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How to "get your head in the game" so you have the right mindset for your journey
How to "identify and smash thru your most common roadblock" so you don't stay stuck by your perceived limitations
How to "create your big picture life" so you have some idea of where you're going and what you want to accomplish
How to "catapult your clarity" so you know what is important, know what you value, and how to approach life from day to day
How to "shift into your unique place" so you stop drifting and stand in your God assigned sphere of influence
How to "explore your untapped potential" so you stop allowing yourself to believe the power for success in outside you


  • An open mind, a positive attitude, and a willingness to do a little work on your own life. Everything else you need to know you will learn on the journey.


Imagine waking up in the morning, and being truly excited and energized to begin a new day, because you know you are finally standing in that place in your life, where are living with that special driving force behind you; the clarity of God's purpose is pulsing through your heart, and your head and hands are finally connected to what you know you were born to do.

...this is totally different from what life used to be because now, life is simpler, life is easier to live, and life is much happier and content, without the demanding stress and anxiety.

Imagine what your life looks and feels like in these moments

...and no, these are not imaginary situations, but rather, this is a life that God has destined for you to live.

But why are so many believers seemingly missing out?

It's simple, you live, love, and matter, based on the specialized knowledge or information you have available to you, to move you to your next level.

Fulfillment in life is dependent on becoming...

You must realize that your fulfillment in life is dependent on your becoming and doing what you were born to be and do.

No amount of accomplishments can replace the power and the motivation of finding your own special niche and working toward your dreams.

Therefore, you and I, must ask ourselves the primary question — “Why am I here?”

...and our response must be — “To be me and to express myself fully, according to God's design and plan, just for me".

Purpose is the destination that sparks the adventure c'mon - live your adventure!

Your existence is evidence that this generation needs something that your life contains.

In essence, there is something you came to this planet to do that the world needs in this generation; and despite what anyone says, your birth is evidence that your purpose is necessary.

Join the course and let's explore together!

Who this course is for:

  • The kingdom-minded Christian Believer who has felt the "pull of destiny", to do more for the kingdom, to make an impact, to take life to the next level, and enjoy true fulfillment living out their Godly calling, but didn’t always know what to focus on to achieve this in a principled and practical way


Udemy Expert: Living An Engaged, Authentic & Powerful Life
Conrad Jones
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  Conrad L. Jones is the author of over 10 books including but not limited to:
  “8 Simple Keys To Unlocking Your Unique Greatness: Living A Life Others Only Dream About“,
  “Hey, Did You Pack Your Parachute: What Every Employee Must Know About Securing Their Future & Income In This Changing Work Environment“
  “What Should I Do With My Life Now? - 4 Easy Steps To Attracting Refreshing Change In Your Life - If You Don't Know Where To Start!”
among others…
  He is the President And CEO of Purpose Unleashed Media Group, a personal life development firm, and also the founder of “L.E.A.P Forward” Seminars(tm), the powerful breakthrough event that teaches people how to live their lives passionately, purposefully, and uniquely great, via live seminar events, online multimedia training, guest appearances, and group coaching programs.
  As the creator of the multimedia life repositioning course “Living A Uniquely Great Life”.  Conrad is a leading expert on topics such as: 

Determining Your Life’s Direction (Finding focus and balance in a chaotic world)

Discovering Your Life’s Core Product (Unleashing your unique potential through passion, love, and inspiration)

Unleashing Your Unique Greatness (Becoming the you, God created you to be)

Engaged Entrepreneurship (Transforming your skills and abilities into profitable income streams that benefits you, and blesses others)

Walking According To Your God-given Dream & Destiny (How to find, figure-out, and follow God’s purpose & plan for you, so you can live a happier, satisfied, and prosperous life)

The Value Revolution (Using your passion, expertise, and knowledge to create high quality and high value for others, in a landscape of greed and mediocrity).

  Conrad believes that simplicity, not complexity, is the key to helping others to live their best lives, daily. He says, “If people don’t understand what you’re teaching them, they can’t apply the principles or concepts to their lives; and since nothing changes without taking the right actions, if people can’t apply something to their lives, it is useless for them – and the world is already filled with too much useless crap, that people don’t need more in their lives. So give them your very best!”
  As a Christian inspirational/motivational speaker & writer, Conrad is in high demand as the go-to-expert with the uncanny ability to break down complex ideas and subjects, and make them easy for people to understand and apply to their lives for great results., 

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