Adobe Xd Design Mode Complete Guide and Walkthrough Part 3/3

A complete understanding of the Design mode in Adobe Xd 2020, in depth analytics for every tool and feature for starers.
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How to work with Adobe Xd
Learning full potential of Design Mode in Xd step by step
How To Think While Designing
How To Use Right Tools In Designing
You will learn in an experimental method, so you will never forget the things you learn in this course!!
Work with every Design Tool that Xd has to offer!
Learning All the Shortcuts
Getting the most out of Design Mode in Xd
Analyzing every tool and feature Adobe Xd's Design mode has to offer
Learning about how Adobe Xd's design tools were used in example
Cover all the new additions whenever a new update is released over the time


  • Adobe Xd on your machine! it's free and downloadable on Adobe website.
  • We learn everything from scratch, so you don't need any experience in this field (Design Programs)


Concepts are one of the most important things to learn when we want to learn a new skill or work with a new tool. When we learn the concepts about something, we reach a strong understanding of that. It's with the help of this understanding that we could do awesome things.

In this course I have tried to walk you through the concepts of features that Adobe Xd has to offer. When I started learning Xd I had no background working with designing programs, and it was my goal to create a course not only for people who have an understanding of designing tools, but also for absolute beginners. The mapping of the course was challenging since I didn't want it to be just a basic course. So I looked at great designer’s work and I decided to narrate the course by analyzing their designs.

So this course is aimed at beginners, whether it's a completely new concept to you or you have some experience working with designing tools, BUT it doesn't mean it's just a basic course.

We go in depth with every tool and feature that adobe xd has to offer in the design mode by analyzing two of the great UI Kits that were made by awesome designers.

After this course, you will be ready to start designing in adobe xd, work with it’s tools and features in the design mode.

You can design websites, mobile apps, social media posts for your instagram or facebook page, and there are way more things to do with this app that you can do.

Designing isn't the only mode that Adobe Xd has, we also have the prototyping Mode in Xd which plays an important role in designing App/Web prototypes and animations. For this course we emphasis on design mode and we don't cover the prototype mode.

By the way, in this part we cover all the new updates that will be released for adobe xd in time in chapter 5, Last Forever.

Who this course is for:

  • People who wants to start a career in design
  • This course is made for people who wants to start working with design apps from scratch, with no background on this matter.
  • Guys who are coming from PhotoShop, Sketch, ... to work with Xd
  • People who want to Design Social Media Posts (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube,...)
  • People Who want to design the looks of a website or app
  • People who want to Design Posters
  • People who want to learn Adobe Xd fast

Course content

4 sections7 lectures44m total length
  • Welcome back, Again!


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Farshad Varaste
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Hey! I'm Farshad.

I always loved designing since I was in high school, I designed prototypes for myself and I really felt great about it. As the time went by I started to work as a SEO engineer and kinda lost my touch with the designing. With almost having no background in using designing tools, I started to work with Adobe Xd and it was magical, it was whatever i wanted to have as a teenager who was designing some prototypes for himself.

I always loved sharing, when at university I taught some of the subjects that I liked to my friends and it really felt good.

It was a while ago, an IT educational website in my country wanted to have a course on User Interface Design, I applied my idea about a course for Adobe Xd and after it was approved I created the course. Thankfully it was a success and I’ve got really good feedback.

It was a great experience because it was the Intersection of two things that i like very much, sharing and designing.

I like helping people get started, and since I’m a junior designer I have a way better understanding about how the mind works when it wants to learn new designing skills.

I want to start my instructor career with a complete walkthrough and guide for people who want to start designing and have no background, hopefully it will be valuable to you.