Adobe Illustrator For Beginners

Discover the basics of Adobe Illustrator... perfect for new users.
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Discover the basics of Illustrators
Learn how to use layers in Illustrator
Work with multiple files
Discover how to use artboards


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Adobe Illustrator CC for beginners.  No previous Adobe Illustrator experience required.  In this Adobe Illustrator training course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with Illustrator.  Plus, I'll show you the same time-saving techniques I use for a fast and productive workflow. 

RAVE REVIEW!  This testimonial (from my Lightroom course) sums up all the courses I provide...

"The content of the course is perfectly structured and expertly delivered. The flow of the content builds knowledge and skills in a logical fashion. Chris has a really good presentation style. Of key importance, when students ask questions, Chris answers them in a thorough and comprehensive manner. Highly recommended. Regards." ~ Mick

The course starts off with the basic foundations and proceeds to more advanced tools.  A course worksheet is included.  Use to follow along with and practice what you learn.  Stuck?  No problem, I'm available for continued discussions relating to the course material.  Throughout the course, I encourage students to practice what they learn and post their work in the discussion area for any type of feedback (or additional questions).

Once you've completed this comprehensive course on Adobe Illustrator CC, you'll be comfortable with the tools, how to apply them, and have the skillset for a fast and productive workflow.

A fun, entertaining training course on Adobe Illustrator CC. This Adobe Illustrator course is designed for beginners.

Who this course is for:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Anyone new to Illustrator

Course content

6 sections18 lectures1h 52m total length
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