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Be more confident in the accounting lingo
Have a basic understanding of the income statement
Have a basic understanding of the balance sheet


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Accounting can be a very dry and daunting subject for many. To be honest, some lecturers that teach this subject almost sound like they are speaking a different language Accounting-lish ! Even the text books can be as dry. I vividly remember having to study this subject when I was in University and it was a struggle. Luckily for me after working for a couple of years in a Big 4 and seeing the application of Accounting. It just clicked for me.

So I made it a mission of mine to give back and teach this subject to the new generation of accountants so I have created this course to help you in your accounting journey. So in this course we shall cover the following :

- Why Even Study Accounting

I think this section is extremely important to cover as it gives you a context on why you should even study this subject. Only upon knowing the why, this will enable us to gain some context on why we study this subject in the 1st place.

- The Basic Lingo - What is an Asset, Liability & Shareholder Equity

To understand a book, we need to know the words. And like accounting, to understand the statements we need to have a grasp on the accounting lingo.

- The Accounting Equation - Asset = Liability + Equity    
This is the very base of accounting knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • High School Students that want practical Accounting knowledge
  • College Students that want to further understand accounting used in practice
  • Someone that loves start-ups and business


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Adnan Hasbi
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I love comics, games, building businesses and investing. I have worked as an accountant in a Big 4 and eventually joined an Asset Management Company being involved in equities.

Recently I started an app company and I managed to successfully pitched some companies to prospective investors. In my free time, I love to teach and mentor.

I love to travel, code, rock climb and talk and talk and talk. 

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