Acrylic Painting the Bull Fight + FREE book + certificate

Beautiful Black and White: Painting the Bullfight
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Step-by-step how to paint this black and white bullfight painting


  • Have some black and white acrylic paints, and basic brushes and any canvas


Painting the Beautiful Bullfight in Black and White

I hope you are ready for a more challenging project! Because in this class we will use only black and white paint, and from just a few simple stick figures we will paint a beautiful rustic style black and white painting of a bullfight, that you will be proud to display. This course comes with a certificate of achievement and FREE pdf version of my book: Make Your Paintings Pop!

Thank you and I'll see you in class!


Teaching style

Unscripted and hands-on, my style of teaching is a "real world" classroom format where I take you through the whole artistic process:  sketching, painting, and even making mistakes, while I narrate my stream of consciousness thoughts in between teaching various useful skills as we paint.  

Supplies you will need: Acrylic black paint, Mars black is good, but any kind of black will do. Titanium white, or just use acrylic white gesso. The brand of acrylic paint can be whichever brand you prefer. I use Liquitex and Blick brands. Brushes: Having a 1" flat brush and a 1/2" brush will be helpful. Along with a cup of water for cleaning and moistening your brushes, and some paper towels for cleaning them now and then. Canvas can be any type you like. I will be using Arches #180 paper, but you can use stretched canvas, cardboard, wood panel, or anything you like to paint on. Optionally, you may also want to mat and frame your painting, and a matting frame can be used to check the contrast of your work periodically as we paint together.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who enjoys painting

Course content

6 sections7 lectures1h 11m total length
  • We sketch our figures


IT Instructor, fine artist, and U.S. veteran
Jeff Diamond
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I am a U.S. veteran (USN) and an IT professional holding a number of certifications in the industry, along with being a fine artist.

Most of my courses are FREE to help people of all ages, all veterans, and of all backgrounds, to get a good start in life or to help with a career change. My courses are low-budget, but I do try to fill them with lots of useful information delivered in a plain-speaking way so that everyone can understand the concepts and practices. Also, I frequently update my courses and adding content to make them better. I hope that you enjoy these courses, and if you have any suggestions for improvements or things you want to learn, feel free to let me know. 

In addition to teaching here on Udemy, I am a board member of the aviation engineering company Apeiron Technology, a Veteran Education Resources partner, and president of CCNAUltimateLabs.