Advance Communication Skills for High Stake Environment

Conflict Management for All Aspects of life, Win Conflict before it happens and save your life for Success.
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People those who want to learn depth about how to manage conflict
Understanding people aspiration, Traits and motives
Different between good/Bad conflict
Working through Executive levels


  • Anyone who is willing to learn about advance communication and conflict management for all aspects of life


“The great remedy for anger is delay”

–Thomas Paine

Here you will learn about how conflict can be great for overall success in life or any business success ?

Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. The aim of conflict management is to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in an organizational setting. Properly managed conflict can improve group outcomes.


When a conflict exists, the first step is to decide whether to address it. That decision involves balancing the reward against price of addressing the issue; that balance is unique to each circumstance. Some general rules are that if the issue is troublesome enough that it is affecting your behavior or weighing on your conscience, it should be addressed. It is important not to confuse the perceived difficulty of the conversation with determination of whether it will be beneficial and appropriate to proceed. Perceived differences in power often impact a decision to address a conflict; however, lessons from aviation and other industries illustrate the benefits of open communication and the risks of silence even in situations of different levels of authority or power.


Conflict occurs frequently and often results in significant disruption and cost for individuals and organizations. Although often avoided or poorly managed, evidence suggests the skills for effective management of conflict can be learned. Multiple studies confirm when conflict is successfully addressed, and multiple benefits accrue to the organization and individuals.

Lets learn more about it and win the conflict before it happens .

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  • Introduction
  • Determining Pay Off
  • Dealing With Different Human Creatures
  • Understanding DISC Personality
  • Assertiveness Components
  • How to Spot Low IQ and High IQ
  • Dealing With Power Seekers and Manipulatives Individuals
  • Neuroeconomics for Great Relationship Enabling High Performance
  • The Strangest Secrets
  • Bonus


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