and then how to apply or roll back an experiment

Report Analysis & explanation of symbols
+ Automate Budgeting for Multiple Ad Accounts
3 lectures 11:52

An overview of how the template works and what it can do.  Please make a copy of the template, it can be found here:

Preview 02:09

An explanation of where to input data.  This is the Google Analytics View ID's and Goal Numbers

Data Inputs

We walk-through the information that the output sheet provides and show you how to take actionable insights and adjust daily budgets based on the results

Reading the sheet output
+ AdWords Audit
5 lectures 31:47

This lecture reviews the sections of the audit that we will be looking at.  There is also a downloadable audit checklist PDF

Preview 01:45

We look at ideal account structures and how often campaigns are not planned and set up properly.  We review ideal structures for e-commerce and Google Shopping Campaigns

Auditing the Account Structure

We review settings at the campaign level and default settings that should be changed but often are not and the issues this can cause.  We also discuss device, audience and scheduling bidding, where to review them and what to look for

Campaign Settings

We take a deep dive into the adgroup.  We look at best practice for Ads, extensions and keywords and what people often forget to do.  We also talk about audiences and RLSA.  

Auditing on the AdGroup Level

Here we discuss other issues an AdWords account can have outside of the regular structure.  We uncover whether experiments are being used, we discuss the use of scripts, conversion tracking & landing pages

Other Things to look for in an Audit
+ Remarketing Strategy & Implementation
9 lectures 43:18

What we'll cover in this section, the theory behind remarketing and increasing advertising exposure

Preview 03:03

How I setup a strategy for GDN remarketing and things to look out for.

GDN Remarketing

The best approach to using RLSA.  Strategical setup and the power if using IF Statements with RLSA

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) & IF Statements

We discuss the difference between Customer Match and Cookie based retargeting 

Customer Match (Email Retargeting)

We discuss what Dynamic Remarketing is.  Requirements for setup and practically how to set it up campaigns and ads for this product

Dynamic Remarketing

We discuss how these work and when to use these lists in your remarketing campaigns

Lookalike Audiences

I'll show the most common GDN Banner sizes and we'll also discuss other things to keep in mind when running remarketing from setting pixels and privacy policies

GDN Banner Sizes & Other Things to Consider

We discuss the option of sharing your remarketing lists with others, some of the ethics around it and which platforms allow you to do it.  We show you practically inside how you can share you audience lists.

Audience List Sharing

This video explores the concept of remarketing with events rather then with page urls.  We discuss the advantages of using events for remarketing and how to do it.  We look at a few examples of events such as form abandoners, users clicking on phone numbers after hours and users that have watched events.

Preview 06:25
+ Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
6 lectures 23:22

We discuss the role AI plays in AdWords and why humans will always be essential.  We discuss the difference between AI & ML and all the ways AI can be utilised in AdWords

What is AI & ML

We look at settings you can use to optimise the delivery of ads and budgets and when these should be used. 

Auto Rotate for Budgets & Ads

DSA can be a powerful tool when used correctly.  How to use them and what results to expect

Dynamic Search Ads

An exploration into the different automated bidding strategies available.  Where these strategies sit on the marketing funnel.  How to implement them using Campaign Experiments and where to find them inside your campaigns 

Smart Bidding Strategies

We discuss how these audiences are generated using algorithms and also best practices for using them

Lookalike Audiences

What it is and why you should try it!  It is possible to achieve end-to-end automation

Data Driven Attribution Models