Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Extreme Sports FX Project

Raw & edgy video editing styles for Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn rapid video cuts to force Adobe Premiere to go extreme.
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Create white flashes
Add arithmetic tool for extreme colors
Add black and white and color on the same video
Replace colors using filters and cloning tool
Compress and layer videos with opacity handle effects
Replicate the images for 16 on the screen at once
Reverse the speed
Mask out background
Animate graphics with motion
Use emboss filters
Place title in between subject and background
Add keyframes to animate separate images
Use filters to enhance the look and feel of the video


  • Basic level of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • You can download the free trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro 2018
  • Any Adobe Premiere verson prior to 2018 will also work


Use Real Sports Footage

This lesson comes with PRACTICE EXERCISES and DOWNLOADABLE FOOTAGE so you can work on it as you go through the lesson frame by frame.

If you've watched ESPN, NFL network, or MLB scoreboards in the stadiums, you will want to add these affects from Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 into your video editing repertoire.

These are similar effects and you will have 100% access to download working video files to sharpen your video editing skills in the latest version of Premiere Pro for 2018.

Download Video to Practice Along With Me

Use the footage provided and footage in the course to compile advanced editing with a short learning curve. This will make you an advanced editor with creative, out-of-the-box thinking when you move on to your real world projects.

Get Right To The Point With the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro

I use the latest Adobe Premiere Pro version that can be downloaded as a free 30 day trial if you do not have it already.

Use other compatible versions like Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, or CS with this project.

Make money as a video editor by learning the most important things to get you up to speed. These lessons are designed to walk you through easy step-by-step activities to get you real results. Worry about the fine details later as these are designed to get you up and running quickly.

Do You Need To Have Any Experience?

Never used Premiere before? It doesn't matter. If you can drag and drop footage and follow the steps, you can do these advanced steps with ease. Have you used Premiere frequently but want some added tips with a different perspective? That works too. 

Do you want to add effects that pros use in current TV commercials in Adobe Premiere Pro? If so, I will show you two major commercials that used these effects. They will put you above the competition as you will be able to add these into your own videos. 

These effects will work in many different types of videos and are quick and easy to learn in this step-by-step tutorial that gives you the assets to work on for your video editing needs. 

A fun class to take and enjoy with some relevant skills you can apply right away.

Get Advanced And Go Above & Beyond The Basics.

And, there's more, you can learn it all in one day. This course will skip what you don't want to know and get right to what you need to know so you can take your videos to the next level. Make a TV series, a feature film, make cool effects to get you noticed in the corporate sector or online for business.

Cut to the Chase.

Cut to the chase and add affects to your videos to make them stand out. Drag the video source files I give you in and edit along with me or just watch. You will have a list of short cuts and tricks that you can use right away.

Scale videos to make them smaller or larger. Add a mask to a MLB or NFL player and remove the background to add a stadium or sports background that you can animate.

What Will You Take Away?

You will also be able to add flashes of white to the video, replicate the footage, and even change and replace the color using Color Pass filters.

Compress the file into a video file that you can export using Adobe Premiere's exporting function. Once you have the .mp4 file, import the clip back into Premiere where you will be able to adjust opacity handles directly in the sequence timeline. And so much more.

And ... it's Free!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to add an edgy, raw look to their videos.
  • Anyone who wants to cut to the chase and learn these in less than an hour.

Course content

2 sections9 lectures41m total length
  • Odell Beckham NFL X-TREME Lesson 1
  • Odell Beckham NFL X-TREME Lesson 2
  • Odell Beckham NFL X-TREME Lesson 3


Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video Editor
Greyson James
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It started with teaching 6th graders Adobe Premiere Pro many years ago in elementary school. From there, I taught middle school and high school broadcast TV where we produced the morning news and the end of the year videos. Students explored indie film projects and their YouTube careers.

I earned a Bachelors in TV/Film/Screenwriting and a Masters in Education. I've also optioned scripts to Hollywood and produced my own independent films and worked in the corporate sector to make commercials for TV, sports stadiums, retail kiosk screens in stores nationwide, and ... drum roll ... videos for the World Wide Web!

Today, I create videos for university learning modules, but still love the visual effects for TV, film and YouTube.

I try to find things I see on TV and recreate the effects in the lessons I offer. If you learn one effect, you can apply that same effect over and over again to different genres.  Even if you don't like sports for example, you can freeze frame a subject, cut them out, then add black and white in the background to something else like a farmhouse in the country etc. That's my philosophy on these lessons.

I've recently updated my content on (4-9-21). The Free courses are great to see how I teach without having to spend anything. I recommend checking those out first.

Thanks for reading, and maybe one day I can help you in your Adobe Premiere Pro video editing venture!