Build Excel Models using Advanced Formulas, VBA, Power Query
4.1 (32 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Build Excel Models using Advanced Formulas, VBA, Power Query

Learn to design robust Excel Models and Dashboards for Reporting and Analytics using Formulas, Excel VBA & Power Query
4.1 (32 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
688 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Advanced Formulas and Functions to prepare Accounting Schedules (such as prepaid expenditure) and many other amorisation models
  • How to leverage awesome data transformation tool called Power Query (Get & Transform)
  • How to Manage Prepaid Expenses accounting professional way (or any other amortisation schedule)
  • How to Forecast and Budget Prepaid Expenses and its impact on three Financial Statements
  • Maintaining the utmost accuracy while closing month end books (Accountants) for Prepaid Expenditures
  • Dynamic Data Visualization and Dashboard Preparation using Formulas and Functions
  • Dynamic Dashboards and Data Visualization with Power Query (Next level Data modeling tricks)
  • Basics of Double Entry Accounting System
  • Basics of Microsoft Excel (also basics of Pivot Tables)
  • A Computer with Microsoft Excel Installed (preferably: 2007 or later versions)

If you’re an accountant, analyst or business professional looking to take your Excel skills to the next level, this is the course you’ve been looking for!

This Course will teach you how to prepare efficient Excel model with advanced (powerful) formulas and function, Power Query /Pivot Tables and Excel VBA (all templates are available for download).

In addition to that I’ll cover how to create fully dynamic Excel dashboards with just Excel Formulas or if you want to get more advanced, we’ll cover next level Dashboard with Power Query and Pivot tables (no formulas used, refresh the dashboard with new data with just two clicks)

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the things we’ll cover:

  1. I’ll teach you advanced formulas and functions, and how to work with mega formulas

  2. Using Power Query (Get and Transform) to automate multiple sheets into an insightful summary report (Pivot Tables Report) using Excel VBA to control input and reduce errors, automate entire workflow saving precious time.

  3. In the course, I go through specific examples of Prepaid Expenditures like this one below:

       Mobile Phone prepaid vouchers/data plans and Insurances.

While this course will be utmost helpful to Accounting professionals, FP&A Professionals, Auditors, business professionals, anyone can enroll in the course

Accounting for prepaid expenses is easier than you think if you have the right tools at your disposal. But to do it… you need to accurately maintain the record of all prepaid expenses on your computer for an accurate profit or loss each period end (monthly/quarterly and yearly)

And Therefore it is quite crucial to have a Robust Prepaid Expenses Schedule (for an Accountant/Analyst/Auditor) and  Microsoft Excel is a great tool for this task

As we go through the example, I’ll teach you hands-on techniques to maintain a robust prepaid expenses schedule that will help you accurately determine:

  • The portion of prepaid expenses to be charged to the income statement/profit and loss statement each month

  • Prepaid expenditure balances for monthly balance sheet reviews

  • Forecast or budget prepaid expenses for future periods

  • Impact on cashflow of business due to prepaid expenses spending (high or low)

  • How to allocate prepaid expenditures each month to various divisions or cost centers accurately (using Power Query and Pivot tables) with just few clicks (fully automated approach)

  • How to make sure that prepaid expenditure GL (balance sheet) is accurately maintained (cross checking integrity of GL entries to detect and prevent errors and frauds)

And I teach you all of this using Microsoft Excel!

Not only will I give you the models I’ve built, but also help you improve your ability to use the various functions of Excel:

  • IF Function (nested IF)

  • Date Functions

  • Lookup and Match Function

  • Named Ranges

  • Data validation

  • Array Formulas

  • And much more

Once you have a solid grasp of those, I’ll show you how to combine the above functions to create powerful formulas!

It doesn’t stop there…

We’ll use Power Query (Get and Transform) and Pivot Tables as well!

And we’ll even cover some Excel VBA.

At end of the course, you will have a clear and practical understanding of how prepaid expenses accounting works and how you can use Microsoft Excel efficiently to calculate accurate prepaid expenses charge, prepaid expenses balance and forecast prepaid expenses for future periods.

Your co-workers and your boss will be very impressed when you show up with these new skills! For the price I have it at… it’s worth every penny!

Don’t wait to improve your understanding of prepaid expenses and become an Excel guru! Enroll today to get started!

Who this course is for:
  • Any one who wants to learn Advanced modeling techniques and Tricks in Microsoft Excel
  • Accountants who wants to efficiently manage their Prepaid Expenses and Balance Sheet Reconciliations
  • Non-Accounting professional/Entrepreneurs who wants to estimate impact of Prepaid Expenses on their investment and Profit and Loss over fixed term
  • Analysts /Auditors who want to audit effectively for Prepaid Expenses
  • Business Budgets and Forecast Activities where prepaid expenses are crucial part of Balance Sheet and Income Statements
Course content
Expand all 75 lectures 05:55:36
+ Introduction
3 lectures 06:43

Introduction and course outline! 

Preview 04:23

What are the minimum requirements for this course..

Preview 01:05

What is prepayments in simplest terms, with practical examples (from our day to day life) 

Prepayments Introduction
+ Prepaid Expenses Models (Complete Resources Download)
2 lectures 00:55
Month End Date Prepaid Expenses Amortization Calculation
Exact Prepaid Expenses Payment Date Calculation
+ Accounting for Prepaid Expenses
3 lectures 07:59

Technical definition of Prepayments and Prepaid Expenses 

Preview 02:47

Practical example of prepaid accounting, Accounting journal entries as well Impact on Balance Sheet and Income statement (Monthly/Yearly) 

Prepaid Expense Example (How Accounting works for Prepayments)

What are the major benefits of Prepaid Accounting and prepaid expenses and similarly what the major disadvantages of having high prepaid expenses in books of account (or in Business as general) 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prepaid Expenses
+ Excel Formulas Detailed (Intro to three Excel Models)
11 lectures 56:12

What are the three types of Excel Models? What are the Functions will be used in preparing these PRO Excel Models? 

Preview 05:57

Complete Introduction to Date Function in Microsoft Excel with practical example ! 

Date Function

EOMONTH Function is very useful Function, especially in all kinds of Business Modeling and Financial Modeling ! 

EOMONTH Function

Quite useful Function while Excel Modeling, it converts texts showing in Date format (but not actual excel date), generally used to convert dates which comes  in reports from software and other application (text or csv files) 

DATEVALUE function

The IF function is one of the most popular functions in Excel, and it allows you to make logical comparisons between a value and what you expect

IF Function

The New Excel IFS Function is far more easier to read, write and understand. This video gives you complete introduction to IFS Function and how it works. Please note that IFS function is exclusive to Office365 subscribers for Excel 2016. 

IFS Function (Office 365 Only)

VLOOKUP is a Function to lookup and retrieve data from a specific column in table. VLOOKUP supports approximate and exact matching, and wildcards (* ?) for partial matches. The "V" stands for "vertical". Lookup values must appear in the first column of the table, with lookup columns to the right.

Preview 06:46

The MATCH function searches for a specified item in a range of cells, and then returns the relative position of that item in the range. For example, if the range A1:A3 contains the values 5, 25, and 38, then the formula =MATCH(25,A1:A3,0) returns the number 2, because 25 is the second item in the range.

We will use this function to have dynamic column_index in VLOOKUP Function

MATCH Function

Returns the reference specified by a text string. References are immediately evaluated to display their contents. Use INDIRECT when you want to change the reference to a cell within a formula without changing the formula itself. We will be using this function to create dynamic table_array in VLOOKUP Function


By using names, you can make your formulas much easier to understand and maintain. You can define a name for a cell range, function, constant, or table. Once you adopt the practice of using names in your workbook, you can easily update, audit, and manage these names.

We will be using Named Ranges with Indirect function to make Vlookup Function dynamic 

NAMED Ranges (Name Manager)

All formulas : Match, Indirect, Named ranges comes to gather to make VLOOKUP more powerful function specially in dashboards and reporting 

Advanced Version of VLOOKUP Function (All other formulas combined)
+ Formula based Prepaid Expenses Model (Schedule)
7 lectures 42:46

Control panel Tab is most important tab in the model, you have to update key inputs in this tab/sheet which will affect entire model's period and calculations 

Introduction to Model and Control Panel Tab (Important Sheet Tab)

Deep dive into model preparation, understating various dates function and how to automate date changes in model

Formula Based Prepaid Expenses Model - Deep Dive (Part 1)

Writing most important function of the model, IF or NESTED IF function. 

Formula Based Prepaid Expenses Model - Deep Dive (Part 2)

Model Finalisation and how to expand model to include more kinds of Prepaid Expenses 

Formula Based Prepaid Expenses Model - Deep Dive (Part 3)

In this Bonus Video, We will be using IFS function which is only available if you have Office365 Office 2016, to calculate prepayment amortization when we are assuming Month end date calculation for prepayment exps amortization. 

IFS Function - Month End date Prepayment calculation

In this lecture we will go through step by step exercise of preparing dynamic Prepaid Expense closing balances summary sheet. This is important to analyse data and summaries all prepaid expenses each month. We will use DYNAMIC VLOOKUP Function in combination with MATCH, INDIRECT and NAMED RANGES. 

This Dynamic VLOOKUP Function is quite powerful formula which you can also use in all kinds of Summary Reports and Dashboards 

Prepaid Expenses - Closing Balance Summary Tab (Formula Based Summary)

We will be using Excel's building Sheet Protection tool to protect all formula fields/cells in entire model (sheet). This will ensure that user can not accidentally delete any of our core formulas and break the model. We have to keep data inputs field/cells unlocked for key data inputs for the prepaid amortisation calculation. 

Protecting Formulas Cells and Fields in the Model
+ Calculate Prepaid Expenses Amortisation from Exact Start date (Prepayment date)
10 lectures 53:14

Brief Introduction about Exact date prepaid exps amortisation calculation. 

Preview 03:08

Changes in existing Formula Based Model that we have prepared in Section 4, We have to update our main prepaid exps amortisation formula and some other formulas to have model calculate exact prepaid exps calculation 

Formulas update and Model Changes for Exact Prepaid Exps Calculation

Wiring formulas especially main IF (Nested IF) function to calculate exact Prepaid Exps 

Formulas Update for Exact Date Prepaid Exps Amortisation (Part 1)
Formulas Update for Exact Date Prepaid Exps Amortisation (Part 2)
Formulas Update for Exact Date Prepaid Exps Amortisation (Part 3)

Finishing up the model for exact date prepaid exps amortisation 

Formulas Update for Exact Date Prepaid Exps Amortisation (Part 4)

In this bonus video, I will be showing you how to use IFS function instead of complex Nested IF formula for Exact Prepayment date amortization calculations. 

IFS Function - Exact Date Prepayments Amortisation

I will show you how to use data validations to make sure your key inputs cells are not filed up with accidental text or other kind of inputs (basically anything other than Date format) also we have to ensure that date input in Column C should be as per month end in Column

Preview 10:21

I have created new version of all Prepayment Models (Formula, Power query/PT and Excel VBA) with opening balances calculation. This two part of these videos, I will explain how exactly opening balance column formula works and how two write (nested IF Function). I also explain how you can use this version of model to review, analyse or Audit prepayment balances existing in business/Balance Sheet.

I have attached all versions of the models here in zipped file, Please download them all and let me know if you face any issues in using them! Cheers!

Bonus: Prepayment Model with Opening Balance Calculation (Part 1)

This video explains the exact formula which I have written to calculate Opening balances for each prepayment balance dynamically!

Bonus: Prepayment Model with Opening Balance Calculation (Part 2)
+ Prepaid Expenses Summary with Power Query and Pivot Table
10 lectures 55:34

Brief Introduction to Power Query and Pivot Table Prepaid Summary Model

Preview 05:49
Power Query and Pivot Table Summary - Deep Dive (Part 1)
Power Query and Pivot Table Summary - Deep Dive (Part 2)
Power Query and Pivot Table Summary - Deep Dive (Part 3)
Power Query and Pivot Table Summary - Deep Dive (Part 4)

Power Query does not work with sheets with protection as the source file. So in this scenario, we will have to unprotect all individual prepaid expense sheets but in that case, there is change of accidental data errors due to inputs and formula corruption especially our main amortisation IF formula

We can use Array formulas instead, in this lecture I will show you how to write the (update existing) formula. Array formulas will provide some form of protection if not complete protection. 

Using Array Formulas to Add Formula Proection

How to allocate Prepaid Expenditure to various Cost Centres or divisions. Automatic allocation of Prepaid Exps to each division using Power Query.

Bonus: Allocate Prepaid Expenditure Cost Centre Wise 1

In this lecture, we will prepare prepaid allocation table and integrate it with main data set summary of Prepaid Expenditures. The prepaid allocation table is simple excel table, which stores division wise ratio of allocations for each prepaid expenditures. If you want to change allocation to divisions or cost centers, just make the changes in allocation table, save the file and hit refresh....

Bonus: Allocate Prepaid Expenditure Cost Centre Wise 2

I have updated this model with Opening balance column. Please refer lecture ____ for detailed formula explanation of the opening balance. Besides that I have updated Queries and Pivot tables to show more details in Summary Report.

Preview 12:33
+ Advanced VBA Prepaid Expenses Amortisation Model
3 lectures 14:18
Changing Macros Security in Excel

VBA Coding enhances a lot of features in our existing Formula Based model, Let's go through the lecture and understand how VBA Coding works and you model becomes like a mini program! 

Complete Walkthrough - Advanced VBA Prepaid Expenses Amortisation Model

I have come across some issues with Excel VBA Model so I have made new version of Excel VBA  Exact Date Prepayment Model (see the resources in this video to download the model). This Bonus Lecture explains what was the problem and what changes are made in VBA codes to make the model more Robust!

Preview 08:19
+ BONUS: Dynamic Dashboard for Divisional Profit and Loss statements (Easy way)
13 lectures 58:43

This lectures shows you overview of the dynamic dashboard which we will be preparing in this section...

Preview 06:31

In this lecture, we will be importing source files/workbooks/worksheets: Divisional Profit and Loss statements for Division A,B and C into mail dashboard workbook, creating YTD versions of Divisional worksheets for three divisions....

Importing Profit and Loss Statements Source Files and creating YTD P&L Sheets

In this lecture, we will create dynamic data validation, which will change according to Financial Year input in a cell... 

Creating Dynamic Data Validation

Lets create Named Ranges which are important for creating complete Dynamic Table arrays, this will be used along with INDIRECT function in VLOOKUP function.... 

Creating Named Ranges for Dynamic Table Arrays (to be used in VLOOKUP Function)

Lets create dynamic column headings with help of year input cell from Dashboard sheet using Date Function and EOMONTH function for all Divisional PL Sheets including YTD PL

Dynamic Date Column Headings for each Divisional PL Table

For first part of our Dashboard which are tables for Month and YTD data, we will create Dynamic headings with Text function along with & Joins (very useful trick) 

Dynamic Month and YTD Dashboard tables headings (PRO TIP)

Lets write our main formula: Vlookup function along with Named ranges and Match function to dynamically pull data from Divisional PL Month and YTD Tables which are in different worksheet... 

Dynamic VLOOKUP Formula - Preparing First section of the Dashboard

Now lets create Second part of dashboard : Rolling monthly Dashboard with help of VLOOKUP function using Match and Indirect/Named Ranges, also adding IF Function to show data according to Date view selection

Creating Rolling Dashboard with Dynamic VLOOKUP Function

This is a PRO TIP and I use it all the time in preparing various financial or data modeling reports. Specially useful in Financial reports like Profit and loss/Income statements. In kind of error checks reinforces the confidence in our data and overall reporting/Dashboard accuracy... MUST USE tip

IMPORTANT : Error Checking for your reports/Dashboard (PRO TIP)

Now lets prepare data for Area charts visualization, also we will preparing separate tables/sections for these charts. Most importantly we will be using nifty trick using NA() function to avoid chart drop to zero for non data section...... MUST WATCH lecture

Data Prep for Visualization: AREA Charts (Awesome trick using #NA Function)

Lets visualize monthly permanence of each division with help of nice and clean Area charts.... using nifty trick of NA() to show data up to selected time period only....

Visualization: AREA Charts for Month - Revenue, Gross Profit and Net Profit

Lets prepare Dynamic Donut charts showing share of Revenue, Gross Profit and Net Profit for each division. 

Visualization: DONUT Charts : Revenue, Gross Profit and Net Profit (Part 1)

Continuing with our Donut Charts preparation, in this lecture we will be adding dynamic chart labels to add professional look and easy readability for the audience 

Preview 06:13
+ Power Query & Pivot Tables based Dashboard without any Formulas, Fully Dynamic
10 lectures 56:47

Introduction to formula less dashboard. Amazing dashboard techniques with the help of power query and Pivot tables.

Preview 05:12

Brief introduction and understanding of the data files we are going to use to build this fully dynamic and formula less dashboard.

Understanding the data files before building dashboard

Brief introduction to Power query and how to install it depending upon version of office and Excel you are using. We will consolidate reports for three division A, B, C

Preview 07:35

This trick is real life save while using power query, since power query always hard codes location of your data files/source files, it always pops up with error showing file path is missing or change, to get rid of this error we can use parameters query which will make file path and source folder path completely dynamic. Must know trick for Power query users.

Dynamic File Path Trick in Power Query with Parameters (Amazing trick)

Yes I did say it is formula less dashboard then why I am using an Excel Function, because Power query does not have ability to perform running totals on data columns especially complex conditional based running total. So we will be using only this formula (SUMIFS) to add a column which will also be a dynamic one.

Conditional Cumulative totals with SUMIFS Function

In this lecture,  We will go through exercise where we will create conditional cumulative totals inside Power Query using custom M code/Power Query formula. This is bit advance but I have tried to explain you in easiest manner. This kind of calculation takes too much time to produce results so if you have large dataset, this trick is not advisable.

Bonus: Conditional Cumulative totals with Power Query Custom Formula (M Code)

Lets start creating dashboard since our data set is ready. We will be creating a Pivot Table showing Month and YTD figures for divisions and with the help of month end slicer, you can view and display futures for each division month wise (based on your selection)

Dashboard Creation - Pivot Table showing Month and YTD KPIs division wise

We will now create Pivot Donut charts and link them with the slicer of Pivot table we have created in previous lecture. I will show you quickest way to create and replicate same themed donut charts in this lecture (amazing time saving tip)

Dashboard Creation Donuts Charts linked with Pivot Table (Replicate Charts fast)

In second section of the dashboard, we will create line charts. Fully dynamic and progressive visualization of performance each month or period selection with help of slicers.

Dashboard Creation - Line Charts

Is this a magic? how is it even possible? Refresh your dashboard with traditional reports and source data with two clicks only. Yes this is possible with magic of power query and pivot tables. Awesomeness, loving it! 

Preview 03:24