Basic Accounting Skills for Business Owners

A very short , concise and to the point accounting course
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Be more confident in the accounting lingo
Have a basic understanding of the income statement
Have a basic understanding of the balance sheet


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This course is really for a student that wants to have a basic understanding of accounting without going through hours and hours of content. The course is a small summary of what is accounting is, which will cover

- Why Even Study Accounting - How accounting can be useful for a start-up 

- The Basic Lingo - What is an Asset, Liability & Shareholder Equity

- The Accounting Equation - Asset = Liability + Equity    

Who this course is for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • High School Students that want practical Accounting knowledge
  • College Students that want to further understand accounting used in practice
  • Someone that loves start-ups and business

Course content

7 sections17 lectures39m total length
  • Welcome Message
  • Questions ?
  • What is Accounting
  • What is Accounting
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  • Who Am I ?
  • Why Learn Accounting ?
  • The Typical Users of Accounting
  • Who are the main users of accounting ?
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Adnan Hasbi
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I love comics, games, building businesses and investing. I have worked as an accountant in a Big 4 and eventually joined an Asset Management Company being involved in equities.

Recently I started an app company and I managed to successfully pitched some companies to prospective investors. In my free time, I love to teach and mentor.

I love to travel, code, rock climb and talk and talk and talk.