8 Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom And Escape Debt
4.4 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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8 Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom And Escape Debt

Guaranteed to help you change your financial future and enjoy life.
4.4 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
15 students enrolled
Created by Gail Nichols
Last updated 12/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Understand and apply the 8 simple steps to financial independence so you won't have to work (you may choose to work, but not need to work).
  • Take charge of your financial life - Identify the Key Problem and Easy Solution to becoming financially secure.
  • Put your plan into place for your "Dreams Come True" lifestyle.
  • You need a "can do" attitude with the ability to take action towards your goal. No special software or other materials are required.
  • Do you see older people working way past their retirement date and hope that won’t be you?
  • You want to know how to make the right choices to organize your finances.
  • You don’t know what the right questions are to ask to become financially independent

Welcome to 8 Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom And Escape Debt guaranteed to help you increase cash, eliminate debt, retire wealthy and enjoy life.

I designed this course to teach you about money for Safe Wealth Creation to achieve your dreams. You’ll learn the easy ways to increase your cash flow and save money tax-free to replace your future salary, business or career income. At that point, you won’t need to work any longer. You may choose to work but not need to work.

That’s financial independence where your dreams actually can come true. Would you like to know how to get there as soon as possible?

Learn and Master the 8 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom Safely

  • The Problem 96% of people don’t know they have
  • The Painless Solution
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Improve Your Cash flow
  • Protect Your Cash
  • Leave A Legacy
  • How to turn $1.40 into $40,000 and then into $ millions in a way you’ll never forget
  • Design your plan to achieve your financial independence.

I designed this course for the entrepreneur, manager or rising star. You want to have enough money to enjoy your lifestyle today and in the future but maybe you’re not sure how to make the right choices or what are the right questions to ask to become financially independent safely.

This course and I will help you achieve your dreams.

The course is broken into 11 Sections for each of the 8 Steps to Financial Freedom plus an introductory section and a wrap-up section with a Bonus lecture. Each Section has 2 or more lectures averaging 5 minutes and a short Quiz to test your understanding to that point followed by a Conclusion. Total time to take this course is approximately 5 hours.

Several lectures have supplemental downloadable resources such as a PDF whitepaper, worksheet or a link to an outside online resource such as our Facebook Mastermind Group for our student community, as well as online calculators for social security, mortgage payments and an emergency fund.

In this course, you’ll learn stuff that will amaze, shock and surprise you. What you do with what you learn will determine your future. It’s simple stuff wealthy people do every day. Interested to learn more? Feel free to look through the course description and I look forward to meeting with you inside.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for the entrepreneur, business owner, manager and rising star, either a true beginner who doesn’t know how or why to open a savings account, or a more experienced investor who wants to learn more about protecting their savings from loss, in particular.
  • Do you want to enjoy a fun lifestyle today and also provide for your future but you’re worried about losing your savings?
  • If you’re tired of reading about hot investment tips and get-rich-quick formulas that sound too good to be true and maybe actually tried a few yourself and got burned…
  • This course removes all the intimidating barriers and tactics of conventional financial advice.
  • No prior knowledge is required in finance, accounting, investing or legal areas. This course is not for financial planners, accountants or other advisory professionals
Course content
Expand all 48 lectures 05:26:11
+ Introduction
6 lectures 18:35

Hi and welcome to Safe Wealth Creation To Achieve Your Dreams. There's a secret to achieving Financial Independence which I will reveal to you as we work through the course together. However, once you learn this secret, you need to apply it to your life for the magic to happen.

My mission is to be a resource to help you become financially secure with Tax-Free income for life that you cannot outlive. So congrats on taking the plunge!

Preview 02:51

No matter what your financial situation, I can help you become financially secure with the knowledge you gain in this course. What would financial security mean to you? What if you could have the same salary or income you have today coming from money you put away in your "nest egg"? What would that be like for you? That's what I can help you achieve.

I have included mention of programs in this course that are of particular interest to people living and working in the USA. You should seek the opinion of qualified tax and legal advisors before making any decisions.

Preview 04:07

The course is broken up into Sections and Lectures. The Sections are broad, headline subjects.

Under each section, you will find multiple Lectures. This is the meat of the course.

Preview 02:37

Every lecture has a few different parts. Along with many lectures, we've also included some other materials called Supplemental materials as added resources to complement your experience with the lecture.

Preview 02:31

Think of this course as your Personal Road Map to achieving Financial Independence. If you ever get confused or lost somewhere in the Safe Wealth Creation process, just come back to to this course, click on the relevant lecture, check out our supplemental resources and you'll be back on your way in no time.

Lecture 5: Resources Landscape

Congratulations! You're at the end of the very first section of this course. You're well on your way to beginning your Safe Wealth Creation plan to live the life of your dreams.

Lecture 6: Conclusion To Section 1
+ What Is Financial Independence
4 lectures 17:17

Before we get into the 8 Simple Steps to Financial Independence, if you were to put everyone together when you graduate from school and you're going to work until about age 65, don't you think most people want to become financially secure?

Our goal is to help people become financially independent safely. We teach you the easy ways to increase your cash flow and save money tax-free to replace your future salary, business or career income.

Lecture 7: Introduction to Financial Independence

Think of all the seniors you see working at supermarkets and fast food restaurants. It's not because they really want to. Here's a story about my recent visit to Wendy's and a key lesson in becoming financially secure at retirement.

Lecture 8: Wendy's Story

A third of Americans are delinquent on debt with the National average being $53,850. You'll learn why that happened and what you can do to avoid that for you and your family.

Lecture 9: Debt Overview
Quiz 1 - What Is Financial Independence
4 questions

Congratulations on completing the second Section. You learned Why you need to become financially secure by retirement age. Out of 100 people turning age 65 today, only 4 are financially secure. I will show you how to be in the 4% instead of the 96%.

Lecture 10: Conclusion To Section 2
+ Step 1: The Problem The 96 Had But Didn't Know
4 lectures 20:10

We're creating a Game Plan for Financial Independence safely. We'll figure out where you are today and where you want to be in the future and what's going to have to happen along the way. We'll be tweaking things as we go along so things keep pace with your lifestyle. So we're going to be always inspecting what you expect.

Lecture 11: Inspect What You Expect

Let's talk about inflation and the Rule of 72. It's an old banker's rule that helps quickly calculate how fast money grows. Let's see how it will affect you when you are ready to retire.

Lecture 12: The Rule of 72

Out of 100 people turning age 65 today, only 4 are financially secure. We'll complete a sample worksheet together to calculate your Financial Gap at retirement - the amount you need to supplement your Social Security and other income to cover Basic Living Expenses (Shelter, Food, Transportation).

Lecture 13: Your Financial Gap
Quiz 2: The Problem The 96 Had But Didn't Know
5 questions
Lecture 14: Conclusion to Section 3
+ Step 2: The Painless Solution
3 lectures 15:23

Cash Flow is the amount of money you have left at the end of the month. It's your Pot Of Gold. Here's where you'll find it.

Lecture 15: Cash Flow

To increase your Cash Flow, you need to find places to reduce your expenses and reallocate those funds to savings for your short and long term goals. We'll complete a worksheet to identify these sources.

Lecture 16: 21 Places To Find Savings
Quiz 3: The Painless Solution
5 questions

Congratulations in completing Section 4. You are closer to achieving Financial Independence.

You learned about the Formula for Success that works for the IRS - so why not apply it in your own life.

Lecture 17: Conclusion to Section 4
+ Step 3: The Debt Eliminator
2 lectures 13:45

Is a beautiful new house and car of interest to you? Of course they are! Nobody likes debt - so we use the Debt Eliminator plan to help get rid of debt.

Lecture 18: The Debt Eliminator Plan
Quiz 4: The Debt Eliminator
5 questions

Congratulations! You learned how to take hold of that Debt Demon and knock it out - so you can sleep better at night and have financial independence.

Lecture 19: Conclusion to Section 5
+ Step 4: The Cash Creator
4 lectures 15:36

Bad things happen to good people. What I've found is most people don't have an emergency fund. Except the wealthy. We'll learn about the 5 parts to an Emergency Fund and how to get it organized.

Lecture 20: Your Emergency Fund

Credit cards offer many advantages in that you can buy items without carrying large amounts of cash and you may earn travel and other rewards by using them.

However, using a credit card is like taking out a loan. If you don't pay the balance in full every month, you pay interest on the balance.

We discuss the 20 - 10 Rule of Thumb to help you understand how much credit you can afford. But the real solution is to be your own banker. We'll find out how in the next Lecture.

Lecture 21: Credit Card Debt

The solution to creating real cash for your future is to be your own banker. We'll learn how to create your "Pot of Gold" and "Golden Nest Egg.

Lecture 22: Be Your Own Banker

Test your understanding of Creating Cash

Quiz 5: The Cash Creator
4 questions

Congratulations! You're making great progress. Let's pause to quickly review the main points we learned about cash creation.

Lecture 23: Conclusion to Section 6
+ Step 5: The Cash Protector
4 lectures 28:02

Your money has to last as long as you do. We discuss options that save you money, increase your savings, protect you and your family and increase your current cash flow.

Lecture 24: Protect Your Income Source

Supplemental insurance pays benefits for costs that major medical does not provide. We learn all about why, how and when you need supplemental insurance.

Lecture 25: Supplemental Insurance Overview

Life insurance began in 2000 BC in China as a way to reduce risk to traders. We learn about the two main kinds of life insurance and their purposes.

Lecture 26: Life Insurance - Quick Overview
Quiz 6: The Cash Protector
4 questions

Congratulations! You're now the Go-To person in your family about protecting your future and theirs.

Many folks avoid talking about it but you now have the understanding about why it's important to be prepared and what you can do.

Lecture 27: Conclusion to Section 7
+ Step 6: The Family Estate Protector
2 lectures 15:56

This section deals with an uncomfortable subject but it's essential to you - so I have to do it. How do you want your loved ones to remember you when you pass on? We learn how to make it easy for them to more your estate through the process.

Lecture 28: Leave A Legacy

How ready are you to make your dreams come true?

Quiz 7: Review of Steps 1 to 6
13 questions

Congratulations! You are now more prepared to leave a Legacy for your family. In this lecture, we review what we learned so far in Steps 1 through 6 including:

Step 1: The Problem

Step 2: The Painless Solution

Step 3: The Debt Eliminator

Step 4: The Cash Creator

Step 5: The Cash Protector

Step 6: The Family Estate Protector

Lecture 29: Conclusion of Section 8
+ Step 7: Your Grand Slam Home Run - That Everyone Likes The Best
12 lectures 01:36:13

How to turn $1.40 into $40,000 and then $40,000 into Millions in a way you'll never forget as your dreams become reality!

This will surprise you and it will enhance your current lifestyle today.

Lecture 30: How to Quadruple Your Money

We learn about the two battles you must win to become financially independent and if you don't win both of them together, your chance of becoming financially independent is not great.

Lecture 31: The Two Battles You Must Win

We look at a typical real life story of how important the growth rate is on saving money for the long term.

Lecture 32: Typical Real Life Story

People try to save money in banks and credit unions but they end up in lower end jobs at retirement for the rest of their life. We find out why and how to prevent that scenario for you.

Lecture 33: Why The Poor Get Poorer

The key to winning the two battles is simple. We find out what it is and how to apply it to your life.

Lecture 34: Key To Winning The Two Battles

We recap information we learned earlier about your Financial Gap and then examine ways to fill that Gap.

Lecture 35: Your Grand Slam Home Run

Wealth is everyone's dream but for the best compounding growth rate, you need as much Saving Time as possible. We learn the critical facts you need to know and apply to making time work in your favor.

Lecture 36: Why Age Matters In Reaching Your Financial Goals

The Bonus is the most important part of all to long term savings. It's the key to the Safety part of Wealth Creation.

Lecture 37: Your Tax-Free Bonus

We learn about Annuities and CDs and how they apply to help you reach your short term and long term financial goals.

Lecture 38: Annuities & Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

A mutual fund can be a valuable asset in your portfolio...maybe or maybe not. We examine the history and present situation with mutual funds.

Lecture 39: Mutual Funds

Times are tough. The Economy is tougher. Maybe your job doesn't pay enough to live on now. We review your options to become financially secure anyway.

Lecture 40: Your Choices Are Simple
Quiz 8: Your Grand Slam Home Run
14 questions

Congratulations! You are now your family's Guru on Financial Independence.

You are ready to have an educated conversation with a financial advisor.

Put your knowledge into an action plan in the next Section.

Lecture 41: Conclusion of Section 9
+ Step 8: Design Your Plan for Financial Independence
6 lectures 01:21:53

We quickly review what we learned in the first 7 Steps and then design your plan for Financial Independence.

Lecture 42: Introduction and Review

You, the Government and Tax - that we all love to hate! The Tax Battle is far more difficult to win than the Inflation Battle. But the wealthy have been doing it for years. We learn how you can easily win this battle too.

Lecture 43: 3 Ways Savings Are Taxed - Now, Later or Never

We review how the IRS has special tax advantages for people using life insurance plans for tax-free growth and lifetime tax-free income.

Lecture 44: Tax-Advantaged Savings With Life Insurance

We compare two ways to grow money tax-sheltered and the different outcomes.

Lecture 45: A 2-Part Strategy To Fill Your Financial Gap

We examine an illustration (example) of the Equity Index Savings for tax-free growth and lifetime tax-free income.

Lecture 46: How Equity Index Savings Work - Sample Illustration
Quiz 9: Design Your Plan
17 questions

Congratulations! You looked at a sample Blueprint for Success - how an Equity Index Savings plan would work.

It's a Safe way to create and build your Pot of Gold Nest Egg to fill your Financial Gap at retirement.

Now, it's time to get started on making your dreams come true too !

Lecture 47: Conclusion