Accountant in the Business Environment

Learn all the essentials about the Accountants in the Business Environment
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How business organisations are structured, managed and governed recognising the internal and external influences requiring you to demonstrate communication skills
Key principles of the leadership and management of employees requiring you to consider planning skills and problem solving
An ability to process, control and communicate accounting information using a computerised accounting system and to identify and explain the development of accounting and financial control systems including the use of numerical interpretation.


  • You don’t need to have any accounting or finance experience as we will cover all of the concepts from scratch
  • Anyone willing to feel the basic taste of Accountancy
  • You'll need a notebook and a pen!


The purpose of this course is to develop your knowledge and understanding of how accounting relates to other parts of a business and the business environment. The course will seek to develop an awareness of how the wider environment will influence the role of the accountant as part of the management function. The course emphasis on developing study and learning skills and exploring strategies for effective learning. This course aims to develop the core value of social public and ethical responsibility by consideration of the ethics of the accounting profession.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in how accounting works (no prior accounting experience is needed)

Course content

8 sections8 lectures1h 21m total length
  • Business Organisation & Structure


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Aamir has taught accounting, finance, tax, and auditing classes for the last eight years. He holds an ACCA UK and MSc.  He has taught thousands of students and his goal is to always make complex subjects easy to understand.

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